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Keep your faith in Love with ChristianCafe

ChristianCafe is a faith-based online dating site committed to help Christian singles find their significant other, not only for marriage and dating, but also for friendships. Faith is a key attribute around which the site has been built. There are separate “prayers” sections built in the site. As soon as you sign up to the site, you will see a disclaimer saying – , “If you are still legally married, please do not join our site.”

Members are mandated to state the purpose of their membership on their profiles, with options being “Looking for pen-pals” to “Marriage-minded.” The site is set up for the best interests of people who want to go for a long-term relationship, instead of a casual hook-up.

Christiancafe isn’t free to use. However, it does offer a 10-day free trial, during which time you can send and receive emails, but you’re refrained from exchanging contact information.

Meet Christian Singles Now!

Like some other leading online dating sites, this site too does some of the work for you. It matches you with the ones you are most likely to be compatible with. The site uses your profile information to find suitable matches and provides a probability of how well you match with any user suggested. Alternatively, the site also provides multiple search and discovery options, allowing you to browse to see who’s online or if anyone has a birthday that day. You can also perform an advanced search and user forums.

Once you find a profile you like, you can favorite that member to show interest, or send a wink or an email. The layout of the site is pretty straightforward and there are several tips and suggestions that will tell you how to find your best match. The site offers different ‘Search’ options to its users – search new members, search by username or today’s birthdays. Search results may be sorted by photo, percentage match, username, age, gender, location, or last viewed.

User profiles are pretty clear and elaborate and the interface is user-friendly.

ChristianCafe Reviews

Established in 1999, ChristianCafe is a proudly Christian-owned and Christian-run online dating site designed specifically to help Christian singles find their perfect partners for dating, friendship, romance, and marriage. Christian values to online dating and help singles of faith meet compatible dates and build lasting relationships. it quickly became an online sanctuary for Christian singles.To date, this highly respectable dating site has led to over 25,000 Christian marriages. For twenty years, Christian Cafe has been connecting Christian singles and has resulted in thousands of marriages. Looking toward the future, Christian Cafe hopes by supporting an active dating network that champions Christian values to further inspire healthy, happy and wholesome relationships. a huge database of 100,000 members having in ChristianCafe and it provides a safe and lively atmosphere for Christian singles to date like-minded individuals. The website’s experience and niche allowed it to develop into a well-executed and relatively successful tool for singles. It’s possible the user may have to do most of the work in finding a compatible partner. However, the tools they are given should make the experience relatively enjoyable and comparatively easy. To start an intimate relationship ChristianCafe.com doesn’t push people right off the bat, and many people use it to find companionship or just communicate with like-minded Christians. The unique matchmaking service opens up countless possibilities to meet other singles from different parts of the world. In numerous ways The search results are customizable, not to mention currently online users enjoy the biggest exposure. ChristianCafe.com is providing an app for both iOS and Android users and strong on mobile as well. Lastly the during this limited 10-day trial time, you can enjoy ChristianCafe.com at its fullest, and then decide whether you want to subscribe or not.

ChristianCafe Sign-up Process

Joining ChristianCafe.com is a very simple process. Completing basic information requires details such as gender, birth date, location, and so on and is quick and easy, and. one would expect to find on a dating site followed by several multiple-choice questions. Information such as your marital status, personality, education, employment status, description of appearance, and your religious beliefs and habits, are required. What denominations you belong to, and your level of involvement with church members, are among the questions which may be expected. if you are a Christian then Signing up for the free trial, holds no obligations, and is a ‘must’ experience, and serious about meeting someone who shares your beliefs and values. ChristianCafe is genuine about to experience the value which their site has to offer and offering you the opportunity, without further commitment from you. for a full 7-day period Enjoy their free features, but if you would like to enjoy the online chat features, accompanied by audio/video, and instant messaging, then you will need to commit to becoming a full member. If not, will simply be deleted your profile after 90 days, no questions asked!

ChristianCafe Matching System

To describing ChristianCafe.com’s matchmaking system the best Simplicity and convenience are the two words. When searching for dates, you have two options in your hands. You can either initiate a manual search in the old-fashioned way – setting different profile parameters to refine the results – or you can browse the list of singles currently online. By gender or location you can further sort the results. ChristianCafe.com encourages relationship building between the Christian communities what Blinddate.com found as appealing, even if no romance is involved. The site is a place where people can meet others with the same beliefs as them, and develop friendships. The “Birthday” tab is especially a good example of this: with this feature you see all the members who celebrate their birthday on that given day. Sending a heartfelt message to someone makes a good impression and serves as an ice breaker.

ChristianCafe Communication

Christian Cafe profile searchDespite the good premise of the matchmaking engine, the communication is the part where ChristianCafe.com’s winning streak falls a bit short. You have your standard tools under you belt, like winking, marking the profile as favorite and most importantly sending an email message. But this is all you can do, really. the most painful missing feature maybe the Live chatting, but the addition of creative postcards or pre-written messages would have been welcomed as well. Still, considering that during the 10-day trial period you are free to get in touch with anyone you like, this is still an attractive choice. you can participate in forum threads and share your opinions as for non-personal communication, or post unique prayers on the site, attracting the spirit of others.


Blinddate.com can definitely say that it’s one of their strongest points after testing ChristianCafe.com’s mobile support. The true potential of smartphone usage for their users recognizes by Very few dating sites. People nowadays spend more time with their mobile than sitting in front of a computer. Porting the smaller screens would bring a huge boost on user activity which is a leads to a natural conclusion. ChristianCafe.com deserves credit for not stopping at a mere mobile-friendly website, and taking the extra mile to actually develop a separate application for iOS and Android devices respectively. Said apps are redesigned in a way to fit the touch-based navigation. The menu items are placed on bigger buttons at the top of the screen, and there is a larger emphasis on profile pictures as well. Sliding between profiles is nice and easy, not to mention writing messages is also smooth on mobile.


Basic Profile

When you first begin your ChristianCafe experience, you’ll have to register and sign-up for a basic profile, which will allow you to interact with other members on the website.

In order to register for a profile, you’ll have to give the website basic information about yourself such as your name, username, password, gender (male or female), current location and your date of birth.

Multiple-Choice Questions

After doing all of that, you’ll be asked to answer a number of multiple-choice questions in order to fill out your profile with more personal information.

These multiple-choice questions are optional so you don’t have to answer all of them if you don’t feel comfortable divulging certain information about yourself and your personality.

These questions will include topics such as your level of education, your current job or occupation, what you’re looking for in a romantic partner, if you would like children or not, if you would like to get married or not, etc.

ChristianCafe may also ask about what your body type is (athletic, average, overweight, etc.) as well as questions about your physical appearance such as your hair color, eye color, height, weight, etc.

In addition, you’ll be asked about any smoking and/or drinking habits that you currently have and how often you consume these items. You’ll also be asked about your daily habits and your personal interests as well.

Christian Background

Since this is still a religious dating website, you’ll be asked multiple-choice questions regarding how often you attend church, if you believe in God and Jesus Christ, what your beliefs and values are when it comes to Christianity, etc.

In the ‘Faith’ section of your profile, you’ll be able to discuss your personal religious beliefs more specifically by highlighting which denomination of Christianity do you belong to such as Catholicism, Protestantism, Anglicanism, Methodist, etc.

You’ll also be able to discuss in detail how involved you are with your church, and what your personal beliefs and values are and how they tie in with your Christian faith.

In addition to this ‘Faith’ section, you’ll be able to answer up to ten free response questions, where you’ll be asked to describe your personality in more detail. These answers can be much more open-ended than your typical multiple-choice questions to really express yourself so that other members will have a better idea of who you are and what you stand for.

Contact Information

It’s important to remember to not get too personal when creating your profile and to not divulge your personal contact information such as your e-mail address, phone number, personal website, street address, etc.

ChristianCafe is committed to personal privacy and security so make sure to follow the ‘terms & conditions’ of the website before deciding to register for a profile. You’re also not allowed to use discriminatory or offensive language on this online dating website and the same goes for offensive or disturbing imagery that would make other users of the website uncomfortable or harassed.


You’re allowed to upload up to three pictures for your profile on ChristianCafe and it’s important that the images you upload are of yourself and not of your pets, your friends, or your family members.

The profile pictures also must be appropriate for this Christian dating website and not show off too much of your body such as the display of cleavage, excessive tattoos, bikinis, underwear, etc. ChristianCafe maintains the right to change, modify, and delete pictures that you upload if they deem them inappropriate, revealing, or offensive to other members of the website.

The ‘Search’ Option

Every free member will be able to access the basic ‘search’ function, which will allow you to find other members of this dating website based on different aspects of their profile such as their age, current location, religious beliefs, etc.

Luckily, you can save up to five different searches made in the past depending on which profiles you were able to see as a result. If you liked what results you received, you can save that specific search so you can see those specific members again.

If you want to be more specific with your searches, you can also search for users depending on how long they have been a member of the website for, what kind of romantic partner they’re looking for, whether they’re looking for exact matches or matches with a high compatibility, etc.

As a free user, you can search for other users based on an age range that you set, their date of birth, their username, and whether they are currently online or not.


QuickMatch is a unique and helpful feature that will allow you to find a list of compatible matches based upon your stated preferences regarding age range, birthday, personal beliefs, what kind of relationship they are looking for, etc.

By putting in these specifics, it will be much easier for the QuickMatch algorithm to compile a list of matches for you with a high level of compatibility based on what information you put it into the system.

If you’re not satisfied with the ‘search’ function, QuickMatch is a very useful alternative option that will help you to find members who are similar to you in a number of ways and whom you may have better luck.

ChristianCafe Official Forum

That’s not all when it comes to the free features that are offered to basic users of ChristianCafe. The official forum is useful for members if they would like to seek dating advice or tips on how best to navigate the website.

There are also various topics on the forum talking about sports, politics, music, movies, etc. The official form is also a good way for members to get to know each other and even find a new friendship or relationship out of it.

Lastly, you can discuss your religious beliefs and values within the realm of Christianity, which can help make you more integrated into the ChristianCafe community.


If you’re going through a tough time in your life and you’re seeking help from a higher power, you can post a prayer message to the ‘prayer page’, where you can seek help and support from other users when you need it the most. It’s a good way for the community to bond with each other and it will make you feel better if you decide to ‘post a prayer.’


If you would like to express more direct interest in another member on the website who has caught your eye, you can decide to send them a ‘wink’ by pressing the ‘wink’ button on their profile to let that person know that you are interested in them and would like to get to know them better.

If they decide to reply with your wink with a wink of their own back to you, you can think of it as a green light to start a conversation with them with a simple message.

Friends List

You could also decide to add another user of ChristianCafe to your ‘friends list’ so that they’ll be more accessible later when you can pull their username from a list and be able to message them quickly.

If you have a good rapport with that member and have been messaging them for a while, you can gain easy access to their profile by adding them to the ‘friends list.’


Unfortunately, not all features are going to be available to free users so if you decide that you don’t mind spending a little bit of extra money to upgrade your membership subscription to a paid one, you’ll be able to access both the main features and the additional features that come with the upgrade.

Unlimited Messages and Private Mailbox

When you decide to spend a little extra money, you can view all of the members who use ChristianCafe, and be able to send and receive messages to them as well.

In addition, you’ll get a private mailbox, which only you can view as a paid member and is unlimited in terms of how many messages can be sent or received in the inbox.

Quicker Approval

When you would like your personal profile to be approved quicker, you’ll have the luxury of being attended to primarily after signing-up for a paid membership.

It will also be easier for your profile photos to be approved by the staff at ChristianCafe so instead of waiting for a few days.

Video and Audio

You can be more creative with your personal messages to other users as you will be able to adopt video and audio chat messages to interact on a higher level with other users.

Advanced Search Feature

Lastly, the ‘search’ function is also optimized and is more specific so you can look for members who fit into a specific criteria depending upon your preferences.

ChristianCafe Costs

A free 10-day trial offers by ChristianCafe in which you can explore the entire site while enjoying most of its advanced features. During the free trial, you can access almost all features of the site including profile creation, communication with other members, advanced search, etc. – al l without paying a single penny. However, there are two features i.e. online chat and audio/video messaging that are not available in the free trial and are only available to premium members. Membership pricing is as follows:

ChristianCafe Premium Membership

  • 1-Months Membership: $34.95
  • 3-Months Membership: $59.95 ($19.99 per month)
  • 6-Months Membership: $99.95 ($16.65 per month)
  • 12-Months Membership: $89.95 ($7.50 per month)

ChristianCafe Customer Service

ChristianCafe.com homepage, We found ChristianCafe.com a bit lacking on the front of customer support. The site itself is informative enough about the features, and they sport a knowledgebase as well, but otherwise the human contact is fairly limited. before contacting customer support The service seems to shy behind the otherwise comprehensive FAQ section, as they encourage users to look for answers there. In case you still insist to ask for help in the traditional way, you can either shoot them an email or write them an actual letter, since they display their company address.

Bottom Line

Among the competition Placing ChristianCafe.com was especially hard, as they tend to follow a different path from the rest of the dating sites. While others like to lure in new members with the promise of a free (but very restricted account), ChristianCafe.com offers full freedom for 10 days via its trial plan. in catering to the Christian community The site also takes great pride, with hidden little extras like the “Post a Prayer” feature and the birthday tab. The matchmaking is solid, and the ability to display online members by different criteria is very helpful. ChristianCafe.com emphasizes the possibility to develop friendships or just discuss ideas on the forum but it isn’t just about matching singles. Mobile support is an undoubtedly strong point for the service, and even though the starting prices are quite high, you can lower your monthly membership fees to an acceptable level by opting longer.


  • Absolutely free for 7 days (plus 3 days, if you post a photo)
  • Various discovery/search options to find potential matches
  • QuickMatch speeds up the process of finding compatible partners.
  • Email is free to send and receive
  • Multiple ways to sort, search and discover profile results
  • View similar profile option provides another way to discover matches
  • Extensive open-ended profile fields to focus on personality
  • Free to see who has viewed your profile
  • Inactive profiles are removed after 90 days
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