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The Modern Dilemma: Is Online Dating Worth It?

The Modern Dilemma: Is Online Dating Worth It?

Is the newer dating technique beneficial or is it just a spoof?

Online dating is a new concept that has boosted over a couple of years due to the increase in Smartphones and internet availability. People were initially skeptical regarding the authenticity of online dating and its capabilities. You must have also suspected online frauds and harassment, at least once in your life.


Now it has bid farewell to its negative stigmas and has become very popular and acceptable in the modern dating culture. Online dating has also improved and has turned out to be very successful in terms of finding matches and helping build long-lasting relationships. Another reason behind its popularity is the invention of mobile apps, that enables you to access your favorite dating portal anywhere and anytime on the go.

The question arises here is that online dating worth it? Or it is just another online tool that claims to be what it isn’t? Well, the answer here is simple. And the answer is yes, Online dating is worth it. Still, don’t believe me? Well, how often do you meet your potential partner in a bar or a café? the best you can do is to meet someone through a mutual friend.

These days you are more likely to meet someone online than in real life. And this trend is likely to continue as more and more people are turning towards online dating in this technology-driven world. Online dating sites are a new way to find potential partners and relationships.

Here are some points that solidify the relevance of online dating in the current times –

  • A Bigger Platform – Online dating is worth it as it offers a huge platform for singles to find suitable love partners from across the globe. The majority of the dating sites are free and offer a huge userbase. More numbers mean a higher chance for you to find a suitable match.

Dating can be difficult for everyone. This platform forms an interactive environment where you can openheartedly express yourself. The new feature like chatting makes it easier for you to communicate and connect with others.

Some people even meet their partners through social media, such as Facebook and Twitter! Online dating is just a more efficient way of meeting singles seeking real relationships.

  • Algorithms do the work – Tired of meeting the same kind of person every time? Are you tired of going on dates or Blind date and never finding someone you really get along? Then you should definitely try online dating.

One of the major benefits of online dating is that it does the difficult job of searching on its own.  It only shows suggestions and matches that are compatible with you and your personality. What’s left is for you to start a conversation and decide your perfect partner.

  • Online Relationships lead to Marriage – You would be surprised to learn that around 18% of marriages in the recent year were between couples meeting on online platforms. Online dating sites have helped millions of people to find their significant other, to whom they are happily married. Many free online dating sites boast their excellent success rates and they should be. More and more people are taking online dating seriously.

If you want to try it for yourself, you can visit some of these free online dating sites, to begin with:

  • Match.com – It is one of the most popular and trustworthy online dating portals. The Registration is free and so are the majority of its services. It has the largest userbase with genuine profiles to choose from. Its services are available to all heterosexual and LGBTQ singles of all ages.
  • eHarmony – It is a famous free online dating site in the USA responsible for more marrying off half a million people. It has a growing community of more than 10 million people. The registration is free and simple. You need to answer a questionnaire properly which will allow the site to find the best compatible for you.
  • EliteSingles – It is also a popular and free online dating site specially designed to cater to the need of single professionals. It has strong guidelines for Fraud Prevention and uses an in-depth personality test to determine your interests. You are then provided with recommendations based on the compatibility of the person.

In the end, to make online dating truly worth it, you need to put some time and effort from your side too. You can’t just stay laid back and receive instant messages from the profile you just created. You must have patience.

Regardless, online dating is worth it and if you haven’t given it a try, the best decision would be to give it a try. Take your chances – Your partner might be a swipe away!