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Quality in a relationship is never overrated

If you are rich and looking for a partner online, then SugarDaddie.com is the place for you.  Known among the affluent people for the affluent, this dating site is worth every penny you put in. It is widely recognized for wealthy singles and millionaires and the dating service has been featured on the Dr.  Phil Show, not once but twice. Following the broadcast of the show on national television, the site has seen a monumental rise in its membership amounting to over 5 million people from around the globe. Apart from Dr. Phil Show,  it has also been aired on the Richard & Judy Show in the UK  and the WB11 WPIX news.

SugarDaddie.com is a brand in itself, thanks to the quality of service one could get from the platform. The platform started out in 2002 and was one of the first to execute the concept of matchmaking for the wealthy.

Quality is what matters with SugarDaddie. You can find a ton of people with a strong financial background here; that is the least to expect here. All the candidates in their database are legitimate and the site takes care that every member meets quality prospects online as per one’s interests. They have a huge list of professional businessmen/women, millionaires, models, etc.

The site has exceptional standards to preserve the security and privacy of their members. To ensure a world-class dating experience, every profile is reviewed by the staff members at SugarDaddie. One of the most notable style of this affluent site is that there are no advertisements made by the platform but people still gravitate towards them. Very few dating platforms command such respect around the world.

SugarDaddie.com Reviews

Sugar dating is a popular practice. It is a common practice for a lot of successful men who can provide financial assistance, security and confidence to a woman. Sugardaddie.com has been online since 2002 and is a specific niche of an online dating website where wealthy singles can get together and be matched in the same setting. It was the first to deliver the concept of matching wealthy singles. The singles using this site are looking for someone who can appreciate what they have to offer. The single people on this website like to enjoy the finer things in life and are attracted to others who can provide a similar kind of lifestyle. When you set the rules of the sugar game, it is reasonable, comfortable and satisfying. The site provides men with single, attractive, young women. As much as you can take and enjoy the relationship, benefit from it. This dating website is all about how they have a proven track record of more than 10 years in the industry and hooking up quality relationships.

SugarDaddie.com primary purpose behind the launching was to bridge the gap that previously existed between the rich and affluent class and the commoners. Furthermore, to get in touch for a mutually beneficial relationship it aims to allow both these classes of the society. The tag line of the website – where the classy, attractive and affluent meet is appropriate given the services it offers.  Sugardaddie.com is now one of the recognized and most well-known brands for sugar daddy and millionaire dating and has had over 5 million members to date. One of the biggest advantages of this site is that one can stop this relationship anytime, and it won’t be traumatic for any of the partners.

The first impression

The site is very modern and stylish, and its design makes a good impression. With high-quality photos and interesting color decision it makes different from the majority of dating sites.

However, this unusualness doesn’t make it complicated. To understand everything and be confident in navigation A few buttons make comfortable for the users. There is a lot of useful and interesting information to get acquainted with, which makes this site even more attractive.

Who Is This Dating Site for?

After several television reports on the topic This dating website became exceptionally popular. It was seen as highly controversial because of the dating opportunities it provides.

SugarDaddie.com helps financially stable gentlemen meet young and attractive women. The heart and soul is the sugar daddy-type of relationship, although in terms of search opportunities there is no strict limitation.


  1. Basic Information

Regardless of whether you are a Sugardaddie.com free or paid member, you are ensured full access to the most important and main features of the website. Any member who registers will be able to complete a full profile of them. This profile will include your basic account information such as your member name, country of birth, and your e-mail address.

  1. Summary about yourself

As a part of the profile, you will also be asked to write a short headline summarizing who you are along with a couple hundred-word descriptions yourself. As you would like it to be the paragraph can be as detailed or as short. In order to gain more interest from other members, it may be encouraged to submit at least a couple hundred words so that people know who you are and what you’re about.

  1. Pictures

For the profile, you can add up to three pictures, have the ability to use the search bar to view other members, and to add certain members to your ‘hot list.’ basically The ‘hot list’ is a list that you create which has the users on it that you have deemed attractive in some way and that you would like to get to know them better.

  1. Physical appearance

For the profile, you will also be asked to divulge information regarding your physical aspects such as your age, height, weight, gender, etc. in order for other members to get a better sense of who you are.

  1. Social habits

Social habits will also be inquired about when it comes to your lifestyle. For instance, Sugardaddie.com may ask if you like to drink, party, smoke, or do drugs.


  1. Forum

On Sugardaddie.com When it comes to the additional features, there is not that many overall but the ones that are additional are important to have and may cost more to have. You’ll be able to access the Sugardaddie.com forums when you pay to get additional features, and you can then message different users with questions, comments, and ask for feedback.

  1. Instant messaging

When you purchase a paid membership, you’ll also be able to communicate directly with other users through an ‘instant messaging’ application on the website. This will make it easy to chat with members of the opposite sex whom you are interested in and you may end up believing that they ought to be your next ‘Sugar daddy’ or ‘Sugar baby.

Free Features

If you want to give the website a try, you will get to see the basic features that are available for free. It will become active in the SugarDaddie.com database once you will get to create a complete profile and upon its approval. Free profiles come with the ability to include a photograph to the description, to search for members on the basis of criteria that you are interested in and to add members to your hotlist.

Registration process

The registration costs you nothing, so feel free to create a profile and start looking for the women. As you only need to provide the info about your gender, create a username and the password It takes minutes to register, give the email address and there you go! Thereafter you also load the photos and add the basic data to your profile – that is obligatory, as well as mentioning your income. The sum is the basic feature as women would look for sugar daddies and base their opinions on the sum of allowance they may get.

Signing Up For an Account

By going to the signup page register a new account and creating a new profile. You need to fill in the required information there, like your age, home address and email address. You’ll also need to agree to the Privacy Policy and Service Agreement for good measure.

To signup you’ll need to use your email address and verify that you’re a person not a bot or sock puppet. Unfortunately, using email verification on its members is the only real verification it uses. From there, on the site you need to log in so that you can start messaging the various listed sugar members. The free trial browsing is patently worthless, enticing free members to pay in order to message the paid members.

To get a full account, you need to pay $20-$30 in membership fees (more on this below) that’s directly sent to your home address (hence why it’s needed to be included). Alas, the ease by which you can sign up on the site, even with the membership fee involved, has led to the listings becoming a free-for-all of fake accounts and catfishing scammers as well as camgirls and escorts.

Safety & Security

No sensitive personal information is required to enjoy the site. Neither personal details including location are verified nor financial information. There are no privacy settings (except to fully block a user) so you cannot limit who sees your profile.

Filters and selection

It is very comfortable that you cannot just look through the global list of women on the site, but also filter them by particular features. For example, to the age many men pay attention of their sugar baby. You can regulate that and find a younger or an older lady. Then, the appearance is also important. To find a perfect woman for yourself Mention the hair color, eye color, height, and body type. Also, by their financial expectations you can sort ladies which play the greatest role in a mutually beneficial relationship.

Costs of Paid Membership

When it comes to achieving an upgraded membership there are numerous paid options with Sugardaddie.com. The premium membership includes all of the additional features such as instant messaging, access to the forums, and sending and receiving e-mails to customer support, etc.

There are different price levels for a premium membership. You can choose to pay $29.99 per month for one month, which is the most expensive option. Less expensive and longer-term membership options include paying $59.97 for three months at $19.99 per month, paying $109.98 for six months which is around $18.33 per month, and the longest term membership is $169.92 for one year at around $14.16 per month.

It’s important to remember that you can pay for these upgraded membership options with either a credit or debit card and that you will be billed only one time for all of your membership costs. With Sugardaddie.com’s customer support you can pay for the membership either online or by phone.

Automatic renewal of your membership is disabled at Sugardaddie.com so you have the choice as the user to renew or not renew your membership after the membership expires for you.


Navigation isn’t one of the problems of SugarDaddie.com. It has very navigable waters in the vast ocean of the Internet. The site navigation is superb and design is basic and nothing to write home about.

In the realm of sugar daddy dating Sugardaddie.com is one of the most popular sites as expected. Although the saturation of unvetted users has affected the quality of the listings themselves in terms of trustworthiness, this is not the case in regards to the quality and presentation of the site itself. There are no glitches or server errors when browsing, especially if you’re a paying member.

Everything is instantly accessible. state-of-the-art web design uses by the Sugardaddie.com site, from easily searchable databases to excellent content management. Alas, the match-up algorithm is broken not because of the programming but because no matter how pretty the packaging, it won’t improve the garbage hiding underneath.

The mobile app

Yet, there is no special mobile app for the existing users. However, it doesn’t mean that it affects the site quality in a bad way. A mobile version of the site makes it even more comfortable to use on smartphones. Without interruption you can stay in touch with the ladies constantly. The large experience (more than 15 years) proves that it is worth your attention even without the app.

SugarDaddie.com Scam and protection

Site prioritizes the safety of its customers, that’s why there is an advanced anti-scam system developed for this site. Firstly, to approve that you are a real person, you need to show your pictures. Secondly, all of the content being posted is monitored so that the suspicious activity won’t pass.

SugarDaddie.com Customer support

24/7 Customer support works to make the users of the website feel comfortable online. The support team promptly answers all the questions and consists of experts and professionals to solve your problems that might come up.

Final Verdict

SugarDaddie.com has been the pioneer in the sugar baby and sugar daddy dating domain. The site has a no-nonsense user and is informative, stylish, and clean – interface. Navigating menus are logically implemented and is no rocket science.

The process of creating a profile is a little tedious. The site follows rigid standards when it comes to profile approval in order to keep scammers at bay. An excellent search algorithm follows by the website, which makes it easier for users to find a prospective match.

SugarDaddie.com also has a block option to prevent members from contacting them or that can be used by members to finding their profile on the website. The website lacks instant messaging and chat box features that are available on many sites of this category. Nevertheless, the missing features don’t tend to have a significant impact on the effectiveness of this site.

All in all, SugarDaddie.com is the place you should definitely explore if you are in search of an rich and affluent man who you think can take care of your financial needs.


  • Membership is free and comes with a 7-day trial period.
  • Quality is a priority and is ensured by adherence of protocols, rules and etiquette by the members
  • Entertains all the likes and interest of people including casual and serious ones.
  • Members are mostly wealthy and beautiful in their looks and on a lookout for fun.
  • Key features include no-automated billing, easy one-click searches, viewing new members, last sign-in, etc.
  • Open relationships are openly accepted here without any prejudice and navigation around the webpage is pretty easy.
  • Proven track record for more than 15 years of delivering quality matches for the rich and wealthy.
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