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Ashleymadison.com- Love has no bounds when you want it all the ways it is expressed

Ashley Madison is a straightforward and simple dating platform that comes with a direct message. For people looking for flings and relationships outside their marriage, this is the place to be. The online dating site recently released its subscriber numbers citing that it attracted 52.7 million users since its founding 15 years ago which is notably a 50 percent increase from the 36 million as the dating claimed less than two years ago.

Registration is quick, simple and very easy at this polyamorous relationship-dating website. The user can then select the situation that he or she wants to see in a relationship and then specify the ‘limits’, as quoted by the site. What it translates is to – choose between categories like Something Short Term, Something Long Term, Cyber Affair/Erotic Chat, Whatever Excites Me, Anything Goes, Undecided, etc. along with the usual personal details like height, weight, body type and ethnicity. The site is completely free for female members and male members need to subscribe for paid membership to exchange emails.

Privacy is given top priority here and Ashley Madison prides has a discreet service and tools to crop profile pics, blur them or add a mask the picture as to partially conceal user identity. There is a section where the user can mark their photos as private and share with members whom they wish to reveal themselves. There are other features such as ‘Priority Man’ & ‘Travelling Man’ are premium paid features and subscribed users will receive more profile views than regular profiles and also receive notification of compatible partner/candidates as per the geographic locations of people who travel respectively.

Ashley Madison has an app and is available on iOS and Android. With a user-friendly layout and navigation, the primary method of discovering others is easy due to extensive profile sections and communication options including message, chat, IM, and call. For security, the site does not ask for users’ names or addresses and does not keep a record of users’ identities on its servers.

Ashley Madison Review

A reputable dating portal Ashley Madison is launched in 2001. From the very beginning, it was a site for married people who were looking for discreet meetings. While in the last twenty years the rise of Internet dating or so has made to find prospective dates it much easier for people it had been in previous generations than it has also made the act of having an affair much easier. As 15 years passed the audience of the website has expanded: lots of single rich men looking for love visit the portal as well as ladies willing to find a rich man. While in real life, having an affair with someone might not come to fruition as easily since there is that awkwardness that one person might not want to cheat while the other one does. AshleyMadison.com is such a site one does not have to worry about any awkwardness or uneasiness since everyone who is on the site has the same intensions, which is to find someone to have an affair with. The rich people value the privacy and appreciate the options Ashley Madison offers to make casual or long-lasting affairs more discreet. Ashley Madison helps its member to keep their private life private and makes an emphasis on discretion: the users may even blur their photos and add masks to hide their personalities.

Ashley Madison is the one you need If you are looking for a dating site. Being launched in 2001, the website has gained the reputation of one of the most decent venues where no one asks questions and where your privacy is respected. Ashley Madison is a service for discreet meetings. It means that the key audience of the portal consists of married people looking for affairs. The vendor guarantees an attentive attitude towards the privacy and anonymity of its clients. Hence, you may not encounter any judgment or prejudice on the website.

The functions offered meet the basic standards of any dating platform so you are unlikely to lack any tools. you are the one to decide When it comes to Ashley Madison price how much you are ready to pay. In general, you might use the site for free but if you want to have an access to all the instruments you need to pay for them with credits. Apparently, the more credits you need – the more you are about to pay.

What Can Ashley Madison Offer?

Ashley Madison is still keeps the power and has taken on the most terrific challenges.

There is a wide variety of communication services on the site for people, who are interested in building secret relationships. However, this site is known for being secured and taking good care of its user privacy and not the most noticeable feature of Ashley Madison.

Ashley Madison Sign Up Process

to create an account on Ashley Madison it will take you less than a minute which is so simple. Note that you cannot sign up using any public accounts. It is done to protect you from any leaks of information.

So to register on Ashley Madison, you will have to provide information about your marital status (it is essential as your payment will depend on it), location, date of birth, as well as to create a username (better not to choose the real name), password and enter your email. Ashley Madison recommends you to create a separate email on Gmail or Hotmail to prevent any privacy invasion.

Ashley Madison Functions

you may take advantage  of different features there on Ashley Madison:

Communication tools. You can send people personalized messages, collect messages, chat with them, send gifts, winks, and use priority messaging.

Priority Message: If you send another user a prioritized message, the person will see it first, so you can get higher chances of getting his/her attention.

Golden Status: This option will list your profile as number three in search results of other users.

Quick Reply: If you don’t have much time answering to each “hello” from other members, use this option to let them know you aren’t going to talk to them unless they send you a full message.

Traveling Man: The site will help you find a partner even if you are traveling.

Notifications: About the most compatible partners in your region as well as changes in services Ashley Madison is always going to let you know.

Simplicity of Use

To join Ashley Madison you have to pay no efforts: it requires just a few minutes to complete a new profile as you do not even need to confirm your email. Later on, Ashley Madison success depends on the impression you create and you may add extra information to your profile, photo, etc.

In general, the site is convenient and intuitive, the interface is simple and you are unlikely to be somehow confused. A mobile application is available for iOS and Android devices so that you have no problems staying in touch with your potential partners’ on-the-go.

Ashley Madison Functionality

with all the options inherent to online dating portals Ashley Madison date site provides to its users. It means that you can chat with users, send them private messages and gifts. Meanwhile, Quick Reply function saves your time and lets you focus on the most important messages.

Ashley Madison website has an interesting offer for the clients who spend a lot of time on business trips – a so-called Traveling Man and Traveling Woman options. These functions help you to find a partner in a city you visit. The algorithm is simple: you choose the city you are about to visit and the provider selects 30 users ready to go out there. You write a message that would be delivered to them and wait for responses. Hence, it becomes even more easy to find a partner wherever you go.

Number of Members

Before you create a profile on the website It is logical to ask yourself “Who’s on Ashley Madison?”. It would be pretty hard to generalize the audience of the portal as the database of users is more than diverse – you can spot people of different age, profession, social background, marital status, etc. to meet someone new and attractive What brings all the users together is a desire: Ashley Madison affair could be a lifetime experience for them.

The site operates worldwide with the focus on English-speaking countries. There are no precise figures on the number of members but the provider claims to unite millions of user. What is crucial – not only married people searching for an affair join the website: you can find singles looking for other singles too.

Quality of Profiles

Ashley Madison members rarely have too informative profiles. When you create an account you share only the basic facts (location, date of birth, appearance). You may upload a photo but it is not obligatory. Some users choose to share more details on themselves. For instance, you may find out their interests, intimate desires, features that characterize their perfect matches. But it is a rule rather than an exception.

What is helpful – users indicate what type of relationship they are looking for: sort or long term, virtual affair, etc. Hence, you can easily spot those who are into the same things as you are. Also, to filter users you may apply the age range, the distance, and the period of the ultimate activity. You may also apply advanced search tools that allow you to narrow the choice and to detect the users with specific traits.

Ashley Madison Safety Policy

A quick Ashley Madison check shows that the vendor is attentive to clients’ privacy. The reason why it is so is clear – the site hosts users who are unwilling to disclose their personalities and affairs they are engaged into. To guarantee your safety, the provider does not let you link your account to any social network accounts you have. Moreover, the team recommends you to create a new private email account, especially, for online dating so that your personality would be impossible to identify. Obviously, no identity checks are being performed. It leads to some risks as you cannot be sure you are not talking to a scammer.

Anyway, Ashley Madison reviews claim that your information is under a strong protection as it is encrypted and protected with firewalls. Also, you can mask your photos to preserve your anonymity and block annoying users.

Ashley Madison Pricing

Popularity of the website considering, the new users usually wonder “Is Ashley Madison free?” The answer is “yes” and “no” simultaneously. The thing is that you are allowed to register on the site for free and check out the main features without any payments. But in a case you want to use the full range of options, you need to pay for them with credits. Hence, Ashley Madison cost varied for every user depending on the number of credits spent.

In general, there are three packages of credits:

Elite – 1000 credits for 249$ (0.25$ per credit);

Classic – 500 credits for 149$ (0.30$ per credit);

Basic – 100 credits for 49$ (0.49$ per credit).

You can also pay 99 cents per day to become a Priority member – your profile would be displayed in the top search results.


  • Original and creative feature like the member feedback section on profile allows others to rank members in nine areas, including “gives good chat,” “pursues fantasies” and “worth the time.”
  • User confidentiality is a focus of the site, and many features like member identification in the backend system through profile IDs are included to ensure privacy.
  • Extensive profile fields allow users to check boxes marking their interests and desires, such as Little Kinky Fun, Good With Your Hands, and Extended Profile checkboxes under the Preferences.
  • Apart from these there are ‘Encounters I Am Open To’ section, Has A Secret Love Nest, Seeking a Sugar Baby, and Hopeless Romantic under the What Turns Me On section. Additionally, members have the option to write out answers to profile sections, if they do not see all the pre-made checkbox options that fit their interests.
  • Travel feature allows you to share travel plans and send a custom priority message to up to 30 women you request based on age, ethnicity, and location to wherever you are travelling.


  • Membership is free. However, paid members can search for new users specifically and also use the full range of communication tools.
  • Members can customize profiles to show exactly the person they are seeking, with sections including “My Intimate Desires” and “My Perfect Match.”
  • Easy to navigate site layout, with user-friendly menu functions clearly labeled, such as “manage profile” and “view profile.”
  • Each profile displays feedback rankings from other members and members can always see who has viewed their profile.
  • Contact can be initiated by messaging, gift sending, chatting, or calling, and users have the option to add profiles to lists.
  • Users primarily find others via search, filtering by age range, distance, and last login.
  • To ensure confidentiality, industry standard practices and technologies including firewalls, encrypted transmission via SSL and strong data encryption are used to preserve sensitive personal and/or financial information.
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