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MilitaryCupid.com - Love is here and now for the brave hearted

Cupid Media network dates back to 1999 and one of its proud creation is Military Cupid, which focuses on military members who are single and ready to mingle. However, the site is not exclusive for military personnel alone. One the site you will find that, though, it has over 600,000 members worldwide, majority are civilians. Moreover, in that number, the majority of users are women, only 30% of the total population is male users, and 75% of its members are from the United States.

Militarycupid.com has more than 600 site visitors every day and from the ages 25-45 are the most active among age groups. New members can sign up for a basic account using their Facebook account as their login credentials or with a valid email address and a password.

Free users can browse profiles, while paid users can choose from one of two tiers of Gold or Platinum to communicate with other users. Using its extensive match and search criteria, you can customize and detail your prospective dates. Free or standard members have limitations on communication but opting for the Gold and Platinum packages will give access to all the features that is available on the site. Members can chat and send each other emails, and Platinum members can initiate video chat with other members. Using custom “CupidTags” in the search option, you can target very specific attributes and interests.

Signing up is quick and users are asked a few basic checklist questions followed by a three short, open-ended questions. Then you are ready to go. However, a 100% profile filling requires answering 12 open-ended personality questions and completing a Hobbies & Interests section.

MilitaryCupid.com has options for all types of relationships – straight, gay, lesbian, ethnic and religious backgrounds. The website is available in all countries but most military members are from the US and Canada. Military singles who are looking for civilian matches can certainly find this military dating site a good way to find a soul mate.

MilitaryCupid.com is an online dating site dedicated to helping singles in the military to find love in difficult situations, especially under unhelpful circumstances when you’re on the move a lot due to your current occupation. If you have a very busy schedule and seeking singles in the service—find yourself a perfect match changing your location every couple of years and., it is challenging to date, make friends, or even to start a serious relationship.

Luckily, due to the advent of the Internet and many online dating websites, there is a possible solution to this problem. For those single men and women of the military, they can rest easy knowing that there is a ‘niche’ dating website out there that caters to them and can help them with their relationship and companionship needs. While some dating websites may offer the option to note that a single is serving in the military, it has been instrumental in helping single people in the military to find love and romance without any major problems. MilitaryCupid.com is exclusively dedicated sites helping to those who serve find that perfect someone.

When it comes to Military Cupid fills that ‘niche’ role the military demographic of singles who are looking to find love and relationships within this specific community of people. It can be difficult to find love, especially under unhelpful circumstances when you’re on the move a lot due to your current occupation. If you have a very busy schedule and find yourself changing your location every couple of years, it is challenging to date, make friends, or even to start a serious relationship.

If you would like to date other military members who are in your area, being a military currently, then MilitaryCupid is the website for you and former members of the military as well. Lastly, if you would like to date a member of the armed services and interested in military members MilitaryCupid can accommodate your specific needs even though you never served in the military as well.

Nothing can really compare to the features and the services, when it comes to specific websites that focus on military dating that are offered by MilitaryCupid. If you’re new to online dating in the first place as well as these ‘niche’ dating websites that focus on certain demographics such as military members, you shouldn’t be worried because MilitaryCupid is simple to navigate, easy-to-use, and has a smooth design and layout. It also only takes a few minutes to set up your personal profile on the website and is quite simple to register your username and password as well. You can also search for other single members without too much trouble due to the easy to navigate and straightforward design of this particular website.

Mainly available this MilitaryCupid in the United States and Canada as of now but can also be accessed internationally in different countries if you’re a member of the website who is from the U.S. or Canada. Because the website mainly focuses on members of the American or Canadian military, the language that is used on the website is in English so you need to be proficient in this language in order to get the most out of this website.

Over six hundred thousand members have joined MilitaryCupid since the website was first created and founded in 2006, which is over a decade ago. In addition to this large amount of total members, MilitaryCupid has thousands of new members who are joining this ‘niche’ dating website every month. Every military branch is represented on MilitaryCupid including the Air Force, Army, Navy, the Marines, etc. It’s important to note that you must be a legal adult of eighteen years or older in order to join this online dating website.

MilitaryCupid is apart of the Cupid Network of dating websites, offers both free and paid memberships with main goal to be able to bring members of the Military together in the hopes of finding romance and relationships. This website also wants to bring together members of the civilian population who are looking to find military men or women to love.


  • Creating a Profile

To your free membership and sign-up on MilitaryCupid when you gain access, the first thing you should do is register and create your free profile. This will be your main way of communicating with other members and broadcasting yourself to the rest of the user base.

The first step when it comes to creating your profile is to add some basic information about yourself to give a better understanding about your personal background.

  • About You

The second step when it comes to managing your profile is to flesh out the ‘About You’ section in order to make your profile much more complete.

First, you can describe your profile in much more detail such as being descriptive regarding your hair color, eye color, body type (overweight, average, athletic, thin, etc.), height, weight, race and ethnicity.

MilitaryCupid will also ask you for information regarding your lifestyle such as whether you drink or smoke, what’s your current marital status, if you want children in future or have already, current occupation, and what branch of the military do you serve in. If you’re willing to relocate to another part of the country, what kind of relationship you’re looking for (friendship, penpal, relationship, marriage, etc.)

As if that wasn’t enough, you will be asked to go into more detail regarding your personal background such as your nationality, ethnicity, religious beliefs, level of education, etc. The last thing for this section is to create a profile heading to sum up who you are, a little bit about yourself such as your hobbies and interests, and to give a bit more detail about what you’re looking for.

  • Preferences

The third step is to go in-depth about what you’re looking for whether it is a relationship or just a pen pal. When it comes to basic details, you’ll have to specify the age range of the person, and which part of the country (state) they should live in.

You can also state your preferences when it comes to their appearance such as their hair color, eye color, body type, height, weight, etc.

You should make it clear in your profile whether or not you want your potential partner to smoke or drink, whether or not they should want children, and if they would be willing to relocate to another part of the country in order to be with you.

Lastly, their personal and cultural background is likely to be very important to you. Because of that, you should highlight your preferences for them when it comes to religious beliefs, ethnicity / race, and nationality.

  • Uploading Photos and Sending Messages

Without having some pictures of your own No profile would be complete to show for it. if you’re a free or paid member, Every profile, can come with a number of profile pictures that you can add of yourself.

To display at the top of your profile you can upload up to a total of five unique photos. It’s important to remember that these pictures should only be yourself and not of your family, friends, or of your dog. Those people or animals can be in your profile pictures but you must be in every one of them in order for the pictures to be accepted by the MilitaryCupid website.

You also have the option as the user of the website to hide certain photos from public view and make them private in case you don’t feel comfortable sharing a particular photo with other members of the website.

  • Showing Interest

It’s very important that other members know when you are interested in them and would like to get to know them better. In order to show a more of interest, MilitaryCupid allows directly you to press the ‘show interest’ button below a member’s profile when you want to indicate that you want to start a conversation with them.

It’s most similar to the ‘wink’ or ‘flirt’ options that you can find on other online dating websites. Lastly, free members are allowed to send messages to paid users of the website and also receive messages from them as well, which makes it easier for these free members to stay involved with the website and be able to meet new people without too much trouble.


Unfortunately, not all features on the MilitaryCupid website are going to be available to both free and paid members.

In order to get access to both the main and additional features that this website has to offer, you’re going to have to upgrade to a paid membership subscription to reap the benefits.

  • Unlimited Messages 

When you decide to upgrade to a paid membership, you’ll be able to read any messages that are sent to you from free members. They’ll be able to express their interest directly in you even as free members with their ability to send you a private message.

If you want to contact them back privately, you may be able to do that as well given that you are a paid member of the site. 

  • Instant Messaging

 As if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also have access to the instant messaging system, which will give you the ability to start a one-on-one chat with another member who is currently online.

  • Personality Profile

 As a paid member, you have the option of including what’s called a ‘personality profile’, to let other users get a better sense of who you are as a person you to answer multiple-choice questions about yourself.

In your instant chat messages or private messages, you will be able to include personal information about yourself such as your Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail address in case you would like to continue the conversation with the member you’re talking to in a different online venue.

  • Video Mail Messages 

Perhaps, most interestingly, you can send video mail messages to another user to show your face and your mannerisms. That particular member can send a video message back to you if that is something they are interested in doing. 

  • Gold Membership Option

 There are two different levels of memberships when it comes to paid membership options on MilitaryCupid that are currently available to members who are looking for an upgrade.

Gold membership is known for its first two options. A number of features includes in the gold membership, all of the free features that come with the basic, standard membership.

In addition, as mentioned previously, the gold membership allows you access to a number of additional features including the instant messaging system, the ability to create your personality profile, and the fact that you can read, send, and receive messages to free members and vice versa.

Lastly, you have the added bonus of being featured in the ‘search’ results above those members who are free and standard users because you’re a gold member of this website, Your profile will be highlighted like other gold members at the top of the search results page, giving you an advantage over the standard members who haven’t paid anything for their membership subscription. 

  • Platinum Membership Option 

When it comes to accessing The Platinum membership is the most complete but the most expensive option and all of the main and additional features that MilitaryCupid has to offer. It as well includes everything that you can get with your gold membership commitment as well as a few other special features only available to this level of membership.

With the platinum membership, you can watch the video profiles of other members who have uploaded them, send video messages by mail as well as receiving video messages in return, and the fact that you’ll be able to get your profile highlighted in the search results above both the standard and gold members of the website.

Because of this fact, platinum members will get much more attention than both the gold and standard members.

Lastly, if you’re communicating with someone from another country and don’t understand their language, you can use a translation service to translate your messages into their language and they will translate their messages into your language in response.


Unfortunately, MilitaryCupid paid membership isn’t cheap and it will cost a decent amount of money regardless if you’re signing-up for a gold or a platinum membership.

When it comes to a gold membership subscription there are four options:

  • One Month Membership 

The first option is the most expensive but is also the shortest in its’ length of commitment. For one-month total, you’ll pay $29.98 for the subscription. 

  • Three Months Membership 

The second option is a three-month commitment for a $59.97 total at a cost of $19.99 per month, which includes savings up to 33% compared to the first option. 

  • Six Months Membership 

The third option is a six-month commitment for a $99.96 total at a cost of $16.66 per month, which has savings for you up to 50% compared to the first option. 

  • Twelve Months Membership 

The fourth option is a twelve-month commitment for a $120 total at a cost of $10 per month, which has a savings rate of 67% compared to the first option making it the most affordable for the average customer.

The platinum membership also comes with four different subscription options but is overall a bit more expensive than the gold membership in terms of price per month. 

  • One Month Membership 

The first option is the most expensive but is also the shortest option in terms of commitment. For one-month, you’ll pay $35 total for the subscription. 

  • Three Months Membership 

The second option is a three-month commitment for a $70 total at a cost of $23 per month, which involves savings up to 33% compared to the first option. 

  • Six Months Membership 

The third option is a six-moth commitment for a $120 total at a cost of $20 per month, which gives you savings up to 50% compared to the first option. 

  • Twelve Months Membership 

Lastly, the fourth option is the cheapest but is also the longest-term commitment. For a twelve-month subscription, you’ll pay $150 total at only $12.50 per month, which is 67% savings compared to the first option making it the best deal you can get.


  • Safety is good. For civilians who need to ensure that a member is authentic, there is a section where verified member list that require government-issued ID is available.
  • Users can create a Favorite list by press the ‘Heart’ icon.
  • The website is very easy to use and does not have many buttons or tabs to make it confusing. 
  • Logging in with Facebook allows uploading 5 photos even as a beginner. This helps to make an impression with saying much.


  • Membership is free. However, paid members can search for new users specifically and also use the full range of communication tools.
  • The search criteria is extensive and includes custom “CupidTags” that lets you make targeted searches from particular branches of service.
  • All profiles are reviewed and approved with a verification option and thus offers authenticity.
  • Message translation is available with Platinum membership.
  • Allows you remain anonymous to other users until you feel ready to provide contact information.
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