3 signs that you are a lazy dater!

With the frequency that we go on dates, it is incredibly easy to be smug about it all. It is almost an accepted idea here in Stockholm that dating is just a "numbers game" and if we go through enough meetings, there is a statistical probability that we will, as if by magic, meet '' the right ''.

This approach brutally sabotage our dating success. Check out these three signs that you are a lazy dater and get ready to rethink your strategy!

You expect that there is a spark on your first date

This is the biggest mistake of them all. Is there anything more lazy than to expect to meet someone for the first time and experience a flash that says "Yes! Here we have it. Do not worry, the foundation of your long, happy, healthy relationship is here. You do not put in a single ounce of effort to make things work. "

If you want there to be any chance at all that you can be close to your date, so it is important that you go for a second meeting. Real relationships comes from putting in the hours and take time to get to know someone. By disqualify any date based on only one meeting, remove all the possibilities of developing a romantic relationship.

You need to maximize your dating opportunities

You know how they say to look for a new job is a full time job in itself? Well, the same goes for dating. Sure, some people get extremely lucky and get through some fortuitous twist of pressure to meet his life partner by spilling an Americano them at Starbucks (this actually happened to a friend of mine). However, I can say that this is not likely to happen to you.

Dating opportunities are everywhere, you just need to start taking them. The obvious first step is to join a dating site (I particularly recommend blinddate.com) as a simple and easy way to start going on dates.

You leave it to the last minute to plan

Preconceptions. The mortal enemy of dating. You form a negative image of you if you treat your meeting as if it is not important to you. There is nothing more valuable than time, and if you're willing to spend a little of your time to plan your date (where you will meet, what time, what to wear on you) so chances are that the result of dejten will be as flat as your attitude toward it.

It is important to treat each date that a new opportunity. It shows that the date does matter.