- Find the perfect partner in the same faith specializes in international Muslim matrimonial and has more than thousands of members online at any given time. This dating site gives its free members a chance to reply to messages received from other users. However, as a paid member, you get many additional benefits – such as the ability to send messages to other users. This is in contrary to other Muslim dating sites where usually only paid members can send and reply to messages.

According to some studies, is the largest and the most popular dating site catering to Muslim men and women. It only takes couple of minutes to join the site and you wont need a credit card for the same.

The site allows people of all sexual orientations to register and find the partner of their choice. It also doesn’t put a restriction on your relationship status to register. So, no matter whether you are single, widowed, divorced or separated, one can register on the site.

People actively looking for friendships, dating, a long-term relationship or marriage can register on the site and find their partners.

Membership is typically of three types – namely, Standard, Gold and Platinum. While the Standard membership is free of cost, it only allows the user to create a profile and receive messages from other users. In the Gold membership, you can contact all member, use the instant messaging and carry out an advanced search. The users who have a Platinum membership have all the benefits of the Gold members plus have the added advantage of their profiles ranked high in listings. These members can also use video or voice texting in addition to instant messaging.

Members can be searched by who is online, who is a new member, which members are chatting and by the most popular profiles. The advanced search options give you the benefit of searching profiles by ethnicity, religion, vices, location, age, nationality and personality trait. Reviews is an ideal dating site to try out if you are interested in dating a Muslim. It never matter that you are Muslim or not, if you really looking to find love or romance with another member of the community or in order to date a Muslim would like to join the website anyway, then Muslima is the website for you. The leading online dating site is that matches men with Muslim women with the goal of forming a serious relationship and ultimately marriage. is the largest dating site as per our research that caters to Muslims. The site offers a secure and safe online community for single Muslims. This site contains over 4 million users of men and Muslim women and specializes in international Muslim matrimonial and currently (as of 2019) have had over 4.5 million members registered since launch (back in 2006). There are usually thousands of members online actively looking at any given time for single Muslim women and men. So you chances of finding love are high here. allows free members to messages they receive to reply. This means you may not even have to pay to use the dating site. As a paid member, though, you get many additional perks such as the ability for members to reply to messages you send them. This is unlike most other Muslim dating sites, where usually only paid members can communicate with each other. The usual procedure is to show their interest for men to meet a Muslim woman and then the women will determine who they will choose to give a chance to date with. This allows all the female singles here to feel safe and in control to start a loving relationship. These are some of the things that men must understand when trying to start a relationship with a Muslim woman. Here at, women are more conservative and religious due to their upbringing. Muslim follows protocol of strict cultural rules like wearing a burka, covering the entire body and being in public with a man.

It takes only a few minutes to join as a standard member and you don’t need a credit card. If you are not deterred by Muslim culture —so give it a try sign up today!

Does Really Work?

Yes, absolutely this website works whether you are looking just for a fling or a long-term relationship that can lead to lifelong commitment. Perhaps the reason it works is because most Islam women are extremely conservative and those who go online are serious about making a connection. You can be sure that most of the subscribers on this dating site are sincere about wanting to make a connection with someone special whether it is just for friendship or romance.

Sign Up Process signing up to join is pretty easy. All it entails is to help create a profile to build a profile with your information that your possible matches will see. The personal details like basics about your appearance such as hair color, height, ethnicity and eye color needed to create your profile. You may also choose some other personal details to share such as occupation, personal likes and hobbies. The type of relationship that you are seeking can include as well. This is so important with the same interests to attract people. The last thing is that, when they are looking for a committed relationship anyone needs to attract people looking for casual flings. you can now come up with a headline Once these detailed are filled that will attract what you are seeking. The headline of yourself is simply a short and attractive description so you can get attention from viable candidates. What is their detailed criteria section particularly impressive about is. It allows choosing a user’s specific factor they want in a potential match. Just because it is a site for Muslim This ranges from physical traits to religion and even nationality and does not mean it is discriminative, anyone can join.

Reliability and Safety follows privacy policies ruled by the countries they operate in. Every private date is kept confidential aside from the information you agreed to share with other users on your profile. will ask you to fill out the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA) form which supposed to help protect the safety of its members. Help & Support

While their customer service can be contacted 24/7, it’s only available on email. This means you will not get a real-time response from them.

Mobile App

You can download Muslima’s mobile app from Google Play Store. Unfortunately for iOS users, it’s not available for Apple devices.

Main Features

  1. Process of Sign-Up

When you would like to get started on Muslima, it’s important to register your basic information first in order to begin the sign-up process.

To become a member of this website, you’ll need to give some user information such as your username, password, e-mail address, date of birth, your relationship status, your current location, and your gender.

After completing that process, you’ll be ready to begin creating your personal public profile. All of the basic information that you enter in to the website is mandatory in this case in order to register properly.

  1. Filling out your profile

In order to gain more interest from other members and even receive a few messages from them, it’s recommended to fill out your profile as much as you can.

In order to do this, a number of questions will be asked you by Muslima about yourself that you can answer depending upon how personal you would like to be. You can decide to leave some answers blank if you’re not comfortable divulging particular information but it may hurt you when it comes to other visitors wanting to get to know you.

You can go in-depth about on your profile if your appearance is one particular topic of interest. You can give some details about your physical features such as your hair color, eye color, height, weight, body type (athletic, average, overweight, etc.).

When it comes to a future romantic partner, you have the ability to highlight which physical features you are interested in seeing in another person and which of them you find most attractive.

  1. Lifestyle

personal profile are also a part of the Questions about the kind of lifestyle you lead and can be answered or left blank depending upon how open you would like to be regarding that subject.

When it comes to lifestyle, you’ll be asked to answer questions about your smoking and drinking habits, marital status, if you would like children in the future or if you have them already, your current occupation, etc.

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Also, if you were to get into a serious relationship, would you be willing to relocate to be near that person if you had the chance? You can also give more details on what kind of relationship you are looking for whether it is serious or more about dating casually.

You’re allowed to express your personal preferences in the ‘lifestyle’ section when it comes to the lifestyle choices of your future romantic partner.

  1. Religion

Because Muslima is a religiously focused online dating website, your religious beliefs and cultural values are also a big part of your profile.

You’ll be asked questions regarding your nationality, your education level, your religious values when it comes to Islam, how often do you attend religious services at the mosque, and if you have read the Qu’ran or not, which is Islam’s holy book.

In addition, you’ll be asked to give your opinion regarding both monogamy and polygamy, which other members will find useful to know about.

Lastly, you will have to talk about family values and whether or not you believe in the sanctity of marriage, which is a cornerstone of Islam.

Since Islam is the world’s 2nd largest religion and there are many sects within this religion, you’ll have to specify which sect of Islam you currently belong to.

Entering this information to your profile about your sect of Islam isn’t meant to divide the membership but rather to bring different followers of the religion together despite their differences in beliefs.

When it comes to the sects within Islam, members can choose from the options of Sunni, Shiite, Sufism, etc. if you were born into Islam Muslima will also want to know, if you converted to Islam, or if you are going to revert back to Islam from a different religion.

Lastly, you can talk about yourself on your profile and give your perspective on which kind of person you are. Each profile can come with a personal header that you create, one essay where you can describe yourself, and a 2nd essay where you’re allowed to state what you’re looking for in a potential relationship. 

  1. Matches

After you complete your profile, you can further answer questions for the algorithm-based matching system, which will help you to receive better matches in your search results.

You will get questions about what your ‘ideal match’ would be like, questions about what your personality is like based on the attributes that you show, and multiple choice questions about the hobbies and interests that you enjoy.

This additional information will help you when it comes to getting better search and match results by answering these questions on different aspects of who you are.

  1. CupidTags

If you would like to make the search for other like-minded members easier for yourself, you should start out by creating personal keywords that reflect positively on your interests, hobbies, and your personality.

These keywords are known as ‘CupidTags’ and when you have a few of yours that match up with CupidTags of another user then it’s likely that their profile will begin to show up due to your mutual keywords in your search results.

With another member if you have some things in common, you’re likelier to message and get to know them better especially if they have the same CupidTags as you.

  1. Pictures

No profile would be complete without displaying your pictures and Muslima allows you to upload up to five pictures total to be shown on your profile. It’s important to know that these profile pictures must have you in them and not just your dog, your brother, your friends, etc.

  1. Video

You can also upload a video of yourself to make it more interactive and so other users can get to know you better. 

  1. Search’ Function and Messaging

Muslima allows you as a free member of the website unlike most other online dating websites to both send and receive messages from paid members.

If you’re a free member of Muslima then you can send and receive messages from other free users as well. The ‘search’ function is an effective tool available that will allow you to choose by age range, location, and other factors in finding members that will fit your certain criteria.

It’s a basic form of the ‘search’ function but has a decent number of factors you can specify to limit the amount of members that you will receive in your results. 

  1. Show Interest

Lastly, if you would like to show a more kind of direct interest in other users beyond just viewing their profile, then you can press the ‘show interest’ button on their profile, which they will be notified of and can choose to reciprocate or not if they are mutually interested in you.

Additional Features

If you find that the standard membership on Muslima isn’t enough for you, then you have two paid subscription options that are worth considering if you’re willing to spend some money.

  1. Gold Membership

Gold membership is the first paid subscription option, which comes with a number of useful and unique additional features you can use in order to enhance your experience on Muslima.

When you are a Gold member, you’ll be able to contact all users of the website by sending and/or receiving unlimited messages to them regardless if they are free or paid members.

In addition, you’ll be able to use the instant messaging system that Muslima offers that will help you to contact your matches if you see that they’re online and available.

You’ll gain access to the ‘advanced’ search function with more options, free members can contact you back when you shoot them a message, and when any user is going through their search results; gold members will be listed higher in the search results than free members due to the increase in your status.

  1. Platinum Membership

The Platinum membership is the most expansive kind of membership subscription in terms of features that a Muslima user can purchase.

As a Platinum member, you’ll have all of the additional features that Gold members enjoy along with a few extra features that are unique to the membership.

Your profile will be listed more prominently in the search results when compared to Gold and Standard members of the website.

In addition to the basic instant messaging system that is done through text messaging, you can also send audio and video messages to other online users.

If you receive messages from other members in another language, you’ll be able to access a feature that will translate the messages for you from their language to your language.

Conclusion has more than 5 million current members, and thousands of them get online on a daily basis. It’s a big database of singles looking for their potential lover. This, along with other pros, should be enough reason why you should consider signing up if you are a Muslim looking for a fellow Muslim looking for love.


  • Standard Membership is free
  • Free members can contact and receive messages from paying members
  • Easy to determine who is a paying member
  • No advertisements on the site
  • If a profile is in a different language, it will be translated to your selected language
  • Filter searches by last signed in (week, one, three or six months)
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