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Love is a journey that starts within

True love begins from the inside, we just make it easier for two hearts to communicate with each other.

Your safety is our priority

We value our members’ integrity and rights to a safe environment. You can be sure that your information and safety has our undivided attention.

Only verified members

We take pride in our unique ways to make sure that each member is verified and genuine. We do not tolerate any unauthorized access or fake profiles.

19 years for love

We have always believed that true love comes from the inside. For over 19 years, we have had the privilege to be an instrument of love for thousands of couples.

Where love is blind

Countdown to hour

The Blinddate Hour let you chat anonymously at 9 PM EST, everyday. Now, love will truly be blind since all the pictures will be blurry within that hour, and first when the hour has passed, will you be able to see who you’ve been chatting with.

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