How can you know your Partner is cheating?

How can you know your Partner is cheating?

Infidelity is one of the most challenging problems in a relationship, and yet it is one of the most widespread concerns too.

Research suggests that although in almost cultures, infidelity is viewed as something immoral and unethical, at least 25 percent of men and 15 percent of women will cheat on their partners. But, in most cases when you confront your partner with such accusations, you are either given a silent treatment or made to feel like you are the “crazy one”.

So, unless you have evidence to follow your accusations, you won’t go anywhere with them; and while it may be hard to find evidence (because in most cases, your partner will be too careful not to keep them out in the open), there will always be some tell-tale signs which may be indicative of an affair.

  1. Being suddenly protective about Phone or Social Media

If your partner is suddenly being more protective of their phone, social media accounts or emails, you may safely assume that there is something to hide. Some other indications may be keeping their phones face down, or taking their phones to the bathroom etc. However, you need to remember that all these developments are more recent and not something they have been doing forever. Social Media is an easy place to indulge in easy casual relationships, simply because its sheer convenience – says studies.

  1. Decline in Communication

Has your partner stopped sharing those moments with little details about how their day went, or have you stopped spending quality time together recently? There may be more to it than you think. Reluctance to discuss your future together, or the future of your family, in case you are in a marriage could also be signs you want to look out for.

  1. Change in Personality

A change in personality is often a big sign of infidelity. There could be changes like being more secretive, more argumentative and less affectionate. Although in most cases, all these may result from being guilty, it could also be the influence of the ‘other’ person in the relationship, whom they’re cheating with, who is essentially rubbing off on them. If your partner doesn’t want to accompany you in parties, or don’t want to be seen with you in public, that is also a sign for some.

  1. Disinterest in Special Occasions

Special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries are events that couples in relationships look forward to. In case of married relationships, these events go further to include birthdays of children, anniversaries of parents, and other family events. If your partner is avoiding these special occasions, and has no concrete explanation for the same, there’s something brewing.

  1. Deflecting Tendency when confronted

Does your partner snap back at you, saying you are ‘paranoid’, or accuse you of cheating when you bring up your concerns? This shows their guilt, as a result of which they want to move the attention from them, to you as fast as possible.

  1. Small frequent fights

When two people are in a relationship, fights are common; especially, fights about money. But when these fights become frequent and sometimes, may seem lame and unavoidable – that’s a cue. These fights then are seen to stem out of guilty feelings.

  1. Change in Sleeping Habits

A cheating partner is likely to show some marked changes in their sleeping habits, according to studies. So, if you are noticing your partner being restless while trying to sleep or getting out of bed at unusual times, it may be a sign. People change their sleeping patterns when they have an affair because of various reasons. One of the primary reasons is guilt.  More than 50 percent of cheaters revealed that they had problems sleeping after they had started having an affair.

  1. Unjustified expenses

Unjustified expenses in Credit card statements speaks a lot. Hotel bills or increased telephone bills could also mean that all is not well. One of the common and first signs of infidelity in a marriage is lying about money. When a partner starts to have an affair, he/she will try to impress the new person with gifts. And for that they will need money.

Final Words

Every person is different, and every relationship therefore also is. Sometimes, people may behave differently by showing some or all of the above signs, for a completely different reason. It could be work stress or something else bothering them; and probably they wouldn’t want to involve you because they don’t want you to worry. So, as a partner, it is up to you to gauge the situation and do your homework before reaching to conclusions.