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Speed Dating in USA

Speed Dating in USA

Kate and Charlie met 5 years ago. Kate had come to New York, then, in search of work from Alabama while Charlie was born in New York. Both of them met at a dating site and as the stars would have it, they were married after 3 years of being together.

The Concept of Speed Dating
Online dating has improved since then, and has become a common thing today with apps and customized services. However, the concept of speed dating in the US is still to be explored. Unlike Charlie and Kate, people meet face to face at an ‘organized gathering’ by a common host/organization in speed dating. The potential candidates meet each other, sitting opposite a table to exchange pleasantries within a limited time frame of maximum 10 min and then move on to the next candidate. This often helps to meet a number of people within a short period and helps them decide who are the suitable ones. If the candidates like each other, they report to the host, who till then hold the information of the candidates exclusively to themselves. The host exchanges the information with the consent of the candidates and the ‘couple’ take it forward from there.

This idea was introduced by Rabbi Yaacov Deyo and his wife, Sue in 1998, in the US to help Jewish singles find potential partners for marriage. This tradition of creating a shidduch, or a match, continues; however, other dating sites took the idea and reshaped it to include people of all religions, interests and sexual orientations.

Speed dating as of today
In the fast-paced environment of today, speed dating is a relief to many singles. They can schedule a meet online via video calling or chats, exchange number and get to know before formally meeting each other. The ‘waiting-time’ has drastically dropped with quicker decisions and with more and more millennials warming up to the idea.

Due to high acceptance of this idea, speed dating has quickly spread through the US and penetrated to almost every city. Moreover, the satisfaction quotient of the prospective clients has increased – thanks to the ‘mini-dates’ they get to choose from.

Speed dating as a TOOL
In 2000, speed dating grew by leaps and bounds, setting new benchmarks and challenges in the dating world. Today it is a common tool – an app on your phone with added features of instant chat, pic sharing, personal details and video chat.

The satisfaction rate for such a TOOL is tremendous; but some argue otherwise. In today’s world where every bit of information is digitally available, dating has also made its mark digitally, in the world quite significantly. Due to such an appreciation from the masses, this arena has been a subject of review and studies over time to improve the use of such a tool effectively.

Why does an American choose Speed Dating?
Dating apps do make an impact in the usual lives of the common American. People of all religion, sexual orientation and beliefs can opt for this service. For the generation pursuing the American dream, usually spending 40 to 60 hours working a week, having such a facility at their fingertips is one less thing to worry about. Collated information with the help of technology does help to ease the hunt for a viable partner from wherever they want.

To conclude, speed dating is a proven concept for its practicality and widely appreciated by many people of all sects.