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Christian Mingle

ChristianMingle.com - Creating happy endings for all

Christian Mingle boasts of having the largest online community of Christian singles and it is the world’s leading Christian dating platform. It emphasizes on bringing those who share the same passion for faith. It is by far the most extensive Christian dating site that is available today. It has millions of registered users who believe in the faith and are looking to connect with someone with the same mindset and faith.

Founded in 1997, Christian Mingle has helped millions of people to meet and bond with someone like them and are in successful marriages since then. According to a study conducted among American Christians, 29% of all Christian marriages that have transpired online were initiated with Christian Mingle.

The site is affordable and effective. Upon signing up, registered members are asked a series of questions about their faith, personality, and beliefs in order to align them with their existing database of members. The parameters that they use to match two people are so accurate that it eventually leads to effective matches that are long lasting and satisfying. The site’s only objective is to create relationships that are long- lasting instead of focusing on casual encounters.

Christian Mingle is a female-friendly dating site with women making up 56% of the total number of members.

With a minimalist and clean and user-friendly interface, Christian Mingle has a pretty straightforward approach and uses innovative matching tools. All aspects of the website are neatly organized allowing members to browse profiles, read messages, look at matches, view their recent activity on their profiles and get any help, if required.

All new members must provide an email address or they can sign up via Facebook. Subsequently, they are required to fill out their profiles, and add a picture. New members are also required to choose an original username to use while on the site.

The profile page contains data like occupation, marital status, drinking and smoking habits, education and asks members about their church attendance, religion and their willingness to relocate. Members then have to option of choosing their preferred location for their first dates.

ChristianMingle Reviews

ChristianMingle is by far the most popular Christian dating site available today and geared towards for those singles looking for fulfilling relationships rooted in the Christian faith. The faith-based dating network includes millions of people of all denominations and beliefs. They are offering a nice website layout, one of the best religious based online dating sites and a like-minded membership base. It was founded in 1997 to give singles a God-centric place to find love and commitment — and it has led to countless relationships and marriages ever since. According American Christians survey, 29% of all Christian marriages that originated online started on ChristianMingle. If you are looking for friends, dates, or even soul mates within your faith, then ChristianMingle.com is for you then the site is easy, affordable, and effective. You don’t have to take our word on faith, though. You can sign up for a free membership and discover for yourself why ChristianMingle dating site is the choice for so many faith-oriented singles around the world.


  • ChristianMingle Match System
  • ChristianMingle Other Features
  • Match System
  • For your perfect match’s gender, age, religion, location, and relationship type Set Discovery Preferences.
  • A curated list of daily match suggestions offers by ChristianMingle to direct singles to compatible profiles.
  • Through the database free members can also browse, filtering by new members, who are online, distance, and match percentage.
  • To view one profile at a time and give it the LookBook allows members either a heart or an X.
  • You can see who’s viewed their profiles, who’s liked their profiles, their mutual likes, and the profiles they have viewed.
  • Paid subscribers can also see if and when their messages have been opened by other users.

Other Features

  • Free members can send winks to show interest.
  • Let’s members know a helpful match percentage how compatible they are based on the information they’ve provided the site
  • Standard subscribers can send messages to and read messages from other paid subscribers.
  • Premium subscribers can send messages to anyone on ChristianMingle, and free members can respond to their messages without paying a cent.
  • ChristianMingle launched its premier dating app in 2016.
  • Inspirational success stories and testimonials from real ChristianMingle members in the Believe blog section.

Profile Creation

Profile setting up on Christian Mingle is relatively easy. Just as you would expect with any dating site you simply answer a series of questions, with the addition of a few questions regarding which sect of Christianity to which you belong.

They may also ask you if you want to opt in to believe.com or dailybibleverse.com.

Perhaps not too surprisingly, there is no option to select sexual orientation – so it is apparently only for straight Christians, but to select that you drink as much as possible. They do have the option And while you to set your current relationship status as “Married,” those who are “involved” or “Dating someone” can enter and search for dates then there is no option.

We set up a female profile, with no photo or bio so we could browse the site further. We selected a female because it has been our experience that women get contacted far more than men on dating sites. We found their color-coded matches to be an interesting angle which is based on personality types.

We browsed profiles of men in our area to see who was locally available and what the typical profile looked like. The types of men we saw varied greatly. Flexing their muscles in the mirror some men had photos of themselves, with no mention of God or faith in their profiles, while other men certainly wore their faith on their sleeves.

On the positive side, there seemed to be a large selection of men in our test profile’s area, and many of these stated their Christian beliefs in their profiles. Some of the profiles, however, were confusing. We saw, for instance, a gray haired, divorced, retired man who listed his age as 18. Another guy appeared in his profile photo to be flashing a gang sign. One minor annoyance is that the paid or promoted profiles in the search results appeared to circumvent any search criteria.

We could not contact other members, because free profiles can merely browse without the option to communicate with anyone else. You’re allowed to compose a message, but when you attempt to send it, you’ll receive the following warning:

“To send this email, you must upgrade your account. In the meantime, feel free to try it out by creating and saving a draft. Click here to upgrade to a Premium Membership now.”

Ease of Use

ChristianMingle offers an uncomplicated and clean layout with straightforward search and matching tools. Everything is neatly organized, so members can quickly see where to go to browse profiles, read messages, see matches, view their recent activity, and get help. Even if you’re not very tech-savvy, you’ll be able to figure out how this site works because of its user-friendly design.

Starting with the sign-up process, ChristianMingle ensures people feel comfortable joining the network and know what to expect every step of the way. New members must provide an email address (or they can sign up via Facebook), fill out their profiles, and add at least one picture to appear in search results on the site. To use while on the site the members must also choose an original username.

The profile includes the usual optional fields for marital status, occupation, drinking habits, education, etc., but it also invites members to disclose their religion, church attendance, and willingness to relocate. Additionally, ChristianMingle members can select their preferred first date locales, including coffee/tea, drinks, a meal, to be surprised, or a walk or hike.

You’ll also select Discovery Preferences, when you sign up (i.e. match parameters) for the type of person you’re looking for. Your search by gender you can narrow down, age range, distance, and height. ChristianMingle will select members who meet your standards and recommend them to yo in the Matches section.

Joining for free is all well and good, but if you find a faithful partner on ChristianMingle and really want to transcend single life and, you’ll need to upgrade your account. Only paid subscribers can send messages on the dating platform. Standard member can only send messages to other standard members, while premium members can send and receive messages from whomever they like. The monthly membership plans also give users the chance to browse anonymously, access privacy filters, and find out if and when someone reads their messages.

Safety is a high priority for many online daters — and rightfully so. If the people you meet are legit it can be nerve-wracking to put yourself out there online without knowing. That’s why ChristianMingle’s team makes a concerted effort to keep its dating network free from fake profiles, inappropriate behavior, and online scammers.

Before allowing them to appear on the site, ChristianMingle approves all photos For one thing. Photo submissions typically take to go through 24 to 48 hours. Any photo showing false, misleading, or inappropriate content then the team will flag them.

ChristianMingle members don’t have to use their real names while search for date prospects online, and that anonymity gives them a certain level of personal privacy. This dating site also does not allow members to publish personal contact information on their profiles, and it keeps all sensitive data encrypted for the protection of all members.

Many helpful safety tips provides by ChristianMingle On its website to ensure users have a pleasant experience and use good judgment while mingling online. These dating experts encourage users to always meet in public, go at their own pace, and trust their instincts. And, of course, never share personal or financial information with someone you haven’t met in person.

Christian Mingle Price

ChristianMingle.com offers a standard membership plan. They have plans for 1, 3, and 6 months, and if you sign up for longer plans, you save more money. For your entire membership length ChristianMingle.com bills you up front. It is free to view your matches and see who’s viewed your profile, but you must sign up for a plan to contact other members.

Standard Membership Plan:

Length            Cost/ Month           Billed As

1 Month            $29.99                   $29.99

3 Months          $19.99                   $59.97

6 Months          $14.99                   $89.94

Start searching and Signup today at www.christianmingle.com and. automatically renew Your subscription for the length of your plan, once your current plan has expired. You can discontinue your subscription at any time.

Desktop VS app version

ChristianMingle has made themselves available for both iOS and Android users. However, following their distaste for bells and whistles that we have already discussed, this dating platform did not add any extra functions to its app version. They merely wanted to be accessible for their members on the go: you can communicate through their platform wherever and wherever it’s comfortable for you, and you also get notified when someone messages you. Using the app provides for a more accurate location as well. The subscription prices remain the same regardless of whether you use the app or desktop version (or both).

Christian Mingle Privacy and safety concerns

Privacy and safety are critical concerns for everybody who dates online. As such, every dating platform states them as their top priorities. However, ChristianMingle.com is the platform that takes it most seriously. Users have to undergo thorough verification procedures before becoming fully-fledged members of the ChristianMingle community.

However, if you feel like that job was insufficient and come across someone who seems to be fishing for money or behaves otherwise inappropriately, the staff encourages you to report this person. When a user gets reported, the staff will screen them to double-check whether or not the profile is indeed genuine and the person behind this profile is indeed well-intended. On the ChristianMingle.com website you can find more safety tips.

ChristianMingle is arguably the most safety-concerned online dating platform on the Internet and, by extension, arguably the safest, too! Here, you can feel safe in the community of kindred spirits. After all, this is an absolute must for enjoyable and successful online dating.

Christian Mingle Customer assistance

ChristianMingle does not expect its users to be tech-savvy as we have already discussed. As such, they have gone to length to make their customer support as reachable as possible. First of all, the FAQ section of the website is written in “Simple English” and covers pretty much every issue one may come across during online dating. It is worth noting that, with such a simplistic set of functions, the amount of possible issues that may arise is also minimized.

If you can’t (or even merely don’t want to) resolve your issue yourself with the help of FAQs, you are welcome to reach ChristianMingle’s customer support. They usually answer emails within 24 hours or sooner. If this turnaround time is not acceptable for you, you can contact them by phone. The support agents deserve praise for their friendliness and discretion.

Final verdict

Undoubtedly ChristianMingle.com is the best dating platform for people who value their relationship with God and want to build their personal life around it. Stats show that ChristianMingle users are mostly people between their late 20s and early 40s – the age where one seeks to settle down but is not in a rush. This is the audience that ChristianMingle targets at, so if you are looking for a one-time hookup or a discreet relationship on the side, you’d better look elsewhere.

On the other hand, ChristianMingle.com is the ultimate place for people looking for a lifetime commitment (not only to God). An overwhelming number of grateful users testify that they have found love here. Notably, they specify that it took up to a year of communication before the two were ready to make the next step. As such, one final piece of advice to a potential ChristianMingle user: relax, don’t rush, and buy the longer subscription.


  • Joining Christian Mingle is free, which gives them some basic functionality.
  • Safety is of very high priority for all the members, with the team making a conscious effort to keep the site free from fake profiles.
  • Christian Mingle approves all photos before allowing them to appear on the site, which is a very important safety feature.
  • Christian Mingle members do not have the obligation to use their real names while looking for prospects, on the basis that anonymity gives them a certain level of privacy.
  • The site does not allow its members to publish personal contact information on their profiles, and it keeps all sensitive data encrypted.
  • It has a fast sign-up process, and is a good value for money, considering the fact that the site has more than 1 million monthly visitors.
  • There is some inspirational real-life success stories featured on their website in their ‘Blog’ section.
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