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How to have an awesome blind date

How to have an awesome blind date

Blind dating has become a common affair today, many of the married couples meet each other as a blind date, and it turns out to be their most beautiful encounter of life. But every blind date cannot turn out to be an awesome experience. Some might not get the right partner, or their blind date might turn out to be a failure. In either of the case, one gets disappointed. Well, with a bit of help and right advice, you can make your blind date he success. We have curated certain tips that will make your date a success.


Tips for an awesome blind date-

Give a halt to your expectations- Yes, you might call it weird, but for you to have successful blind dating experience, it becomes imperative that you must not keep your expectations too high. Sometimes high expectations may not prove worthy enough, and you may end up disappointed spoiling your date. So to save yourself from the brunt of a blind date failure, it is imperative that you must not expect too much while going for a blind date.

Choosing the right dating platform- One of the most important aspect that one must consider while going for an online dating platform is to choose the right portal. Since there are a number of dating platforms claiming to have good success ratio and conversion ratio, choosing one can be difficult. An important point to note here is that one must not settle down with any website in a hurry to find a date, rather a bit of research will help in choosing the right blind dating site.

The conversation is the key to success– You must know that any relationship grows because of good communication. The better you are able to convey your emotions and expectations from a bond, the better it would be to choose a person. Often while fixing a blind date, people tend to refrain themselves from speaking out or answering a question, this may affect when you actually meet the person. So make sure that your conversation is transparent and you are clear with what you want from a relationship.

Talk interesting – Well, it is your blind date meeting you are for the first time, you would not want to make things boring between the both of you. If you are wondering what should be your topic of discussion, then you should talk about something which interests you both. This lets you understand how well both of you can bond together. You can begin talking about their day. Then you can move to personal questions; the trick is to go with the flow. You should be able to figure out what the person is interested in talking about, once you get to know about it, you can take your conversation to the next level.

Keep the enthusiasm alive– Most of the time, blind dates fail this is probably because either of you has failed to keep the enthusiasm alive. If it is about your meeting or even your first conversation, it is always good not to speak everything in one go. Don’t open all your cards in the first meeting. Keep something hidden. This keeps the interest of the person alive and also build excitement and, thus making him/her wanting to talk more. Most of the blind date guide would suggest the same thing.

Dress up well- It is said that the first impression is the last impression, well this applies to blind dates as well. If you are meeting the person for the first time, it would be the time to unveil your real self. You would not want things to fall off miserably. It is imperative that you come dressed up well and well-groomed. Make sure you don’t dress up over. Many a time, the idea of a blind date excites people so much that dress up more than what is required. You must dress apt and as per the occasion. For example, if you are meeting the person in the day time, then you must wear light make-up and choose light colors for your dress. Make sure that you wear a comfortable dress so that you don’t end up adjusting your dress throughout your date.

Don’t choose a place which has loud music– Yes, that would sound weird but, if you are meeting a blind date, then both of you need time to talk and hear each other. Going to a place which is either over-crowded or a place which has loud music, your conversation may get hindered, and you would not be able to focus on your date and hence choosing the right place is imperative.

Humour is the key– Humour can spark any conversation. If you find that things are getting boring and you are losing interest in the conversation, the best way out is o add humor to your conversation. If you can make someone smile or vice versa, your bonding is a way to go.

Don’t go with an expectation to take the relationship to the next level– You must know that it’s a blind date and you cannot expect to take it to the next level in one go. Hence, it becomes imperative that you must choose to remain calm and hold on your expectations when it comes to relationship.

Conclusion– The crux of the matter is that blind date is a great way to bring excitement back in relation. It’s a new way to date and certainly a good one, but only if you consider the above-mentioned points.

Happy Dating !!!