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Dating advice for men to make their date memorable

Dating advice for men to make their date memorable

Most of the men are not so extrovert when it comes to expressing their love and feelings, especially when it comes to confessing about their relation. Dating becomes a lonely ordeal for most of them. Does that make them less emotional and romantic; the answer is NO. A little bit of effort and the right advice can help you make your date a memorable one.

Often men face the issue of lack of guidance and right kind of advice when it comes to dating.

So, instead of shifting your focus to a wrong place, turn your scroller down and start reading these magic trips that will add mojo to your first date:

1. Don’t move too fast- In any relation, you should allow the cookie to crumble. Let the things go with the flow. Too much haste can spoil your relationship. It’s better to take things steadily and slowly, it’s said that slow and steady wins the race, so is the case with your dating. Online dating experience can be full of risk and anxiety, so it is better than you give her time to understand you, let her sink well in the emotions. The first date should always be focused on knowing each other.

2. Honesty is the best policy- Well, this age-old adage fits well in all walks of life, it applies to online dating as well. Make sure that you provide the right information on the portal; it helps the other person understand you better.

3. Be a good listener- If you wish to understand someone better, it is important that you must listen to that person. Women like it when you listen to what they are saying. It makes them feel that they are important in your life and you will get the brownie point when you can repeat something that she said, or you remember something that she quoted.

4. Be presentable- It is an age-old saying, First Impression Is the Last Impression, so make sure that when you meet her, you look your best. Looking best doesn’t mean that you must dress up in an expensive attire or put on a suit, being presentable is all about your grooming and how you present yourself in front of your date. Looking like a slob can be a big turn off, make sure you are well-dressed and well-behaved.

5. Don’t try to push yourself- If you wish to take your relationship from dating to next step, it is important that you must not try to persuade her too much. Showing eagerness can backfire, and the girl might find you too clingy. Don’t unveil your emotions too soon, wait for the right time and let her understand you first.

6. Be yourself- If you want your date to be a wonderful one, it is important that you must be honest and be your real self. Remember, dating is to help her know you better to be yourself.

7. Leave a bit of mystery behind- Yes, I told you to be honest and be yourself, but adding a bit of mystery to your date will make her want you to see again. She would want to know your more.

8. Compliment her- Every woman loves compliments, but make sure that you sound genuine. Your compliments will make her feel that you notice her and also appreciate her.

9. Keep your conversation light-hearted- On your date, avoid serious conversation, keep it filled with humor and make it light-hearted. This will make your date fun-filled.

10. Surprise her- Keep the best for the last, make sure that you get some gift for her which you hand over at the end. Ladies love surprises, and the fun is even more when it comes on their date night.