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RichMeetBeautiful.com - No.1 Millionaire Dating

RichMeetBeautiful.com is a dating website that caters to rich men and women who want to date adorable sugar babies and toy boys, and ambitious, goal-driven, youthful people, who want to live the life of their dreams. RichMeetBeautiful.com website’s main claim to fame in the world of sugar daddy adult dating sites is its alleged huge listings as well as for a mutually beneficial arrangement it claims that they’re the fastest growing dating site where rich men meet beautiful women. RichMeetBeautiful Launched in August 2017 based in Europe, since it has gained traction around the world quickly and ranked as top sugar daddy dating site on both Google and Bing. In fact, both sugar daddies and sugar mommas are on RichMeetBeautiful; therefore, no matter you are a female sugar baby or an ambitious toy boy aware of finer things in life, you’ll find what you are looking for here.

RichMeetBeautiful is a user-friendly sugar daddy dating site. It boasts that for every sugar daddy member, there are four sugar babies available, so there’s a 4:1 ratio in favor of sugar daddies when it comes to sugar babies. You can try it for free anonymously, or create an account, or log in with your Facebook account (don’t worry – they never post anything on your Facebook timeline). So it is really easy to navigate and use. Many sugar daddies and sugar mommas aren’t computer-savvy, so RichMeetBeautiful caters for their needs when it comes to the website’s design.

That’s great, right? Many a site has gone down the tubes because there aren’t many babies to go around, leaving only dissatisfied sugar daddies.

RichMeetBeautiful.com Key features:

  • Specific sugar role – you can identify your sugar role,, e.g. sugar baby, sugar momma, sugar boy or sugar daddy.
  • Clear expectation – allowance ranging from negotiable to $10,000 each month. This is a unique feature because most sugar daddy dating websites don’t allow members to do this.
  • Clean interface – once you’ve logged in, you can see the navigation bar on the left side and new messages on the right side, so the central area of your screen displays the web pages’ main contents without any distraction at all.
  • Privacy protection – You don’t have to upload photos showing your face. Instead, you can upload a photo without your face on it (e.g. blur your face). Alternatively, you may upload private photos and only give private keys to members you are interested in. Also, this site uses the most advanced technology to protect your payment security.
  • Male and female sugar babies can send messages for free – This is another unique feature. Indeed, there are many more sugar babies than sugar daddies/mommas on any sugar dating site, so if a sugar baby is allowed to send messages to sugar daddies or sugar mommas for free, chances are sugar babies feel more empowered!

RichMeetBeautiful.com Costs

As far as the use of the site is concerned, upgrades that come in the form of a subscription or credits are required for a sugar daddy to communicate with others. On the other hand, sugar babies can send messages for free but you have to pay for credits if you like to send virtual gifts. A free trial is also available.

  • 1 month subscription: $69.99
  • 3 months subscription: $59.99
  • 6 months subscription: $49.99
  • 12 months subscription: $39.99

Please note that prices are in Euro rather than US dollars.

First Impressions

If you’re looking for interested sugar baby singles in Ireland and the United Kingdom, then you’re in luck. The site has a lot of potential to be great but it falls short. RichMeetBeautiful.com is an adult dating site essentially for Irish and English residents as well as other countries across the pond. Not so much for American and Canadian audiences.

You can also reach out to German, French, and Spanish girls if you wish, but only if you speak their language. The site has been translated into many languages in order to cater to as many countries as possible. Their global reach includes several so-called “mail order bride” type of countries if you’re willing to be patient when conversing with the girls communicating with broken English.


Without resorting to some of the more infamous practices of 21st Century web design the navigation is smooth and modern enough. To be more specific, it doesn’t look like a dated site you’ve stumbled upon on the Internet Wayback machine. It makes full use of the allotted screen space. It isn’t limited to the center of the screen. Every design choice makes sense. The front page is also easy to load.

There’s no obnoxious intro or pop-up window compelling you to join. It also offers an ad-free experience compared to a few sugar daddy sites out there that have the temerity to fool its own members into clicking third party sites, tricking them into thinking they’ve clicked on an actual sugar baby or sugar daddy. Once you do become a member, searching for other members becomes a breeze with its search features.

Just specify or disambiguate your search parameters and you should be able to find what you’re looking for. Because of its international clientele, the site is able to gather the funds needed to ensure that it has the latest technologies, web developers, and web applications present to easily offer the most modern website possible.  You can choose your country and language among the continents (Africa or Middle East, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and United States or Canada).

Signing Up For an Account

The international-reaching Rich Meet Beautiful website is like any decent sugar daddy website which allows you to make your own account with the ease of making a new email. You can easily create a free anonymous account by specifying your gender, whether you’re a sugar daddy/mommy or sugar baby, and if you’re interested in women or men.

Afterwards, provide your valid email and fill in the Captcha to prove you’re not a robot. You can also sign in not-so-anonymously by linking your Facebook with the site and logging into it by logging unto your Facebook account as well. Don’t worry, the site won’t post their newsletter or spam on your account’s wall ever. The welcome page is using great-looking stock models and well-made. There’s nothing amateur about the site.

In regards to trying the site out for free, it’s understandable that the free version is limited, offering fewer options for messaging the members (especially those who are beyond your membership level). However, at the very least you’re not tricked into giving your credit card information before you’re billed for your usage automatically. Oh wait, the site does the exact opposite of that. You are billed automatically a 6-month membership unless you cancel your free trial.

Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby Listings

So how can a professional-looking site with a modern look and easy navigation as well as an excellently straightforward signup page get such a low score from us? This is because even if trash is carefully wrapped up in a box with a bow like a Christmas present, what’s inside is still trash. Not that the site is the absolute worst sugar daddy dating site ever with scammers and prostitutes in the listings galore. It’s simply fundamentally flawed.

In regards to the selection of sugar babies, it looks more European-based than American-based, which might come at odds who aren’t looking for any “mail-order brides” with some American sugar daddies (which is the impression given by some sugar babies from Eastern European countries advertising themselves on sugar daddy sites like RichMeetBeautiful.com).

Sure, they can attempt to woo other girls from Spain, France, and Germany. However, the language barrier will prove to be a bridge too difficult for them to traverse. The only way English-speaking people can fully appreciate the Euro-centric site is if they’re from Europe themselves. Canadian and American sugar babies are apparently going to other sugar daddy websites instead of this one.

To reiterate, as far as the sugar daddy English-speaking members of RichMeetBeautiful.com is concerned, in terms of American women the site has slim pickings but plenty of potential pen pals or long-distance relations from across the pond in the British and Irish portions of the site. In contrast to the diversity of ladies and gentlemen found in places like the U.S.A. and Canada, you only have mostly Euro girls to attempt to date, and not all of them speak fluent English at that. It reeks of the same setup found in mail order brides’ sites even though the site doesn’t advertise itself as such.


Just click “Upgrade to Premium” to upgrade your membership on the right upper corner of the screen. Here, you can choose payment plans for every 3 months, every 6 months, and every 12 months.

Like with other sneaky pay sites, RichMeetBeautiful.com lists on its very Terms and Conditions page that the 48-hour trial gives you permission for premium usage from the point the trial starts. The trial’s fee cannot be indemnified or isn’t subject for compensation due to loss.

You must request customer support to cancel the trial period as well, or else this will continue into a 6-monthly membership after 2 days.

Member anonymity

How focused RichMeetBeautiful.com is on preserving the anonymity of its members is one thing that many members might appreciate. Although sugar dating isn’t exactly new–and has in fact become part of mainstream culture over the past several years–not everyone is as accepting of the lifestyle as you would hope. Not everyone is eager in the same way to let the world know about their sugar dating activities. Therefore RichMeetBeautiful.com offers a good opportunity for people to meet sugar daddies or sugar babies while still keeping this part of their lives private and free from judgment.

Paying for extra features

Like most other sugar dating sites, RichMeetBeautiful.com allows members to check out a barebones set of features for free for a certain period. In order to perform any significant actions however, sugar daddies will have to purchase credits or sign up for a subscription. Sugar babies are also subject to similar restrictions. Sending messages to sugar daddies can be done at no cost, but credits will have to be purchased if we want to send anyone virtual “gifts”


To top it all, RichMeetBeautiful.com is one of the best sugar daddy dating websites on the market and has huge glaring flaws on what’s otherwise a decent (if average) sugar daddy dating experience.  RichMeetBeautiful is a brand-new site in the sugar daddy dating niche.

You will definitely like the thought that when using the free trial, it is free of charge for sugar babies to communicate and everyone likes the anonymity options. It claims to have iPhone and Android apps, but the fact is that the apps will lead you to another casual dating site run by the same company. As leading sugar daddy sites the membership size may not be as huge but you can still meet lots of sugar daddies or sugar babies, especially in the Europe. Though it doesn’t have a long history, it has certainly incorporated all the positives of major sugar daddy dating sites out there. Europe has the world’s largest number of sugar daddies and sugar mommas, so RichMeetBeautiful surely has the right focus.

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