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The Essential Tips for Blind Dating

The Essential Tips for Blind Dating

Here are some important tips to consider for the best blind dating experience

Doesn’t matter if you are a dating veteran or someone new – Blind Dates are hard for everyone. Blind Dating is no rocket science, the problem arises when we create unlikely scenarios in our heads. We tend to imagine and guess the appearances of our partner, the way they might act, their reaction to our appearances and behavior and even how to conclude in the end.


We wrap ourselves in our web of thoughts and notions. It leads to a stiff and rigid thought process that makes us feel uneasy during our blind date. Thus, having a flexible mindset is crucial before anything else.

So, here are some blind dating tips for a successful date.

Never set the bars way high

The best advice for blind dating is to never expect too much. You are ultimately meeting a person, and that’s it! It is not that the entire universe is conspiring to match you two. Let the laws of attraction work and enjoy your time, instead of considering it a waste of time because you expected more. Consider the blind date as self-analysis and try to find out the nature of your vibe. It is said that like-minded people tend to attract each other, so pay attention to your blind date. Live in the moment and maybe you end up discovering something new about yourself.

Be Prepared – Have a Plan

Planning is very important on a blind date. When you decide to meet on a date, you should have a plan for what you would like to do. Doesn’t matter if both of you are meeting for coffee or lunch, have a plan in mind and decide the rendezvous beforehand. Planning takes some time, and it makes your blind date feel special as you have taken to plan out the entire date. Don’t ask your date to choose the meeting place, they might think that you are incapable of making decisions on your own.

Dress Accordingly

Your first impression is your last impression. It is crucial to present your best impression to get a second date. Wear nicely fitted, ironed and clean clothes. Brush up your hairstyle and trim your nails and facial hair.

The style of your clothes depends entirely on the meeting point of your blind date. A nicely fitted shirt with dark jeans and brown shoes would catch anyone’s eye. Make sure that it doesn’t look like a business meeting. Save your sneakers and hoodies for later dates when you go to a football or baseball game. Your attire should be calm and suited to the occasion.

There’s no shame in being the early bird

It is suggested to arrive early as it shows your attitude towards your blind date. Being early helps you in getting comfortable with your surroundings. Thus, arrive early and do something normal, like checking your emails or social media feed for instance.

Keep Your Cool

Blind dates are about learning about the other person and having fun. If your date is not having fun, chances are you will never hear from them again. Try to stay cool and relaxed and don’t act nervous or ill-tempered. Blind Dating is all about having fun and enjoying it.

Never Get too Personal

Learning about each other is the core of dating, but we should keep it to a limit. Getting too personal on a blind date or first date can be rude. They might get the wrong impression and think of you as pushy and may creep them out! So, don’t be judgmental and don’t get too personal. Also, keep your ex out of the picture, they are here to know you.

Make the Proper Exit

Rather than leaving when the conversation becomes dry or when it has extended for more than an hour, you should always leave the blind date on a high note. Regardless of it is good or bad, leaving the date on a high note increases the chances of a second date.