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Lesbian Match Maker

Claim her and spoil her with your love

With over 20,000 members Lesbian Match Maker is an easy-to-connect hook up platform with local members who similar values and interests. This lesbian site has gained credibility with its large membership base and provides abundant dating options to female singles who are on a look out for a lesbian partner. The site has an array of features like video chat, LGBTIQ events calendar, lesbian travel listings and more that help to make your relationship or friendship easier! Plus it is a safe, secure and fun place to communicate with other lesbian and bisexual women sharing interests and experiences similar to yours.


You can explore a variety of relationships here on Lesbian Match Maker including, Lesbian, Asexual, Queer, Bisexual, Demisexual, Aromantic, Gay, Bicurious and Pansexual. Signing up is easy here and the site takes you through a step-by-step process and you will be able to create an account no time.

Once your own account is successfully created, you need to provide your personal details by selecting various answers in the fields. This usually involves the kind of women you are looking for by writing a short description. Later you need to upload a few photos of yourself and this plays an important part in helping you meet single women here quickly.

Communication is pretty straightforward and involves the use of an internal email for messaging along with other services like chat rooms, instant messaging, sending ‘Flirt’, etc. Lesbian Match Maker has basic search options on the site to find single women who best suit your preferences and interests. Using the filtering criteria and parameters like the types of activities they enjoy, location, distance, appearance, relationship status, etc. you can find the right person for you.


  • The instant messaging feature allows you to chat with other members in real-time if that member is online.
  • An array of chat rooms exist on Lesbian Match Maker and people can chat during any time of the day to find a large number of lesbians and bisexuals online.
  • The site has a weekly newsletter and monthly webzine about a wide variety of subjects that couples, lesbians and bisexuals are interested in as a general guide for you.
  • The standard method of communication on the site allows you to send and receive email messages.
  • To break the ice between two newcomers online or an interesting profile, sending a ‘Flirt’ often makes the initial break in the communication a little easier. It also makes it a fun way to express your interest in a person.


  • Lesbian Match Maker offers two membership options - “Standard” membership and ‘Premium’ membership.
  • Standard membership is free and gives you access to the site with facilities like sending email messages and carrying out searches while Premium membership gives additional features like instant messaging and chat rooms.
  • The internal email based system allows communication between members in a safe and secure manner and all members have access to an email box irrespective of their membership grade.
  • Safety and privacy is quite good and therefore members enjoy a genuine experience on this site while finding new friends and partners.
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