Essential Dating Tips for a Perfect Online Dating Experience

Essential Dating Tips for a Perfect Online Dating Experience

Blind Date’s Guide to all the important do’s and don’ts for perfect and memorable online dating

The Internet has been around for decades, but the concept of online dating is comparatively new. It Doesn’t matter if you are a social media veteran with dating experience or someone about to set sails for an online dating adventure – online dating would always turn out to be a bit tricky. Thus, a little advice would not harm especially when we are talking about dating in the digital realm. So, if you are looking for some free online dating tips, fret not! has carefully gathered some of the essential online dating tips for both men and women to ease out the complex demands of online dating for a seamless and successful online dating experience. We want to help you in every way possible and thus we offer you free dating tips and the best online dating advice.

  1. Lay the FoundationPaint your personality profile

Self-Analysation and inspection are not easy and may not be natural in the first place. Describing yourself is a tedious as you go through your likes and dislikes and making pointers for them is even a bigger challenge. But, while dating online, the more information you provide about yourself and the more realistically your present yourself in your profile, the easier it becomes to attract a suitable partner. Mis-information or unclear description about yourself can lead to misconceptions while giving a negative vibe to your profile. It’s better to consult family or friends if you feel unsure regarding your profile.

  1. Choose Profile Photos WiselyShow your true self

It’s said that your first impression is your last. If you are dating online, the first thing that people would notice is your profile picture. Your profile picture should be capable of describing you and your personality. Consider it to be a pictorial autobiography, which should be honest, clear and descriptive enough to show you in your best light. It doesn’t matter if you like that picture of yours with shady sunglasses, a bottle of beer in hand, celebrating inside a metal gig – it probably won’t do the job. Gather a bunch of decent looking photos for your profile picture, if you are short of decent looking pictures, you may hire a professional specializing in dating photos.

  1. Stay Alert and Stay SafeBe smart while making decisions

The Internet is enormous and you may not know when someone may try to harm you. You must have heard about various incidents and disasters regarding online dating. The online realm can be dangerous, and you may have to face frauds, people with fake profiles or downright dangerous people. Thus, it is essential to take precautions before taking any major step while online dating. The best advice could be to register only on the authentic online dating portals with a good community. and Always choose a public place, and inform your close ones and share your location before going on a date. Avoid people with visible red flags and those who are pushy towards meeting even before you begin your conversations.

  1. Avoid Excess CommunicationDon’t go overboard while maintaining connectivity

It generally happens that after meeting someone you are genuinely interested in, you are unable to hold your urges of contacting them. You may end up constantly texting them, calling them, or sending a bunch mails just to show them how wonderful your burrito was. It’s important to stay connected, but nagging them constantly to learn about their whereabouts is outright too much for anybody. You may leave a creepy impression of yourself and it can give them cold feet. It’s better to communicate as much as required and necessary.

  1. Don’t be a SherlockLet them surprise you for a change

Since its inception, almost everyone has used social media at least once in their lifetime. And to be on the safe side, you may try to look for social media profiles of your matched partner. Your curiosity soon turns into stalking and you end up learning everything about them – from the first crush to funny childhood incidents. Imagine slipping out this knowledge midway your first date, that would entitle you as ‘creepy stalker’ in the minds of your partner. So, avoid stalking their social media handles and let your online date to be surprising as well as memorable.

  1. Decide a Comfortable RendezvousMeet somewhere in your surroundings

It’s always wise for both parties to decide upon a common and comfortable public place for the meeting place. Both of you should come to a mutual conclusion, to meet in a place where both of you are comfortable with. It is advised to meet in your nearby surroundings, as the more comfortable you are on the date, the more relaxed and decent your impression will be.

  1. Never Drop the Ex-BombYou are dating for a fresh start

No matter how deeply hurt you are from your previous partner and love life. It’s better not to drop the ex-bomb on an online date with your new potential partner. Digging the past wouldn’t lead to anything, and yes, you might be curious about their previous partners or you may want to share the horrible story of your ex – the fact is, it’s unnecessary and these conversations have their own time. You both should be interested in each other, not your exes. Thus, avoid mentioning your ex on your first date.

  1. Manage the Bill ProperlyEither divide or decide

In this 21st century, and regardless of gender, if you are dating online then you must be an independent adult with a valid source of income. Even if you end up paying, it’s polite for the sides to offer either round of drinks, snacks or split the overall bill.

  1. Choose on Your Own AccordNever settle for the first offer

Just because you have been single for a while and are new to this world of online dating, you don’t have to date the first person you meet in a dating portal. After all, it’s your life and you must be careful in making the right decisions. You should never feel pressurized into going home with someone after your date or meeting again unless you feel comfortable to do so. Take your time and make the right decisions.

  1. The Ultimate TipHave fun and enjoy your date

It sounds obvious, but undoubtedly it is the best online dating advice for a perfect online dating experience. Going on a date is not a military drill that you are forced to do. The realm of online dating is all about enjoying the precious time you are putting into it. If for whatever reason you are not enjoying the dating process, then it’s not worth going after. Many people fail to find true love or suitable partners because they don’t have the proper state of mind required for online dating. Set up your mind and always stay true to yourself and your partner.