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Victoria Milan

Victoriamilan.com - Love is love – casual or otherwise

A place that encourages people for casual hookups and extramarital affairs; this may sound wrong to the ears. However, Victoria Milan is a place where people with varied tastes and needs meet. They are usually confident and know what they want. Victoria Milan believes in a “don’t need to hide or lie about their relationship status” policy. Based on a finding, about 30% of members registered on traditional dating sites lie about whether they are married or committed, and here these restrictions go down.

Given the nature of the site, the number of men here is more and has a ratio of 6:1 with respect to women. Here you do not have to lie about your relationship status since this website is created specifically created for people seeking confidential affairs. Victoria Milan provides an anonymous, confidential and safe dating experience for people who want to, and we quote what the webpage says, – “relive that magical feeling once again”. Because of this, there are almost 6 million members worldwide, varying from married, attached, to single on this platform.

Signing up is easy and you can choose an anonymous screen name of your choice. Personal information such as address or phone number are refused to protect and maintain anonymity. The website has various functions like the “panic button” to simply take you to another site if someone walks in on you while having a flirt. It’s sneaky and fun and adds to the appeal. There are limited options for free users, but with an upgrade to a premium membership you get full access to all of the functions.  Interacting with members is extremely limited for free members. However, you have unlimited searching power and you can view all of the details on someone’s account. Also check out the AnonymousBlur tool to hide your identity and flirt around.

What is the service for Victoria Milan?

VictoriaMilan is made for new experiences and with emotions that can only be freely expressed anonymously. Here people express their secret desires freely.

For whom Victoria Milan service?

VictoriaMilan dating site is created for married or attached people who want to spice things up. Sometimes it works perfectly when a person has an innocent online affair and in the middle of it acknowledges how happily he or she is married. There is another situation when an online affair helps to acknowledge that the marriage is not successful and it is the right time to do something about it.

VictoriaMilan Site Description, ease of use

VictoriaMilan.com reminds people about their desires and reveals the passion that can lead to an endless course of pleasure. The website is simple. The main rule is telling no-one about the affair and to keep things confidential. It is not recommended to reveal a real name or post real pictures. Playing the game requires some efforts. Keeping it confidential and private are the main principles.

Registration on Victoria Milan

Whether you are in USA or in Europe, signing up on Victoria Milan dating website is easy and does not take much time. There are a few things you need to keep in mind before creating an account on the platform:

  • There is no registration fee
  • You can edit information in your profile later
  • Provision of personal information (real name, address, etc.) is usually not necessary and required on other dating sites
  • Email verification is required
  • User selects most of the answers instead of typing them

To begin registration, a visitor can click literally on every clickable phrase on the main page, no matter if it is “See the matches” or “Meet people near you” or classic “Join us.” Then you will need to choose the most appropriate from the suggested options, i.e., choose your marital status, gender, and goal, for instance, a married man seeking woman.

It should also be emphasized that the new users can choose an anonymous name, do not have to provide a website with any real personal information such as phone number. As for the preferences, you can mostly choose them in the list of options provided by the service.

Victoria Milan Features

VictoriaMilan provides many essential features. Extramarital affairs can be hard to hide, most essentially in this day and age. So, this online dating platform offers clients a way to keep their extracurricular activities discreet. With regard to initiating a discussion with other users, you can do so by sending a wink. This can help a lot in sparking up some interest. If he or she sends back a wink, there’s a good chance that sending a message will return a positive response. Aside from sending an email, users can also use the instant messaging chat service. This is one essential feature that allows you to keep in touch with other members in real time.

How to use

After registering, you can find the list of ladies or men who came here the same reason you did. Some of them are curious, others are looking for a fling. Find a person you are interested in by using filters and start your secret conversation. You can choose the type of affair you are interested in right after the registration. The following options are accessible:

  • Something short term
  • Something long term
  • Erotic Chat
  • Whatever excites me
  • Just curious and looking

Choose your option and start your adventure. To access the website it is necessary to confirm your email address.

Navigation site

There is convenient navigation on the website. The best and the wittiest option on the service is the button “panic” which is located on every page of the website. You can find it on the right bottom corner in red. By clicking the button the service immediately redirects you to youtube. The developers of the website have not only witty minds, but also care about the ‘security’ of the members. The website is convenient and user-friendly. You can find messages on the right, feed in the middle, and all the other features on the left.


Go to search to access the filtering options. Here you can choose the location, age, and photos. To have more filtering options, go to advanced search and add more filters. Adding filters is free. Here you can find:

  • Appearance
  • Status
  • Orientation
  • Body type
  • Looks
  • Ethnicity
  • Unhealthy habits
  • Beard
  • Other

In other words, it is possible to find any type of person with or without bad habits that live in your area.

Communication on Victoria Milan

The first thing to keep in mind is only paying members can send messages to other users. If you have just signed up and have not paid a fee yet, you can look through the profiles, send the winks or add the profiles you liked the most to favorites. There are no free trials to understand if you need this kind of service or not, but the membership prices are not too high as well.

The good news is that you can see the members who were interested in your page, filter the other users due to the advanced search, and send various gifts. Moreover, you can also see an unlimited number of other members’ photos, but do not forget that they are all blurred. It is good in terms of privacy and confidentiality, but it can make the process of choosing partners tougher. Still, such a policy is reasonable: you can start chatting, gain his or her trust and get access to photos.

In general, for such type of websites Victoria Milan dating strategy is quite typical. The platforms need to make their choice between confidentiality and free access to members’ materials and real personal data, and they usually choose privacy.

VictoriaMilan Mobile App

This online dating platform for married and attached singles can be accessed on your desktop web browser and native mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

You can download mobile apps from the App Store and Google Play without spending any amount. Also, there’s a mobile version of this dating platform which can be accessed from a smartphone’s web browser without the need of installing the app. On the other hand, this original mobile version is rather clunky and unstable. During the trial, researchers have found it to be very inefficient. If you want to use this online dating platform on your smartphone, it strongly suggests you stick with one of the local mobile applications.

This app has a simple design which is very attractive and pleasant to the eye. What is more, it also comes with a user-friendly interface. The interface is very identical to the desktop version, so the transition isn’t shocking and annoying for users. Some of the functions of this dating platform take a second or even a minute longer to load. The browsing experience isn’t as flawless as it could be.

VictoriaMilan Safety and Security

When it comes to dating service, this site specifies that it will keep the integrity of member’s personal information and data safe and sound. We read the TOS thoroughly and didn’t find any difficulty to understand clauses which will disagree with those declarations. That being said, we were not able to confirm the exact safety protocols which this online dating platform depends on to keep the personal information of the users safe and sound. We are not able to check if member’s data is stored on the server and maintained and operated directly by this online dating platform or if they make use of the third party server for which purpose.

VictoriaMilan Plans & Pricing

Interacting with other users is free members or extremely limited for standard. As mentioned above, you can register and use this site for free; on the other hand, you can just see profiles, send a wink to other users as well as add them to your Favorites.  Another perk of a free member is that you have unlimited searching power and at the same time you can view all of the information on someone’s account. Access to someone’s secret photos is totally free; it just needs gaining their faith to give members access. As a paid member, you can use all the essential features of this site like advanced research and instant messaging.

VictoriaMilan Customer Support

If you have questions, concerns as well as complaints about the service offered by this online dating platform, you can do so by calling the customer hotline number. You can also send them an email. What is more, they also provide a relatively robust customer service care team which are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. So, if you have questions or concerns even in the middle of the time, you can do so as they are always available all the time. This is what you call true customer support.

The Bottom Line

VictoriaMilan is a fast growing attached community of married citizens who know what they want. You do not need to hire or lie about the status of your relationship in view of the fact that this website was formed specifically for a group of people seeking private or secret affairs. This online dating site has simple functions, and there is also a “panic button” accessible if your significant other catches you while you are in the middle of online flirting. There are also limited choices for free members. However, if you upgrade your account to a premium membership, you will have a full access to all of the features and functions this site offer. Victoria Milan is absolutely worth trying.

You should definitely try this site, If you’re really interested in looking for a partner for an affair. In all probability, you might already be a user or member. It’s for that reason that people use this site compared to other dating platforms out there.

VictoriaMilan has an office located in Malta. The huge majority of VictoriaMilan’s members live in Europe, for the most part in Scandinavian countries. The website also claims to have millions of active users from all parts of the globe. We were not capable of finding any self-governing sources that will bear out those user numbers or figures. By means of analyzing the traffic flows online to this website, we anticipate that the figure of active visitors to VictoriaMilan on a monthly basis was about 500,000.

Apart from these key differences to other dating platforms with the same concept, the technique used by this online dating platform to bring like-minded individuals together is comparable to a renowned dating site like Ashley Madison and even the features


  • AnonymousBlur is a fun feature on this site. With this feature you can blur some parts of your pic or the entire display photo on the sign up page to stay completely anonymous.
  • Another thing to do is to press the Panic Button. Suppose your spouse or significant other suddenly appears in middle of an online conversation, press the panic button that immediately switches takes you any site like Google or YouTube.
  • Winking is fun. You can send Winks to users you find interesting to catch their attention and breaking the ice as the first step in the communication process.
  • With a minimalist design, the app is pleasant on the view and easy to use. The UI is similar to website and offers a seamless experience.


  • Registration is free. If you are a free member, you can only view profiles, send them a wink, or add them to your Favorites.
  • Sending and reading messages is for premium members only. However, access to someone's private photos is completely free and it only requires gaining their trust.
  • Profiles are detailed but many of the display photos are blurred which is a way of maintaining privacy.
  • Casual hookups are encouraged and therefore this is one of the exploring grounds to fulfill your fantasies.
  • Safety is of paramount importance and therefore accounts that harass or annoy users usually are terminated or blocked.
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