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ItsJustLunch.com - world’s Number 1 personalized dating and matchmaking service

Its Just Lunch claims to offer the world’s Number 1 personalized dating and matchmaking service that works behind the scenes to set them up on personal, private and convenient dates for busy professionals who struggling to squeeze dating into their already respective packed agendas. Its Just Lunch, founded in 1991 and the company now has over 150 locations around the world full with professional matchmakers that seek out suitable dates for their clients.  It’s Just Lunch has been helping professional singles around the world find meaningful relationships ever since. At It’s Just Lunch offers an alternative to online dating and take away the frustration of dating and make it easy for you to meet people worth spending your time with. in a personalized and efficient manner Dating specialists handle everything… from finding the right matches to making all the arrangements for the date. Because all of its members are interviewed about their lifestyle, relationship goals, and dating preferences by the matchmakers, who then seek out appropriate matches from their pool of members, coordinate the first date, and debrief with them afterward in order to learn what worked and to gain guidance for future matches. All you have to enjoy and to do show up meeting someone new.

Instead of seeing as a profile on a website of each person, IJL matchmakers conduct confidential phone interviews to answer any questions about the service as well as discover the personal attributes, previous dating experiences and life goals of their potential clients. Relationship goals, personal hobbies, and long term career goals are all covered.


Unlike all other websites, It’s Just Lunch doesn’t believe in asking you to fill a long form for customizing your search. They prefer scheduling actual and confidential interviews with the members over the phone. The main reason for this personal interview is to get an idea of the personality and relationship goals. As you describe your past experiences, you’ll help the team to have better search results. If you don’t prefer calling right away, then you can ask them to call later.

You only have to provide the following details to get in touch with the team:

  • Your complete name, age, and gender
  • Your current city
  • Valid email address and phone number
  • Mention how you come across It’s Just Lunch
  • As you fill in the information and submit them, you’ll get a mail or one of the matchmaking experts will call you.


With It’s Just Lunch to develop your profile based on an extensive questionnaire a dating specialist talks to you over the phone

They choose matches to partner you up with the ideal mate Once they collect enough info.



As it is quite clear that the members don’t have an online account or photo profiles, you can’t interact with some other member unless you are notified by the team. It’s the matchmaking team only who can see the profiles and match you with someone. This is just a simple method to secure your privacy. But it also limits your access to the other people if you want to perform a personalized search.


It’s Just Lunch takes a hands-on approach to dating unlike most online dating websites. As mentioned, you’ll sit and discuss with a matchmaker with extensive training in the field on your preferences, goals, past relationships, and life passions. To find a suitable match the matchmaker will then comb through the company’s database.

It’s Just Lunch is much more thorough and personalized matchmaking process than other dating sites. They can pick up on details that a computer simply cannot detect Because the matchmakers are dating professionals rather than just number-crunching machines,.


All communication is done and exclusively leading up to the date through an It’s Just Lunch matchmaker. That means through profiles or exchange messages you won’t have to browse before meeting in person. Instead, the process works like this:

  • You’ll have your interview as discussed above. All phone interviews are strictly confidential, and you can provide as much or as little information as you’d like
  • For a suitable match its Just Lunch will search for you
  • With a photo and brief description the matchmaker will send the match to both parties
  • If both parties agree to a date, you’re its Just Lunch matchmaker will let you know where and when it will take place and set up the date
  • You’ve sat face-to- Only once with the other person will you exchange any personal contact information, such as phone numbers or email addresses
  • It’s Just Lunch back Call after the date to provide feedback


The specialist will pair you with two matches and set up two dates after your interview which based on your interview responses.

You are most certainly in capable hands because The It’s Just Lunch specialists are dating experts.


There are no filters. However, over online dating the It’s Just Lunch and its matchmakers have an advantage. Based on boxes you checked it’s not just some cold algorithm matching for you. Who gets to know you and develops a candidate it’s a real person based on human interaction.


The typical member of the website from the United States has to pay somewhere in between $2,000 to $4,000. The price also varies according to the contract and the location you are currently residing in. As you can see, the payment model is based on the member’s specific geographic location; it is hard to have an idea of how much the membership will cost you. Packages may also differ according to your contract. But overall, the website can help you to find a nearly suitable match hassle free. The only thing you need to do is to get ready and meet the person face to face. They take the dating world offline where it belongs. You’ll surely find that the website is very different from other sites. They will make sure that you find your match as soon as possible.


After matches are selected by the dating specialist, to meet and a follow up interview a lunch date is arranged for both parties with the specialist is scheduled. over lunch, It’s Just Lunch makes sure the first conversation between matches happens in person,.


  • IJL utilizes a personalized service and hands-on approach to let people find someone in their own way. This way is somehow a better approach for many people as compared to other dating sites.
  • IJL also has a page which is called Dating Tips that is flushed with articles about dating ideas. These articles can help you to develop a strong relationship and tell you the dos and don’ts of dating. Plus, you can also get tips on how to nail your first date.
  • The website has a big customer support team which is always available to help the members. The team will provide you dating advice, coaching, and general service information too.
  • They believe in chemistry and that’s why they prefer the face-to-face approach and the thrill of blind dates.


The cost of an IJL membership can vary widely, depending primarily on your location and the number of dates you want to go on.

However, with signing up for membership It’s Just Lunch will guarantee from your matchmaking team, prospective matches, and prearranged dates that you get personalized attention that are convenient for you. For those that are interested in dating outside their immediate region, many locations have multi-city packages that expand the pool of potential matches to areas you are willing to travel to.

Of note, background checks don’t perform by It’s Just Lunch because they believe that these checks provide their clients with a false sense of security. Instead, the company strives to empower their clients to use good judgment and take responsibility for their own safety.


IJL is much secured when it comes to the details of their members. As the clients provide personal information to the matchmaking team, they need to keep it covert. In order to respect privacy, the service only reveals the first name of your date and the rest of it depends on you. Your address, emails ID, contact number, every single thing is kept confidential at all costs. So, you can relax and don’t have to worry that some wrong person will get to you. To have a detailed description of the privacy policy, you can read the Privacy Policy page on the website.


Frankly speaking, leaving all the hassle to a website can be relaxing but for some people, it’s not that great idea. While some people prefer having control over the search, this reason varies from person to person.

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