How to find true love?

Actually, there is not your true love.

Or rather, is it not out there, waiting to be discovered. There is no fate in love. There is a chance, coincidence or a company that links you together. There may be more than one "true love". Like other choices you make throughout life, love can go, or could have gone in different directions. There are parallel lives in fantasy, living out different scenarios.

The difference between genuine and true love is the fulfillment.

In the beginning, there is often a smile, a twinkle, a similarity, or simply lust at first sight. The rest is exploration, accommodation, to build a life together, bands of children, the universe of shared space, collection of memories. It's real love. Everything else is fiction.

So how do you create opportunities?

It's incredible how important it is that you are happy in yourself. Anxiety, stress, lack of social skills or an underlying accident affects all the signals you give out. You can not change overnight. Hang out with happy people, it helps a lot. Focus on the things that make you happy - a song, a joke, a friendship - you can make a big difference in how you are perceived. Then there is the more practical side. Check with friends what you look like, put yourself in situations where you meet people that you may be going on with. Internet dating sites such as useful shortcuts. But you also need to get your friends to act as discrete ambassadors. You can also give a mutual lateral gaze with a subtle strategy, a conversation in the elevator, on the tube, in an art gallery, in a coffee shop. Real love is often developed by the banal situations.