How many people date online and why do they prefer that?

How many people date online and why do they prefer that?

A few years ago, online dating was considered as taboo of sorts. People who used to meet or find partners through online dating sites were looked down upon. The whole concept of online dating was banished by many cultures. But these days, with the growth and rise of social media networking sites, online dating has become more acceptable. If we don’t talk about the regular dating sites, then one can debate on the concept of adding an unknown person on Facebook as an act of finding a potential dating partner online or someone with whom one can flirt and spend some quality time.

If we look at the online dating statistics, 40 % of Americans use online dating websites in comparison to other people around the world, there are many people who prefer to date online due to various reasons like your identity remains disclosed, no one is going to judge you, just to mention a few.

There are many people nowadays, who have found the love of their life through these dating sites and are happily married. But there is an equal number of people who don’t understand the whole concept of online dating and can’t join an online dating site for the sole purpose to find a life partner. They have their own reasons. They think that they don’t need help from a computerized system to find them a partner. Thus, implying that people who face trouble in finding that special someone usually go for joining a dating site. Statistics claim that around 52.4 % of Men use dating websites in comparison with 47.6% of women. Although, these online dating figures keep changing based on the location and the site being used.

On the other hand, the group of people who don’t prefer to join an online dating site, are looking for a fairy-tale kind of meeting and a relationship with their significant other. You can argue that this is possible in an online set up as well, after the initial few meetings you can fall in love with your dating partner.

Nevertheless, keeping this debate aside let’s discuss the ultimate reasons and real intentions of people who prefer to date online and why? Are they seriously looking for marriage or just for time pass and to add some thrill and excitement in life?

In my opinion, if someone uses dating sites correctly they can be a medium for making new friends and meeting new people. However, let’s check out some reasons why people join online dating sites.

They Have No Time to Meet People

This is one of the common reasons people give when asked, why did you join an online dating site. In today’s fast pacing lives it’s very difficult for some people to take out time for themselves. Some people are busy and remain caught up in their work or other responsibilities that they don’t find much time for themselves, how could you expect them to go out and meet new people or possible date someone.

A classic example would be that of a young lawyer or a surgeon who are so busy helping other people that they rarely get free time for themselves, how can you expect them to take out time to explore their personal need of a partner.

People Suffering From “Low Self-Esteem”

There are people who are low on confidence levels and think that they are not capable of finding a suitable partner for themselves. Maybe they tried to do so before but after struggling they couldn’t find someone who would understand them, they switch to online dating sites where an agent can help them find a partner who has same likes and dislikes as theirs.

These are the individuals who have been rejected and even bullied during school, college and work life as well. There is an interesting report according to which 22% of online daters ask their close friends to help them to create their profiles so that they can attract people of the opposite sex.

They’re Fed Up with Meeting People in Person

Like people who don’t get time to meet people in person, there are people who manage to go out and meet new people often and still are unable to find that one person who can be their partner. they surely make potential contacts and friends but can’t find with same interest or mindset. This becomes difficult for people who have been very popular during their school or college times where everyone was crazy about them. They are the ones who have known and been in many on and off relations, that they don’t in anyone genuine enough to be a lifetime relationship. According to online dating statistics, 20% of people in current and committed relationships began online and 7% of them converted into marriages in 2015.


They’re Looking for “Casual Sex”

Apart from emotional reasons, there are people who join online dating sites for quenching their physical needs as well. This might sound inappropriate to some, but it is one of the major reasons why people join various online dating sites. People who are single or are unhappy with their sex life after marriage look for sex partners who believe in one-night stands or no commitment policy. If someone is doing so without harming the society then what’s the big deal. After all, we are living in the 21st century. Online dating website statistics claim that only 33% of women who use online dating websites have sex on the first date and around 60% of females who use Tinder are actually looking for a genuine match than just a one-night stand.

They Can Enjoy Being Single

There are people who join online dating sites just for the sake to feel young. Many married men and women join dating sites despite being happily married just to explore themselves and feel young about themselves. Because on a dating site you can fake your age and demographics which makes it easy to flirt around with people of opposite sex who are younger to you or whom you find attractive. According to statistics, 53% of people tend to give wrong information on their online dating profile. Again, there is no harm in doing this until and unless that person is loyal to their partner. after all, everyone wants a little fun and spice factor in his or her life.

They Want to Find A Like-Minded Person

There are people who join online dating sites with the expectation of meeting people of the opposite sex who enjoy the same music, food or have the same interest as theirs. On a dating site when you make your profile you are asked about your likes and interests and you have the option to streamline your search according to your likes and interests so that you can find the most compatible person for yourself. Reports suggest that around 64% of people who use online dating sites are actually looking for someone who has something in common with them, while 49% of people are looking for someone with physical characteristics that attracted them.


According to me, these are a few reasons which I thought are valid reasons for people to join online dating sites. People are getting on to the trend, very fast.

There is an interesting fact about online dating, that is 48% of online relationships that start on online dating websites end abruptly, through e-mails.