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One of the pioneers in the online dating world, Gayfriendfinder.com is one of the first gay dating websites established in 1996. In its two-decade journey, this site has grown popular in many countries and has huge membership of more than 150,000 active members. This is an all-male member dating site so all you will find here are loving men willing to meet, date and engage in a long term relationship with other potential gay partners.

The website is crisp looking and the features though not over the top and engages the user with its easy navigation features.  Sing up is easy and messaging is super easy. You can share pictures, chat casually and can search for people in your neighborhood. There is a blog section too where everybody can share something interesting including opinions, views and latest trends.

The site has mostly men over the age of 30 and the quality of matches is immensely realistic. This means that the site will show mostly potential matches from your local area or neighborhood and focus more on the geographical accessibility factor of a match. With more search parameters, you can look for people who are away from your local area, if you choose.

To engage in a wholesome communication and interaction, this webpage has three user options – new buddy, email and direct messaging. There is also a live chat if two users are online at a given point of time. Overall, this webpage gives the feel of a meaningful pursuit and does not go overboard, like other dating sites in general, to promote and emphasize on their features. Instead you find a warm vibe of genuineness here which is a little unique and far more noticeable when it comes to same gender dating platforms.

Gay Friend Finder Reviews

Want to get the lowdown on Gay Friend Finder? People like you who might be interested in joining on this dating site; we’ll share all the details we have On this page. We’ve got your back, If you’re looking for information on this site’s users, sign up process, profile elements, special features, pros and cons, or membership costs and pricing info. Even you can visit our consumer reviews to see what other real people have to say about using Gay Friend Finder. Keep reading to see our complete Gay Friend Finder Reviews now.

Gayfriendfinder.com is an online gay dating site that caters exclusively to the gay community with just fewer than 150k members so it is not nearly as large as GayDating.com. , Gayfriendfinder is a partner with Adultfriendfinder, While it is on the smaller side of total user numbers, so users get the same attention to detail, technology, customer service, and overall good quality that Adultfriendfinder offers. This does though we think still enable you to have a fairly good database of local gay males in most cases.  Users can sign up completely free and with the quality of users gay men will be happy in their area.  Even Group chat is available so users can have discussions of the best dating tips, advice, and humor over any particular subject!

Blinddate believes that this gay dating site is a close tie to GayDating.com. (here ,You can read the gaydating.com review ) Both sites are easy enough to navigate and have mobile capabilities as well as a slew of 2.0 features so which one you join will decide based on your own feel of the two sites.

Simplicity of Use

To register on Gay Friend Finder you need to provide your email and as soon as it is confirmed you can start browsing the site. Aside from your address, you should indicate who you are looking for (men or couples), share your date of birth and place of residence. It is not obligatory but you may also disclose your race, body type, sexual orientation, marital status and Share some additional information in a free form. In general, it would take you a few minutes to create a profile.

The site itself is simple and you would not need much time to get used to it. Additionally, you may keep on chatting even on-the-go and download a mobile application.


Gay Friend site offered functions are simple but efficient. For instance, before you start a real conversation you may send so-called “flirts” to show your interest in a particular man. If your sympathy is mutual you may move your communication to instant or webcam chat. If you are more into traditional means of interaction you may exchange emails.

It is free, Even though Gay Friend Finder provides its users with some interesting options. Thus, you may read an online magazine posted on the website. Also, divided by topics and locations you may join multiple chat rooms. Or you may play “Hot or Not” – you are being shown photos of the users you may either like them or not. Those who you rated as hot would be added to your hot list.

Number of Members

Being it is free, Gay Friend Finder attracts guys all over the planet – only men can register on the site. However, the database of the portal includes roughly 50,000 active members and, from the perspective of an entire planet, it is not too much. For instance, the situation in which just a few guys are online is quite common. You would feel the lack of members when trying to find a companion for an online chat: it can be really challenging.

Also, even though the site is international you should be ready that the majority of users are from Asia and Europe. In order to avoid disappointment, you should check how many members of the site are near you to understand whether you have a chance to find a partner.

Anyway, you may look through the list of the newly added users and the new members keep on joining the website. You may mark the favorites and come up with your own hot list to create your own database of the most interesting guys.

Quality of Profiles

Gay Friend Finder restricts you from viewing the full profile if you are a free user unless you upgrade your account. You can only surf the site until that moment and look through photos in small resolution.

In general, the profiles contain only the basic information such as age, location, and the type of relationship the users are looking for. Some members tell also about their race, body type, sexual orientation, and marital status. But the half-empty profiles are more common. After all, you may respect the privacy of other and try to find out all the details in a personal communication.

Also, keep in mind that the users with a Gold subscription are being shown first in the search results.

Signing up with GayFriendFinder.com

Like most other online dating sites it is free to try out GayFriendFinder.com. In order to register with the site, you need to submit basic personal details like age, location and email address. Once the password verification process is complete, you are invited to create your own profile with information on your interests, sexual preferences and the like. After creating the profile, you can upload it with your own photo and then start receiving messages from other members who may be interested in you. However, free membership comes with its own limitations like getting only one search and not being able to contact other members at GayFriendFinder.com.

GayFriendFinder.com features

GayFriendFinder.com Viewing options depend upon the type of membership you have. Free members are able to view photos but only a part of the profiles of other members while paid members have unrestricted access to the profiles and photos of all members.

Communication options at GayFriendFinder.com include email, chat, video chat and instant messaging. In fact, GayFriendFinder.com is one of the few dating websites which allows even free members access to its gay chat rooms. Most other sites offer this option only to paid members which are why their chat rooms are often empty while at GayFriendFinder.com, chat rooms are teeming with members.  Moreover, those who are looking forward to a more explicit conversation the site has several different kinds of chat rooms ranging from those catering to members of a particular geographical location and interested in general chat.

Search options at GayFriendFinder.com like other sites of the FriendFinder.com network include a wide range of categories. You can look for matches among gay singles on the basis of geographical location, age, physical attributes, username or what you want in a partner. Again GayFriendFinder.com is one of the few sites which allow a user to conduct a search even before creating a profile. However this facility is restricted to one search.

A special feature at GayFriendFinder.com is the ability to create a private network of members and communicating with them by Flash IMC. Essentially this involves choosing the members you are most comfortable with and then inviting them to join your personal network. They can of course accept or decline. The Flash IMC or instance message center allows you to communicate with other singles of your personal network with the following advantages:

  • Flirt with an instant message
  • Activate a web cam
  • See who’s online
  • Look at a random selection photos of member

Above all the Flash IMC is quite easy to download and can be set up in minutes. And once you have got it installed, you can start chatting straightaway with singles from your network. The whole idea behind the personal network of members is to prevent anonymous chatting and to build up an online dating community where members trust each other.

GayFriendFinder.com has its own in-house magazine as well. The magazine not only features articles from the site’s editorial team but also contributions from its members which in turn increase the level of interaction among the members. Yet another way you can reach out to other members is by blogs where you can share your own thoughts, experiences and all about yourself with other gay singles at the site. Group participation is encouraged by quizzes, polls, photo ratings and message boards. You have a “Hot list” as well where you can list names of 200 members you find suited to your tastes. Upgrading your membership to this Gay online dating web site will allow you more names in your list.

Here is what you can do with a free membership:

  • Create a personal profile and add pictures
  • Search members and browse through profiles and photo galleries
  • Show Interest in members or add them as Favorites
  • Like pictures
  • Receive email from Gold Members and reply to them
  • See, as a Favorite who visited or added your profile
  • Use the matching feature
  • Use quick search

At GayDating.com, if you upgrade to a Gold Membership, you gain access to the following:

  • Read emails and messages from other members
  • Send emails, IM and use live chat with no restrictions
  • Use live video IM
  • Have high ranks in search results
  • Perform advanced search
  • While using the website have all ads blocked

GayFriendFinder.com Pricing

In GayFriendFinder.com, there are three kinds of membership available. The basic level comprises of free membership which allows you to create your profile and upload it with your photo. While you can receive email from an interested member, you cannot contact him. However, even free members are allowed access to some of the chat rooms on the site. On the other hand if you want to experience the full range of features available at GayFriendFinder.com you would need to become a paid member which is again of two types –Silver and Gold.  In case of the former, one month’s subscription will cost you $22.95, three months’ $39.95 and one year’s membership $99.95 USD. The Gold membership is priced at $34.95 USD for one month, $59.95 for three months and $139.95 for one year.

There are other online dating portals catering to the gay singles scene. However where GayFriendFinder.com scores over others is in its efforts to forge a sense of community among its members. Here gay singles can not only look for partners but also network with other like-minded men and towards this end the site has come up with several features promoting group involvement. This is especially helpful in making those members comfortable who have come out rather recently and are looking to belong to a community. Being part of the vast Friend Finder network of dating sites, GayFriendFinder.com makes reaching out that much easier.

Privacy and Security

Unlike many competitors, Gayfriendfinder requires users to verify their email accounts before they can finalize their registration. This immediately cuts the chances of you getting matched with fake or empty profiles.

Apart from that, in the event of offensive or abusive behavior there are the standard options of blocking other users or reporting them directly to the site’s staff.

Conclusion about Gayfriendfinder

Gayfriendfinder is one of the most serious websites about gay dating. It is a quality gay social networking which aims to bring a feeling of security and trust among its members who really want to find and create a real and serious relationship, whether it is based on friendship or romantic dating. Gayfriendfinder has a very pleasant interface and appearance. About decency it has a nice policy as well; it is a dating website where you can see pleasant photos of its users and not of its users’ private parts. The features offered to its members are quite entertaining and enable communication, so all gay single members can easily bond and find their soul mates.


  • Search filters like age, location, preferences, etc. helps to narrow the list down to an almost exact of what a user is looking for.
  • Blog posts and forums allow the users to interact, comment back and forth and also share views.
  • The website has a community vibe and hence has a shard interest in the well-being their members; safety and privacy in communication and interaction is one of the incredible features of this dating site.
  • Users can use “Favorite photos” and “Favorite Profiles” features to move between interesting images and profiles of interest.
  • The site invites the user to comment and interact on their forums with an attempt to start a conversation and engage in something meaningful; this is something unique compared to other gay websites.


  • Registration and basic account is completely free. There are two paid memberships, Silver and Gold, and give you a lot of search and communication features.
  • Most of the users are mature and are above the age of 30.
  • Friendship and companionship among gay couples are encouraged here; a vibe of warmth and endearing quality appears while using the webpage.
  • Safety and privacy features are given top importance and Gayfriendfinder.com is one of the secure sites in the dating industry.
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