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Can MATCH find a match for you?

Finding a companion of your choice has become very easy in the current times, thanks to the surge of online dating websites and applications. Many individuals who are looking for companionship usually opt for the free online dating websites. These websites give them an entry into a new world where they can find someone with whom they are compatible, someone who is as per their expectations and someone with whom they can share their emotions. Online dating websites gives you an opportunity to see how to stack up digital dating world. It’s only recently that online dating has become very popular. As compared to the earlier times, online dating has picked up the pace. The rise of the internet era and smartphones has made it easy for people to use online dating apps and find their love.  When we talk about online dating apps and websites, Match.com is the oldest and one of the most trusted names. Let’s see what it has stored in for all you love birds:

This website has been ruling the online dating industry for more than a decade now. But is it worth all the appraises? Let’s study its key features and offerings. This website is a perfect blend of smart filters, features and verified members; something which all of us are looking for in an online dating website. Well, Match.com is not just an online dating website; it is also a great platform for those who are looking for their life partners. The continuously evolving matching algorithm of this website helps you find a person whom you have been looking for such a long time.

Match started its journey in 1995 and soon gained an international reputation as a trustworthy platform to find love. This website is not only suitable for people who are looking for short-term bonding but also perfect for those who wish to get into a long-term relationship. With its detailed filters, accurate matching algorithm, Match has become a household name.  The best part about Match is that it offers a free subscription.  It also promises its users that they will find someone suitable in the first six months and in case they are not able to find a companion on the portal, their next six months subscription is free.  With such advanced features and promise to help individuals in finding their love they have been looking for, Match has become a popular online dating website choice among the individuals searching for their companion.

Final Call
Finding love and someone whom you can trust has now become a bit simplified. Match.com is a great medium that will help you take a plunge in the pool of love by finding the right match for you. With a legacy for more than 20 years, the website has created many success stories. Its ironclad promise to help you find your companion itself is a proof of the credibility of this website. You can always see new success stories posted on its portal which showcases how Match is helping individuals find love. The website has now become a household name in the US and other parts of the world.

With its useful features and user-friendly navigation, Match makes finding a companion an easy task. Its detailed questionnaire and multitude of features for both paid and non-paid users show that it is serious about helping the individual find a companion. Not only this, but Match also gives you access to a private number so that you can call the people whom you like. With more than thousands of users and the number still counting, Match has been able to retain its top slot as one of the leading online dating website. Match is the website for serious daters; it is also a place to find your life-partner.


  • The website features a detailed questionnaire which has multiple questions like choices, preferences likes, dislikes, religion, etc. With the help of these questions, the Match algorithm starts looking for the person that would best match you and make you reach your partner.
  • You can log in using Facebook or other social media account.
  • You will daily receive seven matches; these matches are selected based on personal compatibility.
  • See who likes your photos, views it, winks and send messages.
  • It comes with a reverse match which shows the user a list of dating profiles looking for someone like them.
  • Geo-location feature to show people who are in your vicinity and you can approach them.
  • It comes with a One-hour Boost Sessions which increase your profile visibility. This feature is paid and costs $2.49.
  • Meet your companions on wine vents, bowling nights and happy hours. This is a part of Match Events feature which gives you time and opportunity to learn something new about the person with whom you wish to get acquainted.
  • Get a private number to call and text your love with MatchPhone.
  • Comes both as free and paid service.


  • Geo- location features which allow you to find out people in your vicinity.
  • It’s a universal platform having its presence in 25 nations.
  • Match sends seven matching profiles to you every day, thus making it easy for you to find your love.
  • The subscription is free of cost and if you are looking for a more advanced feature, then it comes at a cost.
  • Verified members and no fake profiles.
  • Perfect website for both short-term and long-term relationships.
  • The website offers various ways to show their interest in your profile; they have the option to wink, send messages, liking, favoriting.
  • Six-month guarantee for the paid users to find their companion, in case they are not, then Match offers free next six-month subscription.
  • Supportive customer care which works Monday-to-Friday to help you resolve your queries.
  • More than a decade old legacy to prove its success stories.
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