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eHarmony, is it a place where you should be?

The myth surrounding the use of online dating apps seems to be dissipating and people are now getting more inclined towards this medium to find their companion. The surge of the internet era and mobile phones has further catalyzed the use of online dating websites and apps. With this, we have got many companies offering online dating services coming up. And this brings us to e-Harmony, one of the oldest dating app and website which has retained its position amongst the best online dating websites.

Well if you have been searching for a portal to find a long and ever-lasting love, then eHarmony is the right place for you. Designed to help individuals to find their love, this website is now more than a decade old. What makes this website different from the others is that eHarmony has kept its original features intact and offers stability, whereas other websites are highly dynamic and update their features frequently. It doesn’t mean that eHarmony website doesn’t upgrade its matching system, eHarmony has been making changes in its matching system based on the data accumulated by them, but their primary functioning system remains the same which is the reason for them to have a successful hit rate. eHarmony most unique features is its 29 Dimensions® of Compatibility matching system which helps in finding the right match with minimum or no errors.

The functioning of this website is quite simple, it first gathers complete information about the person through a detailed questionnaire and then its 29 Dimensions® of Compatibility matching system, which is proprietary of eHarmony, analyses this data and based on it the matches are found. This matching system ensures that the matches are perfect and you meet someone whom you have been looking for.

The best part about this website is that it doesn’t have fake users; you will find people who are genuinely interested. You will meet people who are genuinely interested in you. The more a user searches the matches on the website, the more are the number of encounters.  Well, you would have to wait for sometime because unlike its contemporaries, eHarmony doesn’t believe in delivering too many results, it might show you limited matches, but they are going to be the best for you. It is more calculative in its approach. It might sound a bit deterrent for few, but if you are genuinely interested in finding someone who is a perfect match for you, then eHarmony is the right website for you.  It is also an ideal portal for those who wish to end up in a long-lasting relation.

If I have to sum up this website in a few words, I would say that eHarmony is a website that has withstood with the changing times and changing requirements and has delivered successful results while sticking to its traditional methodology of finding matches. It might be a bit slow for the netizens of today but, if you have to find someone who can be your soul mate, you must try this website.

eHarmony Review

Long known eHarmony has maintained its position as a leader as go-to site for finding true, lasting love in the online dating industry. Unlike other mainstream dating sites that continually update features to adapt to current trends, eHarmony stays true to its roots, dating back to its launch in 2000. Most of the people are marriage minded who join the site and believe that they are going to find a husband or wife from the site. eHarmony uses relationship science to find you a genuine match. based on the more data accumulated the site updates its matching system but beyond that the way the site functions has remained basically the same, which only further goes to show that its approach to creating successful romantic connections simply works. It’s unique 29 Dimensions® of Compatibility matching system is the backbone of the eHarmony matching system. Right away, it is clear that eHarmony is an online dating site for people who are looking for long-term and meaningful connections. The interface of the website is intuitive to use and looks modern. A complex matching method utilizes by eHarmony to connect the site’s users to people who may be their perfect match.

Who Uses eHarmony?

As I compiled this eHarmony review, I first looked at who is on the website to give you a better picture of what type of singles you have access to. There are more than 10 million active members registered on the website. There are approximately 750, 00 paid members. eHarmony increasing your chances to finding a match that meets your needs and personal criteria it means that the pool of available matches is very abundant.

The balance of genders on this website is very even. It is estimated that the split between males and females is about 50/50. So, no one gender significantly outnumbers the other. This further increases your chances of finding viable matches on this site.


  • Detailed profile

Regardless of whether or not you’re a free or paid member when you sign-up for eHarmony.com, every user is obligated in creating their own profile when they first start their time on the website.

The profile is quite in-depth and you have to be original, truthful, and detailed in your answers in order to get the best results when it comes to matching. The compatibility system that eHarmony.com utilizes relies on all of its users in being honest and straightforward when it comes to answering the important questions posed to them.

  • Compatibility matching

When you make a concentrated effort in creating a detailed profile that demonstrates that you have certain characteristics and qualities that would like to have in a partner, the compatibility system of eHarmony does the rest by only showing you the profiles of other users who have similar needs, wants, desires, and would be a good match for you.

As a user of eHarmony, you won’t have to waste any time searching for various profiles with people who are fundamentally different from you. Instead, 99% of all other eHarmony will not appear to you in your search results since they must meet a certain standard of compatibility based on the ‘Matching Model’ employed by eHarmony.

  • Relationship questionnaire

The ‘Relationship Questionnaire’ that all members are asked to fill out is extensive and time consuming but the results help you to create your preferences and compatibility measurements when it comes to other members. eHarmony believes that it is much easier for their members to find a compatible match after filling out the relationship questionnaire and letting the matching system do its job afterwards.

These questions also help to form your very own ‘personality profile’ which shows other members who you are, what you’re looking for, where you come from, and how do you see your future, etc.

  • Personality profile

In order to create a ‘Personality Profile’, there are a number of different topics that have to be filled out in order for it to be completed. You have to give your name, gender, and the kind of relationship that you’re looking for on eHarmony.

You’ll be asked to give a ‘self-description’, which involves talking about your weight, height, eye color, hair color, and other physical characteristics. By filling in information about your religious beliefs you will also have to be more personal, your racial / ethnic background along with your current career path and salary range.

In order to get a better sense of your personality, you’ll have to create some ‘About Me’ statements such as “I like to help others when I have the opportunity” or “I think it’s best to live in a clean apartment rather than a messy one.” In order to describe yourself, you will fill out a section about self-descriptive words that fit your personality. You’ll rate which words like ‘extroverted’ or ‘conscientious’ most or least describe you to others.

Lastly, you’ll have to rate the feelings you experience and how often or how rare you experience them such as ‘happiness’ or ‘anger.’

  • Rate the preferences

In order to assess your compatibility for relationships, you’ll be asked to rate your preferences by stating if you agree, disagree, or stay neutral when it comes to statements like “it’s important for me to be emotionally open with my significant other” or “I like to stay in touch with my partner every day in some form.”

To see in a potential partner you would like choose to state which qualities, either physical or emotional. You can rate the importance of these statements about a partner from most to least important as well.

You will also have to mark ‘true’ or ‘false’ regarding questions about your overall personality and character., you can also highlight those hobbies and interests of yours On the personality profile, which you care the most about and also detail which ones are of less importance to you and don’t care too much about. Some examples of popular hobbies and interests would include biking, running, dancing, reading, writing, learning new languages, etc.

when it comes to meeting new people, sharing with others, and resolving problems should they arise Your ‘Living Skills’ will also play a role in creating your profile by detailing how you live with others and what priorities you have. How you communicate with others, whether it’s’ direct or indirect will also factor into the compatibility system of eHarmony.com’s decision regarding your potential relationship matches.

How often do you like to partake in their activities and other necessary information includes finding out whether you have certain habits like drinking, smoking, gambling, etc. You’ll also be asked to reflect on statements that may reflect on how other people see you. For example, you may be asked to agree or disagree on the statement, “I am a fun person to be around.”

  • Daily matches

You’ll finally be ready to submit your ‘personality profile’ for finalization after entering in all of that information. Then, you’ll be able to receive the matches found in the system that you will be compatible with for a potential relationship.

You will be able to receive new matches on a daily basis from eHarmony due to sheer amount of members on the website. It’s entirely accessible to all members that they can review their matches and look at their profiles as well as their pictures to see if you would like to get to know them better.

When the profile is finished and you have answered all the questions you’ll need to in order to get some compatible matches, you can then upload some profile pictures of you that will appeal to other members of the site.

With good pictures showing you clearly along with some of your hobbies, and interests, it’s likely that you’ll increase the amount of visitors you get and the chance for other members to respond to you if you decide to send them a message.

In order to protect your privacy, only the members who you have matched with can see your profile pictures and send you a message back. It’s important to make your profile as detailed as possible with reliable answers to questions as well as good pictures in order to make it easier for the ‘Compatibility Matching System’ of eHarmony.com to do its’ magic and work properly for you to find some long-term relationship prospects.


In addition to the popular main features that all users of eHarmony.com can access with any kind of membership regardless if its free or paid, the additional features that this website offers are only available to paying members. While these additional features cost money, they may be worth it based on what they can offer the individual user of eHarmony who is looking for an extra boost in terms of more visibility and better matches to others.

  • Premium personality

‘Premium Personality’ profile is the first additional feature that some members may find appealing, which is an extended version of the regular profile with fifteen additional options to describe aspects of your personality to other members.

With options of one month you can get this option for about $20 per month, three months, six months, and twelve months for a subscription period. social awareness, emotional intuition, and inquisitiveness are some of aspects of these personality.

eHarmony laboratories interviewed over ten thousand people and studied their behavioral patterns and character traits in order to develop this particular feature.

  • RelyID

Another additional feature is the ‘RelyID’, which allows for verification of your name, address, and age in order to make other members more trustful of your overall profile. Alongside other websites they verify this information where you have memberships on.

For this service, it costs about $6 for the entire subscription period, which can be one, three, six, or even twelve months.

  • Secure call

The eHarmony secure call is also offered by the website as a means to have a secure and private way to communicate with another member without revealing your private phone number to them.

By having this option, you can talk over the phone and get to know the person better without revealing this private number that you may not want a stranger to get access to.

Your real number when it’s from home, a mobile device, or from work will be masked when you call the other eHarmony member to start a conversation. You can receive and make calls at any time with this particular feature.

eHarmony Safety & Security

Safety is a priority for eHarmony and has been awarded TRUSTe’s Privacy Seal. For scammers or online hackers its model does not leave much opportunity because of the in-depth signup process. With all TRUSTe’s privacy policies eHarmony ensuring compliance. During credit card transactions, safeguards site data with administrative access requirements, and has other unspecified proprietary security measures the dating site uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and/or strong encryption (3DES) technology to protect all member transactions and information. Additionally, the site uses a system called RelyID to verify the identities of its members and wants to ensure that all users experience maximum comfort, and provides a comprehensive safety document accessible from the website.

eHarmony provides a comprehensive safety document accessible from the website and wants to ensure that all users experience maximum comfort.

eHarmony Help & Support

In comparison to other online dating websites, when it comes to support eHarmony does a lot better. Via email it offers customer support which is manned 24/7 to answer any question, as well as a dedicated phone line during working hours and on Saturdays. Who want the option of human trained support at the end of the line this makes it a great choice for them. The FAQ section is a great option for autonomous troubleshooting and extensive.

Find Love on eHarmony

The focus of eHarmony’s services is building long-term relationships by finding compatible matches for each member. Security features are in place to protect any personal information and to make sure users do not get catfished. While relatively pricey compared to other dating sites on the market, we highly recommend eHarmony for singles looking for a lasting relationship.


  • Get personalized help over the call
  • You will get a read and receipt report
  • You will get featured for 24 hours every month
  • Browse matches anonymously


  • It has its proprietary matching system called as 29 Dimensions® of Compatibility matching system.
  • It performs personality tests which allow you to find the right match.
  • eHarmony has a more calculative approach while trying to find out a match for you.
  • It comes with a personalized dashboard and offers tailored user experience.
  • New matches which are handpicked are updated every day.
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