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    Over the years the use of online dating apps and websites has increased among seniors. If you think that only the youngergeneration of the age group 18-34 years isregular users of online dating apps and websites, then you are mistaken. With the advancement in technology and lifestyle changes more and more seniors ranging from the age group of 50-65 years are turning to online dating apps and websites.

    According to a survey conducted by PEW in the U.S.A., the overall dating trend is clear. That online dating is a well-established industry and it is growing day by day and is being used by people of all age groups. The use of online dating apps and websites has increased by approximately 36% from 2013 to 2015.It is not surprising that youngsters ageing18 to 34 are the ones who use more online dating services than their parents and grandparents. But the fact is that the youngercrowd has switched to using online dating apps which they can use on their smartphones easily.

    Everybody wishes to have someone special in their life with whom they can share their happy and sad moments. But this search of finding that special someone who is meant for you and matches your way of thinking and has the same outlook towards life can be very frustrating, especially for seniors and older Americans, who have been singleor are divorced or who have just gone through the loss of their spouse. Such seniors are turning to online dating websites and apps.

    There a dozen seniors who haven’t dated since they passed out from high school or college or maybeafter their job days. It is possible that these seniors have been in a long-term relationship or where happy in a marriage. It is very surprising to know that the grounds on which dating rules were set to find a compatible matchhave changed vividly. The more shocking thing being that at this age when the seniors need a partner the most they can’t find or have the right partner to accompany them through the journey of life. It is very difficult for them to find a partner at this age because they are no longer in school, college or in a job setting, where it was easy to hook up with someone in those days. At thisstage,they might start feeling disheartened and discouraged that everyone around them has a partner. This feeling of loneliness can cause depression.

    The whole concept of online dating may seem like it’s meant for the younger generation, but that is not the truth. Nowadaysthere are many online dating options for seniors that are very simple to use. Keeping the ease of senior citizens in mind many popular dating sites have made the whole process of creating a profile and navigating the website very easy.

    Are you someone who is in their late 50s or 60s and in search of a companion then keep reading for some useful tips on ONLINE DATING FOR SENIORS.


    Once you have decided to join online dating platform it’s time to circle down on the characteristics you are looking in a partner depending on your likes and dislikes you can frame what you are expecting in a partner. You will also have to consider the points your ideal partner will be interested in and what type of activities will he or she like. Don’t forget to add a list about things you are passionate about and love to indulge in, you can take help from a close friend or from your grandchildren if you have one to tell you about your fascinating qualities. This data will help you to set an outstanding and attractive dating profile.


    The main focus of your dating profile should be to communicate your life goals, values and what you are. You can explore some profiles before you complete yours. Your dating profile should contain about your likes and dislikes or about things you like to do. Ifyou like to travel or listen to a particular type of music or you enjoy playing a game or as simple as you like to go for long walks around the garden or beach. You should mention such information about yourself.


    Another piece of a useful advice would be to not start your online dating journey with some preconceived notions. For example, don’t set any kind of boundaries that you are looking for a partner in close proximity or of the same political or religious belief. Setting such parameters will shorten your list of eligible partners. Keep yourself open for change and with the idea that, you could learn something from your new partner.


    It is very crucial to choose the right online dating site depending upon what you are looking for as well as it is better to consider your financial constraintsIf any.

    Some Dating Sites Are Goal Specific

    If you are looking for a partner who shares a common interest or hobby or who follows a same lifestyle habit or routine, then you can find a partner based on these criteria as well.

    Some Dating Sites Which Are Best for Older Singles

    According to a report by, some of the most popular and best online dating sites for older singles, EliteSigles, eHarmony,, and These websites were shortlisted based on the number of members they have and the success rate of finding a suitable partner.

    Some Online Dating Sites for Singles Above 60

    Senior citizens who are above the age of 60 or are 60 require more user-friendly and easier to operate websites which include options of online chatting and have plenty of blogs and forums which interest them, the most popular being,,,,,, and

    Free Dating Sites for Seniors

    Although most of the online dating sites charge a nominal entry fee or a membership, there are few websites which are solely created keeping in mind that many senior citizens don’t have a source of income or are short of cash. For them,there are few free online dating sites like Senior,, and


    Hope you have got an insight on how to start your online dating journey as a senior citizen. By just following these few tips you will surely find a suitable partner/ companion for yourself. Just remember that there is no need to rush with your search, you can take your time and talk to different people whom you think can be potential companions unless you find that perfect partner you are searching for.