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ChristianFilipina.com - Find love the Christian way

Christian Filipina was established in 2009 and re-launched in  2013 with the intention of helping Christian individuals find each other. As the name indicates, it is an online dating site that helps Filipino Christian men and women to meet the love of their life and has over 200,000 members as for today. Most of the members are serious about seeking friends or lifetime partners here. So you can trust on their sincerity and intentions. If you are a little cautious about scammers as it happens in the dating world, this dating site is a good place in finding Filipino women who share the same faith as you.
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Once you enter the site, the signing process is simple and has very few fields to fill up. Based on the answer you give, you will be assigned to a welcome team member and that is one of the unique feature to this website.  Even if you skip the question-answer part, you will still be assigned a team member.  This website has three types of plans for members. However, the basic membership is enough to get you started compared to other dating websites, which prohibits you from sending and receiving messages unless you have a paid membership. Here you can communicate with a standard membership too. However, there is an expiry date for your subscription to the website that is six months from the date of joining.

The Dashboard allows you to add pictures, check out recent activity on the website, see the people to meet, what’s new and also search for members. Overall it is a great way to connect and meet Filipino women and men.  The site also has a testimonial section with photos and interviews with happy couples who have met at the  dating platform.

Christian Filipina Review

Christian Filipina com was founded in 2009 to help religious Western men meet Filipina women with similar beliefs and is co-owned by the couple Peter and Milyn Christopher. The Christian Filipina dating site takes its purpose very seriously: they even allow you to find ladies who prefer the same version of the Bible as you. To meet Filipinas (women from the Philippines) and for Filipinas to meet men from abroad ChristianFilipina.com is a dating website that serves as an online venue for men. To have and enjoy the same experience this website was formed by the couple to allow others the chance that they have.

The online dating site Christian Filipina helps honest Christian men and women meet the love of their life. Most of the members here are seriously seeking for friends or lifetime partners, so you can trust on their sincerity and intentions. Some dating websites prefer to cater to a wider audience and have appropriately vague names. Christian Filipina, however, doesn’t let you get the purpose of the website wrong.

Despite its limits for the target audience, Christian Filipina boasts over 200,000 female members from The Philippines. The service has been repeatedly featured in various publications and lists. Surprisingly enough, over the years since the service was launched, there have been little to no mentions of any Christian Filipina scam. The Christian Filipina dating service seems like an all-around great destination for meeting your future spouse, and we decided to take a closer look at the service with our Christian Filipina review.

To Christian Filipino dating Christian-Filipina.com is the only site included in this category catering exclusively. At first glance it looks a little dull and dated, but is easy enough to navigate and use. One great thing is that it’s completely upfront and lists a range of site statistics which is fundamental to your chances of getting a date so you can get an idea of how many active members there are and how active they are. It does the basics well and offers great subscriptions packages should you decide to upgrade to a premium membership subscription.

To join Christian-Filipina.com and create a profile is free. The longer you spend on your profile the better, but you can always come back and finish it later once you’ve taken a look around. When you read a member profile the self-written section appears first. Whilst it’s easy to glaze over when confronted with multiple choice responses, the self-written sections of a profile are more interesting and tell you much more about the member. It’s also possible to see when a member last logged in and when they were last active, helping to indicate whether a profile is inactive or potentially fake. Thankfully, there’s a strict screening process in operation, which seems to be good at weeding out time wasters. Many profiles have multiple photos uploaded and you can toggle between ‘gallery’ and ‘legacy’ mode when viewing, though the differences are subtle and not immediately apparent. It’s also possible to view photos as a slideshow.

To contact other members you can send a private email message, send a ‘wink’ to break the ice and express your interest or use the webcam chat feature, (if you have a webcam, that is). To add profiles to your ‘saved’ list Christian-Filipina.com also allows you so you can easily find them later from your profile page. It’s also possible to create a social network on the site by sending ‘buddy requests’ to your contacts.

How it works

The homepage of ChristianFilipina makes you instantly want to join the service. There are several positive testimonials from members who have already found love, a list of times when the site was featured in magazines, and several tips on using the website and dating a Filipina woman from the founders and administrators of Christian Filipina.

If you are already convinced that Christian Filipina is the place where you need to be, then scroll to the top of the page to see the sign-up form. You can use your Facebook account to register for ChristianFilipina or go through the sign-up process from scratch.

In order to become a Christian Filipina member, you will need to provide your name, age, email, and choose a password. However, the registration process doesn’t stop there. At the next stage of the process, you will be asked a few questions about your general dating experiences and experiences with Filipino women, as well as your income and relationship goals.

The final step of the process is the Christian Filipina dating platform assigning a support team member for you to communicate with directly. To do this, the website will ask for your phone number and the chosen employee will call you to complete filling out your profile and navigate you through your ChristianFilipina journey. After all of that is completed, you can finally begin your quest for your beautiful wife.

Joining And Creating Account is Free

Joining Christian Filipina is very easy. You can create your account for free. Once you are already a member, you can view photos of the other users and message those who are compatible with you. In addition to this, the site is simple and easy to navigate. You can easily find the features that you need. Join Christian Filipina Here Free.

Membership discounts

After you sign up for a paid membership with CF (it doesn’t matter which level), you will receive a host of discounts from businesses across the Philippines.

Some examples include: hotels, tours, visa help, restaurants, spas, flower shops, wedding services, and even real estate. There are currently 50 different businesses that have partnered with CF to offer discounts.

Christian Filipina Packages and Pricing

$97 (valid for one month), Silver Package

  • Send 40 custom messages per day.
  • Send unlimited winks per day.
  • Exchange contact details.
  • 60-minute consultation with a romance consultant.
  • Membership discounts with partner programs.

$597 (valid for one year), Platinum Package

  • With the below differences everything from the “Silver Package” package.
  • Per day Send 100 custom messages.
  • Live video chat with members.
  • com founder – Peter Christopher 15-minute call
  • Send one (1) gift to the Philippines.
  • One (1) 2nd-opinion consultation about one member.

$997 (valid for a lifetime), Unlimited Package

  • With the below differences everything from the “Platinum Package” package.
  • Per day send unlimited custom messages.
  • With a romance consultant Three (3) 60-minute consultations.
  • com founder – Peter Christopher 30-minute call
  • Send two (2) gifts to the Philippines.
  • Three (3) 2nd-opinion consultations about members.

Christian Filipina Features

Basic features

CF works like most other dating websites As far as core features go. You can create a free account and browse other profiles, but you will need a paid account to interact with other members. With a free account you can send a limited number of “winks”, which are an expression of interest.

CF allows you to search other profiles by age, marital status (single, divorced, widowed, etc), religion (which is this case is types of Christian denominations), location, and more.

All paid membership levels allow you to message, video chat, and exchange contact details with other site members. The amount of messages you can send per day may be limited, depending on the level of your paid membership. The lowest allowable number of messages is 50 per day (for the gold level), the highest is unlimited.

Christian Filipina App

CF is also available via their mobile app, but I’m not a huge fan.

The app main interface of is set up, where you are shown pictures and info of women you either like or dismiss their profile.

The app does allow you to do filtered searches of other members like the website do, but it doesn’t make it easy. It took me a good 20 minutes to figure how to do it. Maybe you’ll have better luck.

Articles/Research database

CF gives both paid and unpaid members access to a collection of blog posts on the Philippines. Articles/Research database topics include travel, language, cultural values, courting a Filipino woman, and more. The information is relevant and helpful for a man looking to court a woman on their site. We will reference an insightful survey later was taken from one of the blog articles.

Romance consultation

All paid site memberships on CF include at least one 60 minute consultation with a romance consultant. Here are the topics usually covered in the consulting sessions:

  • How to create an effective site profile
  • The practical details of meeting a woman in the Philippines
  • The cultural aspects of courtship and marriage in the Philippines

One-on-one CEO call

The two highest paid membership levels land you a short call (15-30 minutes) with the site’s CEO Peter Christopher. This is also a sort consultation. Peter has long been an advocate for honest online dating sites and himself is married to a Filipina.

Second opinion feature

In addition to the call with the site’s CEO the two highest membership levels also allow users to confirm the interest and intent of a female member on the site.  As a member you simply let the customer service staff knows which woman you would like to get a second opinion on. They will then contact her or meet her to confirm that she is who she says she is, and that her intentions are sincere.

ChristianFilipina.com Security and Safety Features

As for security and safety, Filipina Christian is taking this concern to the next level. In fact, they according to Christopher, every application is manually reviewed by their staff. They aim to protect who are trying to deceive women from men.

At the same time, with ill intentions of only ripping them off the site also wants to protect men from women. The member can only send winks and messages once his or her account is approved. In this way, scammers and spammers are kept at a minimum.

In most cases, women ask for financial assistance from men they met on the site due to various reasons like a family member getting sick, an opportunity abroad that they would love to take but can’t afford the expenses, funds for education and more.

However, there are also instances, when women are deceived. Having received an email from another user one woman shared her experience that allegedly sent her a package full of great items. A tracking number is included with photos of items in the box. However, she needs to pay to progress the package. It turned out that this is another scam.

To share these stories Christian Filipina is not shy to warn other users to be careful. They discourage members to send money or entertain other members who want to get away from the site by providing their contact or email address right away.


Joining Christian Filipina would be best if you are a Christian who’s been dreaming of having a Christian partner. Having the same values with your partner will help you to build a stronger relationship. To find the right partner with the same values as you Christian Filipina will help you.


  • Membership is free and the standard membership is quite enough to get the game going. However, the Upgrade page shows three membership plans with different rates for different features and the fee can be paid in monthly installments.
  • For a safe experience and warning against scammers the site warns the users with following message - “You will not send money or expensive gifts to people you meet on the site who you have not yet met in person”.
  • The site auto-renews subscription at the end of the membership. One exception to this is within the first three days of subscription – you might be able to, just contact them if for some reason you change your mind.
  • There is an offer for “site credits”, which are used to “get to know other users”, excluding personal contact details.
  • The ‘Dashboard’ is interactive and can be an easy way to update information and meet new people online.
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