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Find your match with BigChurch.com

Religious dating sites popularity is known to everyone. These websites have a religion-specific population allowing the people of the same caste or ethnic group to come together. Bigchurch.com is one of the largest website offering a platform where Christians and Catholics can find their perfect match.

One of the biggest reasons for the success of this portal is a large population of active members. It is a perfect platform for Christians who are not looking forward to a normal dating scene. Founded in the year 2000, the website offers a high-powered search forum, tips and advice on relationships and guides for fellow Christians about the relationship. If you are a believer of Christianity and are looking for a partner who also hails from a  similar mindset, then bigchurch.com is a perfect platform.

Despite its recent origin, this website has created success stories and has carved a discernable niche for itself in the industry. Not to forget online dating is on a high-rise and it accounts for the success of  bigchurch.com. There is a certain segment of the society where people are not interested in dating or long-term association. Bigchurch offers the right platform for those who are looking for some benefits in a relation other than companionship. It is owned by one of the largest pornographers on the internet.

Although the website is relatively simple, when you will log on to the portal, you will see a simple platform with an easy sign-up process. Fill in the details, and you are good to go, although, you may face some problems while signing up on your MacBook. But once it is done, you are ready to explore a whole new world of online dating. This website offers myriads of features like relationship guidance, tips, and advice, Bible commentary, online chatting, and others. Additionally, the website offers an application for Android and iOS.

What makes bigchurch.com stand out from the others?

  1. The website will show you how many members are active currently
  2. The user can specify if he/she wants to search a paid or free member
  3. The dating site offers premium membership of 1 month, three months and six months, so if you want to start small, you can avail 1-month membership
  4. It has a higher female population as compared to male, the male: female ratio is 44:56

5.    A perfect website where you will find the right Christian community.

The Bottom Line

Bigchurch.com is an excellent portal for those who are looking for Christian dating site. With its features and a multitude of benefits, it is a good choice for those who are looking for a date hailing from Christian religion.


  • It is a simple to use website that offers a user-friendly platform
  • Available for free subscription as well
  • Bigchruch.com has a unique faith-based feature like their Good Christian Personals (GCP).It is a short statement about yourself and your faith which helps other members know about you.
  • It allows you to close a member with whom you don’t want to remain in contact
  • It has round the clock customer support, in case one requires any help.
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