eHarmony, is it a place where you should be?

The myth surrounding the use of online dating apps seems to be dissipating and people are now getting more inclined towards this medium to find their companion. The surge of the internet era and mobile phones has further catalyzed the use of online dating websites and apps. With this, we have got many companies offering online dating services coming up. And this brings us to e-Harmony, one of the oldest dating app and website which has retained its position amongst the best online dating websites.

Well if you have been searching for a portal to find a long and ever-lasting love, then eHarmony is the right place for you. Designed to help individuals to find their love, this website is now more than a decade old. What makes this website different from the others is that eHarmony has kept its original features intact and offers stability, whereas other websites are highly dynamic and update their features frequently. It doesn’t mean that eHarmony website doesn’t upgrade its matching system, eHarmony has been making changes in its matching system based on the data accumulated by them, but their primary functioning system remains the same which is the reason for them to have a successful hit rate. eHarmony most unique features is its 29 Dimensions® of Compatibility matching system which helps in finding the right match with minimum or no errors.

The functioning of this website is quite simple, it first gathers complete information about the person through a detailed questionnaire and then its 29 Dimensions® of Compatibility matching system, which is proprietary of eHarmony, analyses this data and based on it the matches are found. This matching system ensures that the matches are perfect and you meet someone whom you have been looking for.

The best part about this website is that it doesn’t have fake users; you will find people who are genuinely interested. You will meet people who are genuinely interested in you. The more a user searches the matches on the website, the more are the number of encounters.  Well, you would have to wait for sometime because unlike its contemporaries, eHarmony doesn’t believe in delivering too many results, it might show you limited matches, but they are going to be the best for you. It is more calculative in its approach. It might sound a bit deterrent for few, but if you are genuinely interested in finding someone who is a perfect match for you, then eHarmony is the right website for you.  It is also an ideal portal for those who wish to end up in a long-lasting relation.

If I have to sum up this website in a few words, I would say that eHarmony is a website that has withstood with the changing times and changing requirements and has delivered successful results while sticking to its traditional methodology of finding matches. It might be a bit slow for the netizens of today but, if you have to find someone who can be your soul mate, you must try this website.


  • Get personalized help over the call
  • You will get a read and receipt report
  • You will get featured for 24 hours every month
  • Browse matches anonymously


  • It has its proprietary matching system called as 29 Dimensions® of Compatibility matching system.
  • It performs personality tests which allow you to find the right match.
  • eHarmony has a more calculative approach while trying to find out a match for you.
  • It comes with a personalized dashboard and offers tailored user experience.
  • New matches which are handpicked are updated every day.
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