Blind Dating – Revive the adventure of love in your lives with these Blind Dating Sites!

Blind Dating – Revive the adventure of love in your lives with these Blind Dating Sites!

Blind Dating has evolved a lot since the formation of online communities and dating services. Nowadays it is not just a simple meet-up curated by a mutual acquaintance or relative but the paramount medium of online dating sites that has helped countless individuals find their significant others, form friendships, and even marriages. Several online dating portals offer a massive platform to connect and interact with the perfect match of your choice irrespective of nation, culture, ethnicity or language. These sites provide you curated and handpicked matches based on your profile and needs without much time investment or effort from your side.

Internet is vast and to enhance your dating experience you should only visit real and genuine sites that have proven their credibility in the field of blind dating. Here are some of the most famous blind dating sites you can visit for a quality dating experience.

  • – Founded in the year 2000, It is one of the oldest and most popular online blind dating websites. It is the ultimate hub for singles looking for real and long-term relationships with millions of registered individuals and quality profiles to choose from. It helps you find matches based on a profile questionnaire and a special matchmaking algorithm. The website offers you a variety of features that makes online blind dating simple and effective at the same time.
  • – is also one of the oldest dating portals with a genuine track record. It is an open dating portal with its services in almost 25 countries. It also uses a matchmaking algorithm that is based on profile assessment and compatibility. Unlike other blind dating sites, it poses no limitations with whom you interact and how or when you interact with them. The website has a very user-friendly interface with features like advanced search to help you find the perfect match.
  • – It is an innovative blind dating site with a very unique but effective method of matchmaking. Unlike other sites, it blurs the profile picture of the users and matches are made based on the personality traits instead of appearance. It is a very good alternative to other superficial dating sites with a very unique experience.
  • OkCupid – It is a free blind dating and social networking platform that helps connect thousands of people worldwide. It offers features such as instant communication through private messaging. The registration process is fairly simple and completely free, although if the users are willing to pay a small fee, they can unlock several premium features such as advanced filtering options, open browsing and the ability to save favorite profiles to your personal dashboard. Its matchmaking algorithm works on members created quizzes and questionnaires.

Now that you are successfully connected with the partner of your choice, now is your chance to make the best out of it and turn your blind date into a memorable experience. Here are some useful tips for your blind date:

  • Have an open mind – Don’t be too quick your partner based on current interactions or information.
  • Stay Positive – Don’t complain now and then and keep an optimistic mindset.
  • Don’t keep any expectations – Setting up high expectations would surely ruin your date. It’s better to throw out all your expectations and have fun.
  • Keep Good Humour – Everyone likes to be with a happy and funny person.
  • Leave your insecurities at home – focus on what’s best and live in the moment.

We highly recommend giving blind dating a try, it might awaken the long-lost feeling of adventure and joy. Good Luck!