Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Terms of Service
1. Generally

1.1 This website, as well as https://Blinddate.com app "Blinddate.com" (together and separately named ”website”) published by BD Global Communication AB, 556611-0200 ("Blinddate.com" or ”We”).

1.2 These Terms ("terms and conditions") available on https://blinddate.com and updated October 1, 2016.

1.3 These terms can be unilaterally and without notice be updated from time to time, and they are binding for users of the Site (”User” or ”You”) from the time they are published on the site.

1.4 When you use the site and the services and products offered on this leave you thus acceptance of the contents of the Terms of Service. Read these carefully before continuing to use the Site. Remember that you are to use the services or products on this website must be 18 years old.

1.5 The website and all its contents are the property Blinddate.com. You may not, without permission from Blinddate.com distribute or redistribute the content of the original or an altered form, in translation or adaptation, in whole or in part, in any medium without the express consent of Blinddate.com. This does not apply to the use which is limited to personal use.

2. Membership

2.1 By clicking on "Create an Account" on the Site or through the app, you confirm your Membership of the Website (”Membership”), and you enter into a binding agreement with Blinddate.com according to the specific conditions that are presented to you when you create an account and under these Terms.

2.2 By creating an account on this site, you acknowledge that you are 18 years of age and has the right contract with Blindate.com.

2.3 You are responsible for your membership. You agree hereby to follow the rules and guidelines for membership presented to you from time to time on the Site, to respect the rights of third parties to comply with relevant legislation.

2.4 You are responsible for the information you provide when you create a membership at Blinddate.com is accurate and kept up to date, and that your contact information and details about your membership, such as, among others passwords, is kept secure and confidential to prevent the use of unauthorized.

2.5 Blinddate.com not verify your identity when you create a member account, and therefore can not be held responsible for incorrect member information, such as your details are recorded by someone else.

2.6 In the event that you provide details of any other to Blinddate.com, such as someone's e-mail address, in order to create an account, or similar, you should beforehand having obtained that person's consent to get to share that information to Blinddate.com on behalf.

2.7 Blinddate.com reserves the right to cancel your membership if you have not been active on the website for at least six months and if you have no active paid services.

3. Paid Services and Payment Terms

3.1 When you purchase, or otherwise acquire, by example Blinddate.com:s scoring system, any of the services on the Site ("Premium" or "VIP" or together "Paid Services"), you agree to pay the price, and the range specified at purchase time to time (the "period") to Blinddate.com, relative to the service you choose on the current page. You will then have access to the service during the relevant period.

3.2 When you purchase, or otherwise acquire, a paid service you expressly agree to Blinddate.com stores your payment information, such as your debit or credit card number.

3.3 When you purchase, or otherwise acquire, a paid service, you have signed up for a subscription to the paid service. At the end of each period, whether you have paid for the period or not, your paid service that automatically extended by one month at a time, and payment deducted from your account automatically, if you do not cancel the paid service 48 hours before end of the period referred to in paragraph 8 below.

3.4 Blinddate.com reserves the right to unilaterally amend or terminate a paid service and / or raise or lower prices at any time during the contractual relationship.

3.5 In the event Blinddate.com change a paid service or the price of this you will receive messages in advance and information about how you can accept these changes. These changes will take effect at the beginning of the next period after you have been notified about them. Unless otherwise noted, you accept the changes by continuing to use a paid service after the modification has entered into force.

3.6 You hereby agree to Blinddate.com notify you of changes or termination of Paid Services, or otherwise relating to your membership by any of the following methods: a notice that is visible when you use the Site; by sending an e-mail to the address you provided at registration of your Membership; otherwise agreed upon between Blinddate.com and You from time to time, such as by your phone.

3.7 If you want to switch from a paid service for an upgraded paid service, such as the "Premium" to "VIP", during the current period, replacing the old-paid service with the new, and you receive a discount on the upgraded paid service that corresponds the portion of the first paid service that you already paid for Blinddate.com.

Return Policy

3.8 When you buy a service on the Site, you are entitled to cancel your purchase within 14 (fourteen) days from the time you get access to the service (”The deadline”).

3.9 To exercise your right, then you should notify Blinddate.com by sending a clear message about your decision to withdraw from the contract by using the contact form on the website, or by contacting Blinddate.com at the address stated in these Terms, before the deadline has expired.

3.10 If you withdraw from this agreement before the cooling-off period expires will Blinddate.com to return the payments received from you, the same account you paid from, unless otherwise stated. Payment will be made no later than 14 (fourteen) days from the Blinddate.com was informed of your decision to withdraw from the contract.

4. Use of the Site

4.1 You are responsible for all actions taken, and any comments or statements made by your member account on the website. You take their own initiative to disseminate information, data, text, content and images. You waive hence all rights to legal action against Blinddate.com, such as damages due to your reputation or the reputation has been damaged or because of the invasion of your privacy because the Blinddate.com has spread, or displayed information about you in accordance with these General Terms.

4.2 In the event that a claim directed to Blinddate.com which is due to the use of your membership account, you agree to hold Blinddate.com harmless from such claims.

4.3 You agree hereby to follow Blinddate.coms "Regulations for Use of the Site".

4.4 Information that you post on the Site, such as your profile, or comments you leave can be seen and shared by other members, or visitors to the site. It can also be seen by other outsiders by the copied or shared by members of the site.

4.5 Blinddate.com not responsible for comments, photos or information you post. Blinddate.com are not obliged to publish any material that you post on the Site, and Blinddate.com reserves the right to unilaterally remove the material you've posted on the Website.

4.6 You are responsible because you have the equipment needed to use the Site and the services offered on this, such as computer, smart phone, working internet and so on. You are responsible for the costs incurred in connection with data transfer, such as the cost of connection through phone, tablet or computer.

4.7 Blinddate.com reserves the right to unilaterally and with full authority immediately limit your use of the Site, including paid services, by fully or partially suspend your access to the Site (”shutdown”) if Blinddate.com believe that you violate these Terms of Service, such as to violate any of the points in Blinddate.com:s "Regulations for Use of the Website" or other parts of these General Terms, regardless of what is stated in paragraph 8 of Termination . Blinddate.com can at Deactivation of a Member may be fully or partially change or remove material and / or content that you have uploaded on the Website. In the event you will be suspended during a period you will have, regardless of what is stated in paragraph 8 of dismissal, not entitled to a refund of payment made for any Paid Service.

4.8 Rules for Use of the Site

  • You should always act correctly towards Blinddate.com:s members of the site.
  • You may not post inaccurate or misleading content or materials on the Site.
  • You may not pretend to be someone else when you create a Member Account.
  • You shall at all times when using the Site to respect Blinddate.com:s and the rights of third parties, such as intellectual property rights related to the material and content posted on the Website.
  • For any materials you post on the Site of any third party, you must first obtaining the third party's permission to publish the current example intellectual property rights of third parties, or anyone else's personal information.
  • You can not prepare you access, or try to gain access to someone else's member account.
  • You should always exercise caution in giving out information about you to other members. It is your responsibility to give out only those tasks which can not harm you, your reputation, your finances, etc.
  • Do not give out your contact information to other Members.
  • You may use the Website for your own private use. The use in a business or for commercial purposes such as marketing to potential customers, etc. are forbidden.
  • You do not get through Blinddate.com organize gambling or lotteries where there is a price to win, pyramid schemes or offer to buy or sell prostitution services.
  • You may not post comments, images, or other content or materials that are abusive, offensive or otherwise infringe on someone else's integrity and / or rights, or against the purpose of the services on Blinddate.com.
  • You will not post content or materials on the Site, which is aimed against other members, which can be referred to as "spamming".
  • You will not post content or materials on the Site that might damage the site's features, such as software viruses or any other load on the Site.
  • You can not prepare you access, or try to gain access to Blinddate.com:s source or to any technology contained in the Site.
  • You may not link to third-party sites by uploading content or materials on the Site.
5. Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

5.1 Nothing in this section affects the rights you have under applicable consumer laws.

5.2 Blinddate.com provides services through the Site that allows members to a limited extent communicate with each other in order to provide our services over the internet. Nothing on this Site or in these Terms shall be construed to Blinddate.com providing services of any other species, such as relationship counseling, real encounters between people, communication and so on.

5.3 Blinddate.com always strive to keep the website up, and to provide a superior service. However, it is not possible that the Website is always up there, or that the services in all modes work for any specific purpose. By using this Website and the services offered on this you agree, to the extent permitted under applicable law, that you use the services of the existing condition, so they offered when they are available and at your own risk. You must ensure that you have access to the hardware and software, internet, knowledge of this, which is required to use website.

5.4 Blinddate.com not responsible under any circumstances for any material or content posted or communicated by members of the site, content or material posted on the Website and that violate another Member's interests, or for a third party's rights, the control of its members real identity or the images uploaded on the website.

5.5 Blinddate.com not responsible for the veracity of the content or material communicated by other Members, site visitors and / or yourself or the consequences of such content and materials are not truthfully.

5.6 You hereby requested to take precautions when communicating with other members. Blinddate.com not responsible for meetings between members, whether on the Site or in reality, and not have any consequences that may result from such encounters.

5.7 Blinddate.com guarantee in any way, and nothing on this Site should be construed as Blinddate.com has provided guarantees, either express or implied, regarding such Site or paid services, the quantity, quality or fitness for a particular purpose.

5.8Blinddate.com not responsible for the Website or the services are free of malicious software, harmful components or applications from third parties and the content of these.

Third-party sites

5.9 You may navigate to third party sites through links on the Site. Blinddate.com not control these external sites and sources, all visits to third-party sites is governed by the terms and conditions on these pages. Blinddate.com is not responsible for either the availability of such third party sites or sources, content and material on these.


5.10 You hereby agree that, to the extent permitted by applicable law, Blinddate.com under no circumstances be held liable for direct or indirect damages you may have caused, or caused another party, as a result of your breach of these Terms.

5.11 You agree that you may at any time terminate your Membership or end paid services if you are not satisfied with the Site, and your rights in this case is limited to the.

5.12 Nothing in these Terms will mean that Blinddate.com:s liability is restricted to damage caused by gross negligence of Blinddate.com:s page, or as otherwise provided by mandatory law.

6. Personal integrity, treatment and protection of personal data

Registration of personal data

6.1Blinddate.com collect and process personal information about you through your use of the Site.

6.2 Blinddate.com is the data controller for any processing of personal data on the Website.

6.3 Blinddate.com only process your personal data for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes.

6.4 The personal data can be recorded by Blinddate.com include the name, address and / or e-mail address, phone number, credit card information, photos and details about your appearance, voice recording, video, personal values and interests and how you use the Website, data on soft - and hardware that you use when you visit the Site, your operating system and your IP address.

6.5 This registration can lead to Blinddate.com may process sensitive personal data about you. Examples of sensitive personal information, racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership and data concerning health or sexual orientation and sexual life.

Objects of registration

6.6 Blinddate.com records information about you for various purposes, as exemplified below.

6.7 Contact information and information about you that you provide when you create an account on the website and when you use the Website, is used to provide the Services to you.

6.8 Your credit card information is used only for payment purposes, and shared or saved only by the payment service company in order to manage your payment.

6.9 Your personal information is used to: provide the services on the Site; the execution of an agreement with you under these Terms; to communicate with you as a member and send offers of new services; to collect information about you as a member and your behavior, and use of, the Site; to publish information about you on the Site and Blinddate.com:s partner sites; and, where applicable, if You have breached these Terms, to prevent access to the Site.

6.10 The data Blinddate.com collect from you may be transferred to our partner's for the purposes specified in the preceding paragraph.

6.11 You can unsubscribe from the newsletter sent to you by Blinddate.com or our cooperation partners through a link in each newsletter or the settings on the Web.

By agreeing to these Terms, you expressly agree to:

6.12 The data Blinddate.com collect about you and that you set up on your profile posted on the website, shared with other members via e-mail newsletters and in the app; this information can be disseminated and shared with non-members by being copied or distributed over the Internet or in other media, in an unlimited geographical area.

6.13 Blinddate.com transfers and transfers information provided to us, as well as rights Blinddate.com enjoys above, to our partners, the company BD Global Community AB or to another party in connection with the transfer of all or part of Blinddate.coms motion.

6.14 The data Blinddate.com collects about you, including the sensitive information is collected, used by Blinddate.com and shared with Blinddate.com:s partners both within and outside the EU.

6.15 Blinddate.com and / or its partners use data collected about you for marketing purposes. In case you oppose marketing, you can tell this when you create an account on Blinddate.com or at a later date by contacting Blinddate.com, or by contacting the sender for marketing.


6.16 Blinddate.com stores information with adequate security in Blinddate.coms databases. Only those of Blinddate.coms employees who need to access data about you have it when necessary.

6.17 The information does not comprise your personal ad and your profile, and provided by the Member upon registration, are not made available to third parties, will not be sent on, sold or exchanged; except in the following cases.

6.18 Blinddate.com allows you to save messages sent between you and other Members as long as you want to keep them. Such messages are stored in a secure manner, and you can always remove them by following the instructions on the Website.


6.19 Blinddate.com uses cookies, designed to store information used to identify you when you visit the Site. You can change your cookie settings and prevent the use of cookies by changing your browser settings.

6.20 For more information, Blinddate.com:s Cookie Policy.

your rights

6.21 You have the right to request the information processed about you by Blinddate.com, request the correction or rectification of incorrect or outdated information or contradict you Blinddate.com process the data. If you wish to exercise this right, you can send a message to that effect to Blinddate.com the address stated in these Terms, or by completing the contact form on the website where membership subscribed and carefully identify the e-mail address and other information.

6.22 If you no longer want Blinddate.com or its partners to reproduce or disseminate the information collected about you, and that you set up in your profile, you can terminate the membership in accordance with paragraph 8 below.

Google Universal Analytics

6.23 Blinddate.com analyze your use of the Site by using the service Google Analytics, including Universal Analytics feature, which is a web analysis service from Google Inc. ("Google"), 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. Blinddate.com uses anonymous member profiles to analyze the use of the Site in order to improve the services that you use.

6.24 Google Analytics uses cookies (cookies). There are small text files that are stored on your computer and that enable an analysis of your use of the Site. The information Blinddate.com collect about your use of the Site will be transferred to and stored on a Google server in the US. The information is used by Google to analyze how you use the website, to compile website activity and to provide other services connected to the use of the Site and the Internet. Google's compilation of your use of the Site includes, for example, information about which demographic you belong and your interests, based on how you act on the Site and the advertisements that appear therein.

6.25 Google may share this information with third parties, it would be required by law or if Google shares information with third parties on behalf of Google. Google will not link your IP address with other data from Google. You can prevent the installation of cookies by settings in your browser; We want to point out to you in such cases can not use all the features of the Site full.

6.26 You can prevent Google collect and analyze your use of the Site. Use a supplement in your browser to disable Google Universal Analytics. It can be found here: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=se.

6.27 More information about Google's terms of use and privacy policy can be found at http://www.google.com/analytics/terms/se.html and http://support.google.com/analytics/answer/6004245?hl= see.

Google DoubleClick

6.28 Blinddate.com use technology Remarketing from Google (Google DoubleClick). The technology used for members who previously visited the site and expressed interest in an offer. For these display targeted ads on Internet sites included in Google's partner network. That such ads can appear is through the use of cookies. There are small text files that are stored on the user's computer and using text files, analysis of user behavior on the web page done to align product offerings and interest-based advertising.

6.29 If you do not want to receive interest-based advertising, you can disable the use of cookies by Google for this purpose by configuring your preferences here: https://www.google.com/settings/ads/onweb. Alternatively, you can instead install the plugin available on the same page.

6.30 For more information on Google's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy can be found on http://www.google.com/analytics/terms/de.html and http://www.google.com/intl/de/analytics/privacyoverview.html.

Use of Facebook Social Plugins Website

6.31 Blinddate.com use of the Website Social Plugins (”Plugins”) on its website from the social network Facebook.com (”Facebook”), which is operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave., Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA. These plugins are marked with a Facebook logo. At the click of such a button when visiting Blinddate.com, connect your browser to the Facebook servers. Facebook transmits the content through plug-ins in your browser and integrates content on the site. If you are logged into Facebook, Facebook can assign Blinddate.com right to get information that you provide on Facebook.

6.32 When you interact with a Facebook plugin (eg "Like Blinddate.com on Facebook") is the information provided by your browser to Facebook stored there. Information about the purpose and scope of data collection, processing and use of data by Facebook, your rights in this regard, as well as the opportunities you have to adjust your privacy protection settings, available in the privacy protection information from Facebook.

6.33 If you do not want that Facebook collects information in connection with your Blinddate.com visit, we recommend that you log out of your Facebook account before visiting Blinddate.com.

6.34 More information about Facebook's Privacy Guidelines, please visit: https://www.Facebook.com/about/privacy/.

7. Immaterial rights

7.1 Materials belonging Blinddate.com

7.1.1 All materials displayed on the Site, including but not limited to information, texts, diagrams, models, data, graphics, images, photos, video and audio representations and shape of all this and the website, including the layout, design and software including Site layout is protected by copyright, trademark, patent and / or other intellectual property rules ("Intellectual Property Rights") and belongs Blinddate.com or a third party who has given Blinddate.com permission to use it. You may not copy, distribute, publish, reproduce, use or presentation of Intellectual Property Rights, without having obtained the express approval of Blinddate.com in advance.

7.1.2 You have only limited rights to what you can do as users of the site, and it is limited to use only for private and personal use, and it is required to use the services on the Site, while you are a Member of Blinddate.com. Any other use is prohibited without Blinddate.com:s express approval in advance.

7.2 Materials that belong to you

7.2.1 The material and content and intellectual property rights related to this that you post on the Site may, from uploading material used by Blinddate.com. You warrant that you have all necessary rights to the content or material you post on the Site. You further warrant, if a permit is required from a third party for publishing content on the site, that such permission has been obtained before the publication of the.

7.2.2 You thereby give Blinddate.com a worldwide, transferable license to use, for an unlimited period, the material and content and intellectual property rights connected to this by, for example, processing, modification, storage, duplication or disclosure to the public or to our affiliates or other companies any form or medium and method for compensation for commercial or non-commercial purposes. You waive all claims for compensation for User Content.

8. Termination

8.1 You can always cancel your membership by notice page of the site, or by contacting Blinddate.com.

8.2 Denunciation shall take effect no later than 48 hours after the Blinddate.com receives the notice. If you cancel your membership automatically avlutas the paid services that are currently active. If you cancel your membership, you have no right to a refund of the payment that you have paid, or the access time is left in your active period when your membership is terminated.

8.3 Blinddate.com reserves the right to immediately terminate your membership and any paid service if you violate these Terms in accordance with paragraph 4 above, without prior notice to You (Shutdown). You are in this case not entitled to a replacement or refund as you paid or the access time remaining on your active period when your membership is terminated.

8.4 Nothing in these Terms prevents Blinddate.com, beyond saying you up, have the right to demand compensation for damage caused by Your any breach of these Terms.

8.5 In case of cancellation you will receive confirmation of Blinddate.com by e-mail.

9.No nullity

If any provision of these Terms be held invalid, the application of the law, regulation or court order, the remaining provisions shall remain valid in its entirety. Furthermore, the party's failure to take action when the other party violates these Terms not be interpreted as the non-offending party waives the right to subsequently take action against such breach.

10. Jurisdiction and applicable law

10.1 Swedish law applies to these General Terms.

10.2 Disputes arising out of, or on the basis of these Terms shall be settled by Swedish court.

11. Contact

The services provided by the global community BD AB, corporate 556611-0200, Biblioteksgatan 3, SE-111 46 Stockholm, Sweden.

For questions, contact us by filling out the contact form on the Website.