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When it's the inside that matters

Online dating has become a popular trend nowadays. Finding the right match for yourself can be a daunting task especially in times like today, where you may findhundreds of websites flooding the internet showcasing different offers and advertisements to attract viewers. People nowadays seek companionship over the internet. But, the fact of the matter is that the internet has too many options available, so what should one choose becomes a questionable affair. For this, you have BlindDater.com, a website which is a hub to find out the right match of your needs. For example, you might be looking for a person with specific choices, or of a particular religion, finding a website which can match your specifications can be an intimidating task. BlindDater.com has successfully been able to connect you with people who are also looking for someone special. All you need to do is mention your specifications, click and you will find the best matches in front of you.

BlindDater.com is a self-explanatory website and application. It has a search tool which narrows your search by providing you with the best match. You can find people based on your preferences like personality, distance, looks, lifestyle, interest, religion, etc.

Why should you make us a medium to find love?

Well, when it comes to choosing the right platform, there are various factors that you should take into consideration like the safety of information, trustworthy portal, cost-effectiveness, etc. Here are some of the reasons why should we be your choice when it comes to online dating:

  1. Personalized match based on your requirement
  2. BlindDate hour to explore the excitement of love at first sight
  3. Free of cost registration
  4. No fake profiles; weonly have verifiedmembers who are manuallyadded to avoid any problems.
  5. Detailed filter and multiple search tools
  6. User-friendly website
  7. Easy to use mobile application
  8. Live chat and round the clock customer support to help you find the right match
  9. We have both paid subscription and free subscription; however, the benefits of both vary.

So what are you waiting for?

Are you still waiting for your partner to arrive, well, why worry when we are here. BlindDater is a perfect way to help you meet your companions. If companionship is your goal, we are the pathway to reach the same. We have a lot more to offer more than just finding a companion. We are a web space that provides you with the best dating solution at the most competitive pricing.  With our detailed filter, professional layout, creative and innovative approach, we make sure that you find the right companion that you have been looking for since a very long time. Since the time we came into existence till date, BlindDater.com has created many successful stories that we keep on posting on our portal. All these stories are not just numbers for us, but a way to illustrate that you find the right match on our portal.


  • BlindDate Hour- It's an age-old saying that love is blind. Would you like to experience the same in real life as well? If yes, then BlindDater brings you this unique feature called as BlindDate Hour wherein you can chat with the anonymous person. The picture of this person is going to be blurred for the first one hour of your chatting, after that, you will be able to see the picture of the person. So, if you too wish to explore this magic of love yourself, its time to register for the BlindDate Hour.
  • Helpful Filter- As mentioned earlier we have created a detailed filter and questionnaire that has options like age, interest, looks, religion, preferences, dislikes, strength, weakness, etc. It helps in simplifying the task of finding the right match.
  • Verified Members- At BlindDater you will find people who intent to build a bond. All the profiles are checked, and thus we guarantee no fake profiles on our portal. Our customer care division makes sure that all the members are verified and then are manually approved to avoid any discrepancy.
  • Enticing offers- We have special offers for those who are not able to find someone special in the specified period. We give them special offers and discounts.
  • Cross-browser platform- BlindDater works well on all the browsers and platforms. We have phone application as well so that you can make use of our portal on the go.
  • Security of information- We understand that dating is a personal affair and you would not want your information to go public. BlindDater keeps all your information safe and secure. We don’t share it with the third-party.
  • User-friendly website- BlindDater is a user-friendly portal. Simple to use platform and ease of navigation make it easy for you to use it.
  • Mobile App – Now find love on the go with the BlindDater mobile app. Aware of the fact that there are millions smart phone users, we have our application which you can download and start using it. The steps of registration are the same as the website.
  • More than a decade old name- BlindDater is more than a decade old in the market. We have been delivering trust and building relations for more than 20 years. The legacy of these successful 20 years shows how good and trustworthy as a brand we are.
  • Safe payment- Once you decide to go ahead the paid subscription, we make sure that we provide you the safest payment gateways so that there is no loss of data.
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