Long distance relationships

In relationships of any kind, communication plays a pivotal role. We all agree there. Taking time out to talk to each other, in spite of tight schedules is always the key. Then is the role of consistency. This is exactly how the long-distance relationships work. Commitment in relationships, particularly the long-distance ones comes from non-other than communication and consistency.

Absence makes the Heart Grow Stronger
This is how the society perceives and suggests. However, many a times, this is far from reality. You are eager to meet your long-distance partner only to realize and feel the agony. The short trip that you took just did not live up to your expectations and dreams. Be prepared. It is the time to believe in yourself and the relationship. Patience, realism, and maturity are the key here.

One trip that didn’t meet your expectation or a phone call not attended by your partner, can never be a sufficient reason to add bitterness to the relationship.

Miscommunication is the Worst
Do you agree? Inadequate communication can take your long distance relationship to its lowest phase. Being not readily available for a face-to-face conversation, aggravate miscommunication. Before going for a long-distance relationship, how about discussing your expectations with your partner.

Yes, go on and decide the rules. Difficult but this is necessary. It is the first step to do not let misunderstanding crop up in the future.

Be Persistent in Every Facet
Commit yourself to stay in touch. It should be fun, something you look forward to. Do not make it sound like chore. Consistency, especially in communication, is important in long distance relationships.

Talk on a regular basis about daily schedule, work-related matters, of experiences and about everything. Use chats or messaging services as well. A small and lovely message during working hours is not going to disturb your partner, and instead will refresh him /her.

All you need to do is to let the person know that you love them, no matter what.

As Always-Honesty is the Best Policy
Your long-distance relationship demands you to be honest and kind to your partner. Trust each other and that is one thing that is not to be broken in any relationship. Keep a tab on your mood and behavior.

Your relationship is not going to be a happy and healthy one if honesty and faith go missing.

Be compassionate and yes, your every gesture count. In long distance relationships, your partner relies a lot on the interpretation of your behavior.

If you have a conflict originating in your mind regarding the relationship, share it with honesty and in a straightforward manner.

Pushing things under the carpet will eventually turn devastating.

Bridging the Gap
Let us not be judgmental, but long-distance relationships are so much about bridging the gap. One question that you need to ask yourself- Can your relationship withstand the distance.

Long distance relationships mean living separate lives, actually. Out in the world, meeting new people, making new friends and all that, without your partner. You try to catch up for a few minutes every day and sometimes miss that too. It is going to be difficult, but with enablers like technology like video calls and instant messenger, coming to think of it, you really need to spread a hand – and the world is closer.



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