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How to Sustain the Love in a Relation with Wide Age Gap

How to Sustain the Love in a Relation with Wide Age Gap

They say age is only a number with regards to love, and it’s more evident nowadays that a person dating someone younger or older than him/her does not bother people. They are happy the way they are. All they are concerned about is their relationship and how happy there are with each other. However, we also cannot ignore the fact that every relation has to bear its own set of good and bad times. This becomes a matter of concern when it comes you budding love between two people with a wider age gap. Well, every relation takes its own time to mature. So, you must give time to it.

It’s true that liking someone is an uncontrolled emotion and you cannot hide it. So, if you have fallen for someone or if you fancy someone who is too elder to you, here are a couple of things you must take note of:

1. Be clear about your objectives, interest, and way of life- When you are starting off a relation it’s important that you must be clear about your expectations, interests, and lifestyle. If you express and discuss your desires beforehand, it is possible that your relationship will flourish. This not only holds true in case of relations with wider age gap but also for everyone. Often it has been seen that people don’t express their desire for a relationship and when it proceeds ahead, these small things create problems.

2. Aging might become an issue in the near future- What is store in for you in the coming 10 years, no-one knows but what you know is that as time will pass you will notice that one of the partners is at the age of retirement while other is still at the peak of his/her career. Moreover, it may happen that the elder partner is not physically fit while the younger one at their best shape. All these small issues are going to rise between the two, so it is essential that before you proceed in relation to the wider age gap, you must be ready to face this issue.

The best way out is to discuss with each other.

3. Let the people close to you know it first- When you are in a relationship with a wider age gap, it is important that you must not be in a hurry to burst the bubble and let the world know about it. People are still not very open-minded when it comes to such relation. In this case, you need to first gain the confidence of the people in your closed circle. Let them know, seek their opinion about your partner, tell them how good he/she is. Only after you gain the confidence of the people around you, you must make news go public.

4. People might look at you differently- It’s quite possible that despite both of you being compatible with each other, the society or relatives might not be open to accepting your relation. People might look at you differently or treat you differently, but you must be ready for it.

5. The relation is not about age but maturity- The mantra for a successful relationship doesn’t lie in the age gap, rather, it lies how you and your relationship is maturing over a period of time. It’s true that for a 25-year-old living with a 55-year-old can be a daunting task, but over a period of time, if you mature and understand that relationship is not about the age gap, it’s all about how well you understand each other, only then you can expect your relationship to bloom.

6. Sexual urge might not remain the same- Getting intimate is the next step of making a relation bond well. It increases the closeness between two people, but at the same time, you must accept the fact that the sexual drive of your partner more might not be the same as before. So instead of jumping to the conclusion, you must talk to each other about it. Often relations break because one of the partners does not know what the expectations of the other so make sure that you talk it out.