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Find Your Perfect Match, Your Way

Taking the “Seriousness” Out of Jewish Matchmaking!
No matter who you’re with, there’s always some madness in the world of love. jDate is a unique dating website that caters to Jewish men and women, giving singles a fun and sleek way to find their perfect match. In fact, jDate is directly responsible for 52% of Jewish marriages that started online. Join the world’s most POPULAR dating app and website for global Jewish singles today!

Find Your Perfect Match, Your Way
Fun. Catchy. Sleek. Stylish. Relaxed. Just a few words to describe the dating app responsible for52% of Jewish marriages that started online! jDate helps Jewish singles of all ages and genders find true, lasting love – not “fly by night” relationships. If you’re Jewish and really want to be with another Jewish person, jDate is for you. It’s good to note that the website is much more popular with women than men, with a gender ratio of 54% versus 46%.

You can get signed up in just a few minutes, quickly and easily. jDate will ask you for some personal details to ensure you can find the perfect match – no beating around the bush. This color- coded personality test puts the “fun” in fun-ctional, determining your motives for the things you do. The more information you provide, the higher your chances of finding your perfect match.

You can write an introduction of up to 3,000 words, telling prospective dates who you are. You can also upload more pictures to increase your views! Speaking of views, jDate gets about 2 MILLION a month.

There’s no such thing as a fake profile on jDate, thanks to the site’s stringent safety guidelines. If a fraudulent profile is detected, the account will be suspended immediately. Here are a few more reasons why you should try it out today:

JDate Reviews

JDate is the world’s largest network of Jewish singles since the day it entered the scene in 1997. It has been the premier online dating community for Jewish singles. JDate is an ideal place to find friendship, romance, and more boasting hundreds of thousands of members and a near-perfect 50-50 male-to-female ratio.

JDate averages over 10,000 members online at any one time from all around the world. a tailored dating environment enjoy on the dating site and app by the Members of the Jewish community. While not every member is Jewish themselves, they all come to JDate because they’re interested in finding a good Jewish man or woman to spend time with and maybe even build a life together.  JDate’s members are a diverse group of people, but the majority are located in major metropolitan areas (like New York, L.A., Miami and Chicago), well-educated, and upwardly mobile. Their religious and ethnic backgrounds are varied, from Hassidic to Modern Orthodox to Ashkenazi and Sephardic. While some JDate.com members keep kosher and regularly attend temple, others do not. What they do have in common is a desire to make new friends, form romantic relationships or find their Best heart. you can use JDate’s high-tech search and matching tools to connect with people with similar goals, upbringings, and values whether you’re looking for casual dates, new friendships, or long-term relationships.

JDate has been building the Jewish community for more than two decades, so it’s no surprise that it seems like everyone knows someone who fell in love on the site. JDate encourages members to using its fully-featured website, dating apps (iOS and Android) and in-person events and engage in both online and off line.

Creating a profile is free on JDate.com and the phone apps; it is also free to flirt. A paid subscription is required though to message with other members. Paid members can also send instant messages.

The JDate profile covers all the topics you would expect on an online dating site, with the addition of a few questions about religious background and synagogue attendance. After answering the first round of questions, new members can provide more detailed personal information if they like. This helps make matching more accurate when browsing other JDate profiles.

JDate offers many opportunities to find and connect with potential matches. Under the “Matches” tab, members will find a list of compatible users chosen by the site. You can also browse for new members, online members, and members based on distance from you. Searches can be performed by most aspects of the profile by modifying your Discovery Preferences. Along with a short summary of their profile information is shown when browsing a photo gallery of available users. You can also check out your Activities Lists to find out which members have viewed you, flirted with you, emailed you, favorited you, and more.

When someone piques your curiosity, there are multiple ways to start a conversation. Send a message or click the wink emoji to send a “Flirt” (also called a Like) when you’re ready to make a connection. If you’re looking to indicate your interest, use the Flirt and low-risk way for a low-key. This lets JDate know what you think of a match – if you both Like each other JDate makes an introduction by sending each of you a message. It’s a fun and easy way to break the ice.

JDate makes a sincere effort to connect members offline just as well as it does online. The site organizes travel adventures and speed dating parties, as well as events like cocktail parties, classes, wine tastings, and outdoor activities. Members are also encouraged to connect in chat rooms, message boards, and through the online JMag. A synagogue directory can be found on the site for subscribers looking for a local, more social experience.

JDate is the #1 destination for Jewish men and women if you’re looking to make connections, find friends, and fall in love within the faith.

JDate.com Main Features Reviewed

After signing up, you complete a profile that asks a series of questions including your commitment to the Jewish faith. The site then presents you with potentially suitable matches. You can choose to contact these or find your own; the site shows you compatibility ratings for the people you identify. You can also look up people based on location to see people you can meet easily.

You can communicate with others through emails, chat, instant messaging and message boards. If you aren’t sure what to say, you can ‘flirt’ with someone, letting them know you’re interested. You can also become a ‘secret admirer’ until you know if the person you’re interested in is interested in you.

Other features include a Jewish holiday calendar, blog, online magazine that offers advice and information and a synagogue directory.

Additional Features

In order to get access to every available feature still you need to be a paid subscriber to the website, while free users of JDate get a wide variety of features to enjoy.

  • Unlimited Messaging

One of the biggest benefits to upgrading your membership to a paid subscription is being able to send e-mails, private messages, and instant chat messages to other members who you are interested in and want to start a conversation with.

  • Forums

You will get full access to the JDate forums too where you can ask a question, seek out advice, or give dating tips to other members.

  • Video Chat

Perhaps the best additional feature is the recent addition of video chat allowing you to see other members in the flesh and being able to see their mannerisms, body language, and get to know them even better.

  • Profile Highlight

As a premium member, there are two exclusive features only available to these particular members who are above a standard paid membership. You’ll be able to utilize the ‘Profile Highlight’ feature which will allow you to appear higher and more prominently in the search results and give you more profile visits.

  • Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight, allow your own profile to appear at the top of the list in other members ‘Your Matches’ list depending upon their age, location, and gender preferences.

Costs of Membership

When you sign-up for a paid membership, there will be different pricing options depending on how long or how short whether it’s a premium or a standard membership, you would like your subscription commitment to be.

Before you decide to a paid membership to upgrade, you can go to JDate.com to check out the latest prices, which are usually updated on a yearly basis. The latest price update came in March of 2015 so it’s been a little while since the last change.

In order to pay, you can do so online or by calling the phone number for the website. JDate accepts credit card, debit card, PayPal, or money order depending upon your personal preference.

There are three different pricing options for different subscription lengths For a standard paid membership:

  • One Month Membership

If you’re looking for the shortest subscription option, the $40 for one-month membership is your best bet although it’s the most expensive of the three options.

  • Three Months Membership

The standard paid membership is the second option which is a three-month subscription for $90 total for about $30 per month.

You’ll be able to renew on a monthly basis of $30 for each consecutive month once after the subscription period ends. If you don’t want to spend the most money but you do want a mid-length membership, this is a good option.

  • Six Months Membership

The last option for this membership is the longest but is also the cheapest at six-months for $120 total with each month costing $20. You can only $20 If you would like to renew on a month-by-month basis.

It’s important to note that for any of these options, you’ll be billed for the entire membership period during the first month of the subscription so make sure that you have enough money to cover the bill.

  • Premium Membership

The premium paid membership option is a six-month subscription for around $130 total which has only one option. Each month costs about $23 and you can renew for this $23 amount of money per month after the subscription finishes.

When you purchase any membership subscription for the first time, you’ll be charged a processing fee of $4 for it.

JDate UK Experiences

Everyone has to pay to be able to communicate on JDate.com, the quality of experiences for UK residents is quite high. Plenty of success stories and testimonials from both current and former members of the dating site already are there, many of whom have found the one that they are looking for.

JDate aims to participate fully in, and preserve, Jewish culture as a whole addition to not only match Jewish singles in the UK, but also. Singles looking can find that special someone here for a partner with whom they can share their traditions, their culture and their faith.

JDate.com App

The JDate app is now available for singles who don’t want to just sit back on the computer. You can download it for your Android phone as well as for iOS. For those who want it to use for mobile devices in general, there is also a JDate mobile version which is decent enough with regards to usability.

Ease of use/Site Navigation, Layout, and Design

One look at JDate.com and you will realize that the site is straightforward to use and navigate. The layout of the site is straightforward allowing its users to focus on their match suggestions and search options effortlessly. Check out the current design of Jdate.

It is similar to the design of eHarmony in my opinion although Jdate can be a little more confusing at times.

The site has a simplistic design, allowing you to enjoy its graphics without feeling like the features are being drowned out by the graphics and images.

One of the things that make using the site simple is their keyword search options and advanced settings.

Users can quickly sort through their results by using any of the following: profiles with photos, the newest or even closest members, and most active members to name a few.

Another helpful feature that helps to make the site more user-friendly and easy to use is its extensive F\frequently Asked Questions sections.

Now, this might not sound like something that makes a site easy to use; however, if there is ever something that you need to know or cannot find rest assured that you will find the answers there.


How some other online dating sites enjoy that JDate might not enjoy the popularity; however, that get props for being able to attract their target demographic, especially in large cities.

The encouraging fact is that the site does have a membership size of a few hundred thousand especially when you hear that this website is constantly expanding

The site is quite popular for those looking to meet single women near their neighborhood.

Instant hookups have been known to occur regularly on the site for people who think finding a boyfriend/girlfriend is too difficult a task.

If you want more options for potential matches or live outside the city, you might want to consider eHarmony over Jdate.


To finding love, romance, or friendship, now everybody is committed on the JDate website so even if you don’t line up exactly in religious or personal beliefs and values, despite your perceived differences you may have some chemistry together.

The Jewish community on JDate is quite large so it’s likely that if you ask around to your other Jewish friends, they’ll know someone personally who has maybe found a date, a relationship, or a marriage and who’s used the site from their past membership.

There also have a lot of in-person events for singles in the Jewish community while JDate desires to have Jews connect and bond with each other in love and romance,.

This website has another mission beyond dating but to make the Jewish community larger in numbers but also stronger in its’ traditions and in bringing people of the same faith together.

Whether you’re using its’ expansive website as a user with its’ unique and useful features or if you’re at a ‘speed dating’ event sponsored by the website in Manhattan, JDate has a little bit of everything to offer for the Jewish singles community.


  • Chat in secure chatrooms
  • Get answers to your questions in forums
  • Enjoy an intuitive “My Matches” feature to find potential dates near you
  • Use “Secret Admirer” to give fellow users a “thumbs-up” or “thumbs-down.”
  • Connect with potential partners with a paid subscription
  • See at a glance if your messages have been read
  • Send “flirts” to fellow members and showcase your interest and curiosity


  • Search for matches quickly and easily
  • Cool, catchy interface
  • Highlighted profile section for easy viewing
  • Detailed profiles and public profile picture viewing - for FREE
  • Intuitive site and app navigation
  • Available on both iOS and Android devices
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