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Blind Date – How to make sure that your blind dating proves successful?

Blind Date – How to make sure that your blind dating proves successful?

Keeping your eyes open is the key

Dating has been revolutionized rapidly. The times are almost gone when one had to follow a prospective date, approach it and then finally get accepted or rejected. Now dating has taken various intriguing forms. There’s online dating, blind dating and what not!


Even when the modern day generation has embraced online dating, blind dating is still a mystery to most of them. Their typical reaction is something like, ‘How do I prepare myself for somebody I haven’t even seen?’

Where blind dating is a mystery, online blind dating is a bigger one. They find it hard to find the right hack which will make a blind date successful.

Are you also bothered about this new and fancy online blind dating?

Yet you don’t really have to worry before or after you have found an online blind date. You can just go right through the process and come out a winner with these easy to apply hacks.

#Hack 1: Learn how to give people a chance, even against your wish.

Insecurities and uncertainties often have the better of us whenever we come across an opportunity. It is more so when it is about online blind dating. Still you should know that it’s about making a decision and not a guess.

You have to give somebody a chance before making the right call!

#Hack 2: First impression may not be the last but make sure it is a lasting one.

An online blind date may have a mythical beginning, only to not end well. You may end up feeling that first impression isn’t everything a blind date is about. Even so your first impression is the key.

Simply put, where a good first impression might not mean so much, a poor one may turn to be more damaging!

#Hack 3: Stay calm and composed while greeting.

There’s so much people go through in first few seconds of meeting someone on a date. A long and a weird greeting might just be the worst possible attempt to get started with your date.

You have to keep the greeting and introduction short and crisp. Something that doesn’t overwhelm your date!

Maybe just ‘Hey, how are you?’

#Hack 4: Don’t be stiff, rather be welcoming.

Actions often reveal what words can’t and, no matter what, they’re observed. We know when one is interested and when one is not simply by the body language.

Don’t shy away from showing your date that you’re interested. Lean, reach out, touch your date on the forearm or tilt your head, just don’t hesitate in expressing your interest.

Simultaneously, take note of your date’s body language to know!

#Hack 5: Smiling is not going to hurt your cause.

A sweet smile is often the indicator of happiness. People may smile for nothing but when they have a reason, it is more than just evident.

If you are really excited to be on a certain date, let your smile tell it.

#Hack 6: Remember not to overdo anything.

Once all the hacks are with you, there’s a slight possibility that you may overdo it. Overdoing has its own consequences. It may appear as if you are yearning for any date, not necessarily the one you’re out with.

Remember you have to appear happy and excited, not desperate!


Now that you know all these hacks, online blind dating should be your fantastical dream and not a nightmare. Just keep hesitation aside for a while and try online blind dating. It wouldn’t be long before you have your dream date.

No matter what they tell you, online blind dating is just the thing for you!